10 Best Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Looking for amazing and popular Celtic knot tattoo designs? Check out this amazing collection of some of the best Celtic knot tattoo ideas!

Celtic Knot Tattoo
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The ancient Celtic culture and Celts dominated Europe at one point, but now their extent is limited among the nations of Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Cornwall.

However, Celtic symbols and tattoos have become a source of inspiration for many people throughout the world. Hence, Celtic tattoos, and especially Celtic knot tattoos, have become very popular.

Depending on what Celtic symbols one decides to get inked with, a Celtic tattoo meaning can change. The Celtic symbols mainly consist of knots, and each knot is representative of something. Additionally, Celtic tattoos and knots are combines with other patterns or symbols to give them different meanings. When it comes to a Celtic tattoo, the interpretations are endless and what a tattoo represents is fully up to the bearer of the tattoo.

Celtic Knot Tattoo Meaning

There are a variety of Celtic knots and each stands for something unique and meaningful. The main meaning behind a Celtic knot tattoo is eternity since the lines of the knot seem to go on forever. Out of the various Celtic knot tattoos, the Trinity knot with triple triangular shapes is quite famous. Each of the sides of this symbol is significant and represents the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, respectively. It also symbolises the maiden, mother, and crone. The Celtic spiral knot symbols are representative of a journey to the spirit world. While, the Triskele knot Celtic symbol, which is a triple spiral, stands for the Earth, sky, and water. These spirals also represent the spirit world, celestial world, and the human world. Hence, as you can see, there are no limits to the number of symbolism that are associated with Celtic symbols. Each Celtic knot has a special significance, and with the right kind of design, you can make that significance relevant to your life.

Now that you know about some of the most popular and significant meanings of Celtic knots, continue reading to find some of the best Celtic tattoo designs, that depict these unique and beautiful symbols. By the end of this article, you will surely fall in love with Celtic knot tattoos and be able to select the one you want from the images.

Matching Celtic Knot Tattoo

Matching Celtic Knot Tattoo
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Matching tattoos are always popular among people because such tattoos can be gotten to represent eternal affection, friendship, and bond. As you can see in the image, these Celtic tattoos are depicting the ancient Celtic Trinity or Triquetra knot symbol. This is one of the most well-known symbols of this culture. Since, the Trinity knot meanings are associated with the maiden, mother, and crone, this tattoo can be perfect for mother-daughter duos. If you and your partner are religious, this tattoo can be a symbol of your faith and belief, as the Trinity or Triquetra can also mean the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This design is quite simple, and the use of shading is absolutely perfect. The spiral lines beneath the main motif are making the tattoo look even catchier.

Rainbow Tattoo
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If you want matching tattoos that pop against your skin, you will surely love this design. This is also the Triquetra symbol, but the knot has been made colourful by filling it with all the colours of the rainbow. A tattoo like this one is also perfect for members of the LGBTQ community, as these colours represent the pride flag. You can ask your tattoo artist to recreate this in a bigger or smaller size.

Viking Celtic Knot Tattoo

Viking Celtic Knot Tattoo
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Even though the Vikings are part of a separate culture from the Celtic culture, historically both these communities have influenced each other due to geographical closeness. Hence, Celtic symbols are often featured in Viking motifs, and so on. So, check out this tribal tattoo that is featuring both Celtic and Viking symbols. The tattoo has been done mainly using black ink, which is making it look quite bold and prominent. The patterns are all created in a way so that they represent the face of a Viking warrior. The designs in this tattoo are very intricate, and only an experienced tattoo artist would be able to recreate this to perfection.

Realistic Celtic Knot Tattoo
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If you want a realistic tattoo that pays a nod to both of these amazing cultures, then this tattoo is the best option for you! Here, the face of a Viking warrior is inked in quite a detail, with Celtic knots all over his helmet and a Triquetra right below him. This is also forming a half-sleeve tattoo, like the previous one. The fierce expression on the face of the warrior can be a representative of your own fierceness. Also, notice the way the eyes of the warrior has been inked, by adding some white ink, to make it look as realistic as possible.

