10 Best Cat Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Black Cat Tattoo

Are you a feline aficionado in search of unique cat tattoo designs? Here’s a list of the top 10 cat tattoo designs to escalate your endearment towards cats.

Cat Tattoos
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Do not hesitate to show your feline love with these black cat tattoo designs.

Cats are simple and cute animals. They have often appeared in pop culture as well as in modern literature.

Remember “Smelly Cat” in Friends?

Cats symbolize resurrection and rebirth according to their nine lives.

Back in the ancient world, especially in Egypt, cats were seen as magical animals. According to the Egyptians, cats had a supernatural ability to bring good luck. To give them honour, elite families used to dress them up with gemstones and nourish them with eminence. Following their demise, their body was embalmed so that they can get an after-life. Some people even say their skin was perfumed to showcase their supremacy.

Over the years, artists have represented black cats as horrifying elements associated with witchcraft. From small to big tattoos, black cats still looks ominous. But on social media platforms like Facebook posts, you’ll find some awesome, popular and unique cat tattoos not restricted to black cats like lucky cat tattoo, Cheshire cat tattoo, and many more. These will indeed add an element of cuteness as well as dominance into your overall persona.

Cute Cat With A Pair Of Roses Tattoo

Cute Cat With A Pair Of Roses Tattoo
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Do you want one of the best cat tattoos on your skin? No worries! This should be your first choice without because of its unique design done with old-school roses. Roses are meant for love, romance, and mixing it with the cuddly cuteness of a cat just makes it even better. You can also use a black cat tattoo along with pair of roses to give a cool gothic look.

If you’re someone who’s old-school as well as a warm-hearted person, this pet tattoo will never fail to amaze you. This cat tattoo can be applied to any part of your upper body like arms, chest, belly, etc.

Cat With A Crescent Moon Tattoo

Cat With A Crescent Moon Tattoo
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Cats, witchcraft and moon – these are elements that mix together to create a beautiful enigma. Here’s a simple cat tattoo to complete your witchcraft tattoo journey. This small black cat design with a crescent moon has a black magic significance. In the past, it was believed that the night brought forth witching hour – and cats were the glorious pets of witches. Putting this black cat tattoo on your skin will surely remind you of some mysterious designs and elements that struck fear in people’s heart during medieval times.

This tattoo can be applied to your shoulder and arms. If you’re an artist by passion or profession, this design will impress you.

Black Kitty With Prey Tattoo

Black Kitty With Prey Tattoo
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These black kitty tattoos may look childish to many, but still, not all tattoos need to be philosophical. You can have a little fun with tattoos too. These cartoonish cat tattoo ideas can be an inspiration to try something fun and different In this cute tattoo, a simple idea of a kitty with a mouse in her mouth makes it look so adorable.

You may wonder how much would a small black cat tattoo cost (maybe like this one)? It depends upon the design, features, and services provided in the tattoo studio by the tattoo artist. If you’re an open-minded person who wants to experiment, you can opt for large tattoos but for a newbie, small black cat tattoos ideas are the way to go!

3 Headed Black Cat Standing On A Skull Tattoo Design

3 Headed Black Cat Standing On A Skull Tattoo Design
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Do you really want to creep out a few people with your tattoo? This tattoo design will surely open a jaw or two and scare people when they see it the first time. This is an out-of-the-box tattoo design with three heads of a cat. While the cat expression makes it look cute, three heads itself makes it really scary and dark. Add to that, the gothic element of the tattoo with the skull. Tattoos like this can be enriched with more dark-themed ideas and elements like adding spiders or cobwebs.

Four Eyed Black Cat Tattoo To Blow Your Mind

Four Eyed Black Cat Tattoo To Blow Your Mind
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Do you know what is the four eye cat tattoo meaning? You’ll find many theories the four-eyed cat. A four-eyed cat was considered unlucky in British folklore. But the four-eyed black cat tattoos looks scary and cool at the same time. If you are daring enough to mess with superstition and fortune, then this can be a brave tattoo to go for.

Cat Surrounded By A Serpent Tattoo Designs

Cat Surrounded By A Serpent Tattoo Designs
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In this popular black cat tattoos design, you’ll find an uncanny resemblance with Lucifer . The reason – the Serpent. Remember when Adam was offered an apple by the serpent? Adding a cat into the mix adds a whole new dimension to the tattoo itself since cats are associated with witchcraft and dark arts.

You can apply these black cat tattoos to your chest, hand, legs, and thighs.

Nocturnal Cat Tattoo Covering The Lady’s Eyes Tattoo

Nocturnal Cat Tattoo Covering The Lady's Eyes Tattoo
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Are you someone who has a thing for cat lovers? Here’s a great tattoo to show you how cats can sometimes dominate their owners with love. The highlight of these kinds of cat tattoos is the detailed shading of the cat and the human, as well as the ominous stare. To top it off, the human element in these cat tattoos indeed add spice to it.

The Chubby Black Cat With Skull Tattoos

The Chubby Black Cat With Skull Tattoos
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Love a little bit of gothic element with cuteness? These black cat tattoo ideas are for you. The chubby cat looks cute and relaxed but the best part is the pattern on its back – a skull. Adding an extra element of cuteness makes these tattoos much more significant in the gothic circles.

Fine Line Geometric Cat Tattoo Ideas

Fine Line Geometric Cat Tattoo Ideas
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The best part of fine line tattoos is that it is all about precision and clean strokes. In this tattoo, you will find an amazing representation of this technique. By going for the .

Black Cat With Flowers Tattoo

Black Cat With Flowers Tattoo
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Last but not least, this elegant tattoo design should deserves a shoutout. This tattoo has its own charismatic enigma, especially its design – the violets, the black cat and the crescent moon all signify the arrival of the witching hour.

So, what does thisa cat tattoo mean? It could be spelling doom of dark magic on us or it could just be a simple fun tattoo.

There are many other cat tattoo suggestions you can choose from as well. They are:

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