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101 Best Celestial Tattoo Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Celestial Tattoos

Ever dream about having your very own set of moon and stars? Here are some awesome celestial tattoos handpicked for you to check out.

Celestial Tattoo
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Celestial bodies include the moon, sun, stars, planets and anything beyond the outer sky.

Serving many mysterious meanings and often a powerful force, celestial objects, like constellations, are often responsible for our zodiac signs. The symbolic nature and significance of the power these bodies hold are responsible for many awesome tattoo designs.

For centuries, astronomers have been gazing at the night sky in hopes of finding comets, new stars, planets and constellations, and have contributed significantly to human knowledge with their discoveries. Celestial tattoo meaning ranges from and acts as a reminder for optimism, protection, hope, love, innocence and enhances creative, positive vibes. Below are some celestial tattoo designs curated for you to pick out from.

Celestial Space Tattoo

Celestial Space Tattoo
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This is one elegant celestial body-themed tattoo. The serpent is a recurring motif in mythology that represents desire and power, and along with the reptile, sun and moon, this celestial tattoo sleeve also features a human hand in the flesh as well as a skeleton. Symbolic of death and regeneration in life and nature, this beauty is surely a showstopper. The gradient fill of the deep yellow as well as light blue is excellently visible on the skin.

Sun, Moon and Planets Tattoo

Sun, Moon and Planets Tattoo
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This collection of the most beautiful sun, moon and planet tattoos inked in black is an instant winner. This celestial sun and moon tattoo features the crescent moon with clouds and stars and is customizable with stars and planets of your preference. Combined with amazing gradient shading of grey in black and a symbol of purity, this cool design will rock. We suggest you opt for this with multicoloured ink to add more life. The magic colours added will almost make this look like a dream tattoo!

The Celestial Pair: Sun and Moon Tattoo

The Celestial Pair: Sun and Moon Tattoo
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The sun and moon tattoo never fails to be the archetypal celestial tattoo pair in any collection. Delicate linework with smooth, frail black and grey ink steals the show. Of the prettiest is the large moon, crescent in shape and inspired by an anthropomorphic idea of objects; with the sun and added to the background, we have different planets and little stars with tiny black dots. An apt symbol of beauty and style, this tattoo is ideal for a first inking.

Celestial Body Tattoo

Celestial Body Tattoo
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This celestial tattoo incorporates the story of the creation of Earth, where Eve holds up the entire Earth above her head, with the sun rays creating a halo in the background. Representative of nature and the search for truth, this magnificent sleeve tattoo is a beautiful addition to the body. Fine linework with black ink and shading, this falls amongst the must-ink celestial tattoos!

Celestial Universe in your Hands Tattoo

Celestial Universe in your Hands Tattoo
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Not ignoring the classic sun and moon tattoos with their meanings, this tattoo also includes different stars, along with constellation designs that seem like threads through which the hands are attached. Controlling your own path deftly is what the tattoo means, and such tattoo designs surely capture a dreamlike moment.

Sun and Moon Thighs Tattoo

Sun and Moon Thighs Tattoo
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Back again with the classic celestial tattoo designs, this sun and moon tattoo joins together but is inked as a sun tattoo and crescent moon tattoo separately on both thighs. The woodcut design added with beautiful inkwork in shades of black is commendable. Sign of peace and nature, this collection is a must-ink tattoo, but we recommend you try this in customizable colours; for who does not love a coloured woodcut celestial design?

Minimalist Celestial Moon Tattoo

Minimalist Celestial Moon Tattoo
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Of all tattoos, this celestial tattoo, minimalist in approach yet profound in sign and designs, is a great tattoo for a first inking. With signs and meanings like fertility, power, manifestation, this minimalistic moon tattoo on the elbow can also be tattooed onto the collarbones or wrist. The shading detail, even in this minimalistic tattoo, is worth seeing.

Magnificient Celestial Sun Tattoo

Magnificient Celestial Sun Tattoo
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This is a truly celestial one, the magnificently graceful sun tattoo with a twist of mushrooms growing from its rays. The deep, bright colours of purple, blue, red, orange and yellow and their beautiful shades steal the show. These tattoo designs have the potential sign to initiate similarly pretty customizable designs too. The feminine facial expression of the sun is unique, and the masterstroke with which it is inked surely calls for applause. We recommend tattooing this beauty on the thighs or chest.

Celestial Outer Space Tattoo

Celestial Outer Space Tattoo
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Among a lot many traditional celestial tattoo designs, we have this quirky and fun modern tattoo of outer space, providing a mixture of ancient cosmic power as well as modern-day science. Incorporating both a spaceship as well as clouds and the diamond-studded moon, the innovation does not stop here. What is more, is a whole blue whale swimming inside the clouds as if it is the sea! This tattoo design falls again in the genre of dream celestial tattoos and has all our votes.

Solar System Celestial Tattoo

Solar System Celestial Tattoo
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One of the most brilliant celestial tattoo designs on the list, this is a showstopper. This sleeve tattoo is bound to grab your attention. Featuring not only the sun and all the importantly recognizable planets, but this tattoo has the entire solar system complete with a constellation and comets and stars around the dotted orbits through which the planets revolve. Inking this massive beauty in colours would be a beauty, and even though time-consuming, it will be worth the wait. The intricately inked dotwork, gradients, and fill through borders and linework, representing the entire solar system in the universe, takes us on a wonderfully realistic tour of the celestial space.

With a myriad of celestial tattoo designs to choose from, we have you covered for selecting some of the best celestial tattoos. We ensure that these tattoos will not disappoint your expectations!

Here are some more tattoos not on the list that we suggest you check out:

Happy inking to you!

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What is a celestial tattoo?

A celestial tattoo is a type of body art that incorporates elements from astrology and astronomy. It often includes stars, moon phases, constellations, planets, galaxies, and other celestial bodies. Some designs are simple and feature only one or two elements, while others are intricate works of art featuring multiple symbols. Celestial tattoos can represent anything from spiritual beliefs to personal aspirations. They are often used as a way to capture memories or honor lost loved ones. No matter the design, celestial tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself and show off your unique style.

How do I choose a design for my celestial tattoo?

Choosing a design for your celestial tattoo is an important and personal decision. Before making a final decision, take some time to consider what the design represents to you and why you’re getting it. Think about what kind of elements you want included in the tattoo — stars, moons, planets, constellations? Consider including symbols that are meaningful to you, like a birth sign or ancient symbols. You can also mix and match elements from different cultures and beliefs, such as Norse mythology and Greek mythology. Once you’ve narrowed down your ideas, find an artist who specializes in celestial tattoos to help bring your vision to life.

What are some popular celestial tattoo designs?

There are many popular celestial tattoo designs, depending on your personal style. Some of the most common include:

Stars – They represent hope and guidance and can be used to honor lost loved ones.

Moons – Representing change and mystery, moons are often combined with stars for a beautiful design.

Planets – Representing knowledge and exploration, planets are a great way to show off your love of science.

Sun – Symbolizing strength and power, the sun can be used to represent new beginnings or hope for the future.

Constellations – These designs feature intricate combinations of stars that form shapes like animals or objects.

No matter which design you choose, celestial tattoos can be a great way to express yourself and show off your unique style. With so many designs to choose from, there’s sure to be one that speaks to you. Go ahead and find the perfect celestial tattoo for you!

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