Bear Paw Celtic Knot Tattoo

Bear Paw Celtic Knot Tattoo
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A goddess belonging to the ancient Celtic culture, known as Artio, used to be depicted as a bear. Hence, this animal has a strong connection with the Celtic people. A bear paw is symbolic of protection and strength. It also stands for a mother’s love for her child. In this tattoo, the paw of the bear is featuring its head, while its claws are the three triangles of the Trinity knot. This tattoo has deeper spiritual meanings with the bear and the Triquetra combining to form a powerful message. You can get this inked on your arm, as pictured, or even on your back.

Bear Paw Celtic Knot Tattoos
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For those who are in search of a much more colourful tattoo, how about this design? Here, each finger is coloured with different ink, which is adding a pop of contrast against the black dotted shading on the rest of the tattoo. The Trinity knot is forming the main portion of the tattoo, and the knots are looking quite intertwined and well-designed. Since, the Trinity knot is also a significant symbol, referring to the maiden, mother, and crone, besides standing for the Holy Trinity, such tattoos are the perfect representatives of mothers and motherhood.

Outline Celtic Knot Tattoo

Outline Celtic Knot Tattoo
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The charm of outline tattoos lies in their simplicity. Hence, an outline Celtic tattoo, depicting any one of the famous knots, is surely a brilliant idea. As you can see in the image, the knots have been quite boldly inked with the colour blue. The size of this tattoo is quite small, and hence, you can get this anywhere on your body. This is a Celtic love knot tattoo, and you can get this for someone in your life you truly love.

Black Celtic Knot Tattoo
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If you are looking for a tattoo on your hand, this one could be quite perfect. Since the hand is not a very big canvas for a tattoo, an outline tattoo design will suit well on it. This design has been inked quite boldly, as the borders of the knots are made quite deep and dark. Since this tattoo will always be visible to you, you can draw your inspiration and strength from such it.

Tree Of Life Celtic Knot Tattoo

Tree Of Life Celtic Knot Tattoo
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The Tree of Life was very significant and of great spiritual value to the Celts. For those who value mind and body connection, and are close to nature, these tattoos can represent that, brilliantly. In this design, the tree has been created with Celtic knots. The beginning part of the tattoo is featuring green knots, while the branch has brown knots, to perfectly resemble a tree. There is also an intricate knotwork bracelet-like design just below the tree. Combined, all the elements of the tattoo are fitting together quite aesthetically.

Celtic Knot Tattoos
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If you are looking for more elaborate tattoo designs, then check out this Tree of Life tattoo. The tree has been designed in such a way, it will definitely catch everyone’s attention. The use of black ink to colour the tree completely is making it appear like a silhouette. The branches and the roots of the tree look quite spread out, and this may be a sign for you to spread out your spirituality and beliefs, as well. The green Trinity symbol below the tree is forming quite a contrast against the black tree. Such tattoos are works of art and their meaning represents something profound.

Ornamental Celtic Knot Tattoo

Ornamental Celtic Knot Tattoo
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If you like ornamental tattoos and want to combine Celtic symbols to make them even more meaningful, then check out this design. The Celtic knots are featuring ornamental linework above and below them. What is even more eye-catching about this tattoo is the shading. Each knot is half-filled with black dots, which is providing a kind of gradient. You can get this tattoo inked on your shoulder, arm, or leg.

Celtic Heart Tattoo
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If you love nature and want to include one of its elements to make your Celtic knot tattoo more meaningful, then this design is perfect for you. Here, the beginning of the tattoo has mountains, which are bordered on their lower side by Celtic knots. The knots are intertwined in such a way, it is giving the whole tattoo an endless look. The tiny ornamental elements below the main motifs and even the feather are adding to the symbolism of this tattoo. The ancient Celts were people who considered nature to be very powerful, and with this tattoo on your body, you can represent that belief too.

