10 Best Cat Skull Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Amazing Cat Skull Tattoo

Are you looking for a good cat skull tattoo? Then here we have brought you a list of some amazing cat skull tattoos that you will surely love.

Cat Skull Tattoo
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Cats are one of the most awesome creatures around us.

Cats are also one of the most common animals that stay as pets. That’s why a cat tattoo is a pretty common thing to see. 

A cat skull tattoo is just as popular as a cat tattoo. If you are wondering about the cat skull tattoo meaning, it’s not all negative. Like any skull tattoo, cat skull tattoos also represent death, rebirth, transformation, and new beginning. In addition to that, many people get cat skull tattoos as memorial tattoos for the pets they lost to death. There are many more different things people individually try to express through their tattoos, but they all depend upon the wearer. Go through the list below to know more.

Simple Cat Skull Tattoo

Many people see cat skull tattoo designs in a negative light, but they have positive meanings to them as well. We are also sure most people don’t choose cat skull tattoos to express negative things. Cats have a mysterious allure to them which they bear even in the form of a cat skull. That’s why even simple cat skull tattoos can be enough to express the emotions you want.

Simple Cat Skull Tattoo
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The picture above is of a simple cat skull that is done in dotwork style. Dotwork tattoos can be pretty fascinating and best for grey and blackwork tattoos with some shades as the picture above. You can choose one where there’s just the outlines are drawn.

American Traditional Cat Skull Tattoo

While we all are trying to stay on trend, let’s not forget the classics. American traditional tattoo ideas are one such classic style that will never go out of fashion. Many people till date choose to get these style of tattoos for their awesome, bold colours and bold lines. They can help you make a statement in a crowd.

Black Cat Skull Tattoo
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The picture above shows a classic American traditional style cat skull tattoo design with a silhouette of a cat behind the skull. The introduction of the blocks and strokes of a few colours are only making it look more gorgeous. Choose your favourite traditional cat skull tattoo from a vast collection.

Neo-traditional Skull Tattoo

Neo-traditional tattoos have their roots in traditional style of tattoos. The few differences are neo-traditional tattoos have a broader collection of motifs, colour palette, and the designs are mostly of flowers and animals. That’s why choosing cat skull tattoos in neo-traditional style can be pretty perfect.

Neo-traditional Skull Tattoo
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The picture above is of two cat skull tattoos with beautiful shades of pink and turquoise that are making the skulls look as if they are glowing. The ribbons in bold lines are surely softening the skull imagery. Get your own unique cat skull tattoo art in neo-traditional style.

Cat Skull With Flowers Tattoo

Cat skull tattoos with flowers included in them is a very common thing to see in 2021. The element of flowers in any kind of skull tattoo design do two things. First, they soften the skull element of the tattoo design, and secondly, they increase the meaning and help you express the meanings of your tattoo design more prominently. Every flower holds a different symbolism, so choose wisely.

Cat Skull With Flowers Tattoo
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The picture above shows a tattoo art of a cat skull with poppy flowers growing and glowing alongside it. Poppy flowers represent death, idleness, nature, fertility, and more. Choose your favorite flower or the flower tattoo that will help you express your desired meanings to add to your next cat skull tattoo.

Cat Skull With Crystal Tattoo

Cat skull tattoo designs with crystals in them or coming out of them is another design that is quite popular. Usually any form of skull tattoos are done in blackwork and don’t have any colours. Hence, colourful elements, like the crystals make the tattoo designs a little more vibrant. Crystal tattoos also have a spiritual symbolism to them.

Cat Skull With Crystal Tattoo
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The picture above is of a cat skull tattoo art with a crescent moon on its forehead, blue and green crystals coming out of the eyes, and a little design in the background in black colour to add a little mystery to the tattoo. You can choose your favourite colour of crystal to add to your next cat skull tattoo.

Cat Skull With Crow Tattoo

Crow tattoos go pretty well with anything related to death and afterlife. That’s why including a design of crow in your cat skull tattoo can be a good idea. Crows also have a mystery surrounding them like cats. Crow tattoos symbolize life and death, darkness of the night, mystery, transformation, and like cat tattoos, crow tattoos also have spiritual symbolism to them.

Cat Skull With Crow Tattoo
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The picture above shows a gorgeous dotwork tattoo in entirely black colour. The picture shows the silhouette of a crow where its skeleton can be seen, holding a mysterious bottle with cat skulls inside it. Take inspiration and design your own unique cat skull and crow tattoo.

Cat Skull With Moon Tattoo

Many cat tattoos and cat skull tattoos can be seen with a full moon or a crescent moon alongside them. This is not just for the purpose of a better design, it rather has a deeper meaning. Egyptians used to consider cats as sacred beings. They were not only associated with goddesses Bast and Iris, they were also associated with the moon.

Cat Skull With Moon Tattoo
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The picture above is of a beautiful tattoo of a cat skull with some elements of nature surrounding it, a crescent moon on its forehead, and a full moon shining behind in the background. You can choose some other elements to show the nightlife, and choose a more mysterious cat skull design for your personal cat skull and moon tattoo work.

Cat Skull With Mushroom Tattoo

One of the many popular designs of cat skull tattoos of 2021, that people like to get is one where mushrooms are growing out of them. Mushrooms have the ability to be born and grow in toughest of places. That’s why mushrooms out of cat skull tattoos remind us that death is not the end of everything. Mushroom tattoos also symbolize magic, good luck, and miracles.

Cat Skull With Mushroom Tattoo
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The picture above shows a cat skull tattoo in black and white ink with a flower, some leaves, and some mushrooms growing out of it. You can choose colourful mushrooms with some other nature elements to include in your tattoo designs to make it more vibrant.

Cat And Dog Skull Tattoo

Cat and dog tattoos go together pretty well. They are the most common pets people have and they become our family over time. That’s why many people get cat skull tattoos as a memorial to their pets. Just like cat and dog tattoos, cat skull and dog skull tattoos also go together well. As a loving memorial to your pets, it can be a good choice as a tattoo.

Cat And Dog Skull Tattoo
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The picture above is of a skull of a cat tattoo or a dog tattoo in black ink with an outline of a heart in red ink around them. This is surely expressing the love the wearer has for their pets. You can also choose some other designs by including the dates you adopted your pets or by choosing a whole skeleton tattoo work.

Cat Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull tattoos are a way of honouring the Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead. Sugar skull tattoos are not only famous among Mexicans, they have also gained much popularity in other countries. One of the most common sugar skull designs is the sugar skull cat tattoo. Sleeve, leg, back, or any other place on your body can be perfect for these tattoo designs.

Cat Sugar Skull Tattoo
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The picture above shows a simple cat sugar skull design with bold colours and lines. There are some classic sugar skull designs in the tattoo with two flowers. You can choose or come up with some other designs for your next tattoo.

We have already discussed the meaning of a cat skull tattoo and the designs you can go for in case you want a cat skull tattoo. A cat tattoo and a cat skull tattoo also have spiritual meanings for a lot of people. That’s why other than the suggestions above, you can add mandala designs to express that spiritual side. You can also get full cat skeleton tattoos if you like. Choose your favorite cat skull tattoo design and ink them.

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