Insect Celtic Knot Tattoo

Insect Celtic Knot Tattoo
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The ancient Celts believed everything had a soul, including insects. Hence, a Celtic tattoo featuring insects will represent that idea quite adequately. In this tattoo, an insect has been inked with its entire body and head being made out of knots. The head of the insect is bearing a Triskele, with three spirals, while the body and wings have other kinds of knots. Altogether, the design is looking infinite due to the seemingly endless intertwined knots.

Colored Celtic Knot Tattoo
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A more colourful and intricate Celtic insect tattoo would be this one. This tattoo is looking like an artwork due to the perfect blend of colours and the small, yet detailed, knot in the middle. The blue and purple shades have gone really well together and the yellow is forming a kind of contrast against the background. Dragonflies are symbols used to symbolise peace, strength, and luck. Hence, even meaning-wise, this tattoo holds a deep power.

Celtic Shield Knot Tattoo

Celtic Shield Knot Tattoo
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The Celtic shield knots were used as symbols to get rid of evil. Hence, a tattoo of these knots will provide you with protection against any harm. As you can see in the image, the knots have been created very boldly. This design is quite clean, eye-catching, and simple. Such designs can be gotten in any size and on any body part, as you prefer. The eternal and never-ending knots will give you protection for life.

Fancy Celtic Shield Tattoo
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If you want a fancy Celtic shield tattoo, then why not settle for this design? The knots have been created in such a way, it looks three dimensional. The grey and black combination for colouring the symbol has surely been the right choice. The hint of green in the centre of the tattoo can be symbolic of Ireland, which is an important place for Celts.

Lucky Irish Celtic Knot Tattoo

Lucky Irish Celtic Knot Tattoo
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Looking for some good luck? How about a Celtic knot tattoo surrounded with the lucky Irish four leaf-clover leaves. This tattoo is a perfect ode to Irish culture, as well as Celtic culture. The Celtic knot has been designed quite simply here, as it is featuring only the outline of the knots. However, the clover leaves are quite detailed and vibrant. Together, the combination is translating to perfection!

Three Leaf Clover Celtic Tattoo
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This tattoo is a different take on the same elements. Here, the Irish three-leaf clover is right at the centre of the Celtic knot. The knot has been inked quite uniquely, as this kind of knot is not that common to see. The deep black of the knot and bright green of the Irish clover are forming quite the pair. If you love Ireland, this can be the best way to show that.

Celtic Knot Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Celtic Knot Dreamcatcher Tattoo
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Dreamcatcher tattoos are used as symbols of protection and safety. There are many varieties of dreamcatcher tattoos, but one that combines with Celtic symbols is rare to come by. Hence, this tattoo will undoubtedly make you stand out. The detailing with which the knots have been created is impeccable. To add to the beauty of that, the colourful feathers at the bottom of the motif and the gem are only making the tattoo even more alluring. The top half of the tattoo is created only with black ink, which is making the bottom -half even more eye-catching.

To conclude, as you can tell from the images, Celtic tattoo designs are here to stay and will only get more popular with time. A Celtic tattoo is a symbol of lots of spiritual meanings, related to the Earth, the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), the spirit world, as so on. Celtic knot designs not only look like art but can be of great significance, depicting your faith, belief, and spirituality. You can also get a matching Celtic tattoo, to symbolise the love you share with someone. A quick compilation of some of the best and most popular tribal Celtic knot tattoo designs are-

  1. Trinity knot tattoo featuring three triangles.
  2. Celtic lovers knot tattoo symbolising eternal love.
  3. Triskele tattoos with three spirals and the number three representing the Earth, sky, and water.
  4. Celtic knot tattoos with Irish symbols.
  5. Celtic knot tattoos with natural elements.
  6. Celtic knot tattoos bearing insects.
  7. Bear Celtic knot tattoos to show protection over one’s child.
  8. Celtic tattoo featuring the Tree of Life with elaborate branches and roots.
  9. Celtic knot tattoos that reflect your personal beliefs.
  10. Celtic knot tattoos with Viking patterns.

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