10 Best Capricorn Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Capricorn Tattoos

Are you looking for a good Capricorn tattoo idea? Then end your search as we have brought you a menu of the best Capricorn tattoos.

Capricorn Tattoo
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Capricorn is one of the twelve zodiac signs.

Capricorn zodiac sign is also an earth sign and a cardinal sign. Usually, people born between 22nd December and 20th January around the world belong to the Capricorn star sign.

There is much symbolism to Capricorn tattoos and all of it mainly lies behind what the Capricorn sign represents. Capricorns or people of Capricorn signs have certain personality traits, such as being ambitious, determined, hard-working, and more. Capricorn symbol is of a sea-goat, consisting of the upper body of a goat and the lower body is a tail of a mermaid or a fish. All these factors come into factor if you want to find the meaning of a Capricorn tattoo. Go through the list below to get ideas on what to tattoo and where to tattoo on your body, like shoulder, back, arms or ankles.

Amazing Capricorn Tattoo

Amazing Capricorn Tattoo
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Capricorns may not be the most party-going fun people on earth, but they sure are best at everything else in the world. Hence, it’s not a surprise that the Capricorn tattoo ideas will be amazing as well. As per astrology, there are many personality traits that define a Capricorn. Now, you can choose the trait you relate the most with and express that through a unique Capricorn tattoo design.

The picture above is of a gorgeous goat-head tattoo in black ink with a few triangles behind to make the design more beautiful. A design of the constellation can also be seen below. The strength Capricorns possess can surely be felt through the design. Now, the picture below shows a mesmerising colourful tattoo art of a sea-goat-mermaid.

Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo
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If you choose to express your ambitious, or never-give-up side through your Capricorn tattoo idea, then you can add elements that complement the tattoo and make the meaning more prominent. This zodiac sign as a celestial warrior was shown in a popular anime series, ‘Fairy Tail’. You can have a design from that anime. It would not only be unique, but it would also help you connect with others who like similar anime.

Capricorn Constellation Tattoo

Capricorn Constellation Tattoo
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Constellations are parts of zodiac, astrology, and they help us and astronomers to understand the vast space and sky a little better. Constellation tattoo designs can be pretty perfect for the ones looking for minimalistic tattoos that don’t take up a lot of space in their body.

The picture above shows a perfect minimalistic colourful small ankle tattoo of the Capricorn constellation. The design includes a few added elements, like a small crescent moon, stars, Saturn, and more. The picture below is of a cool Capricorn constellation tattoo with the Capricorn symbol and a gorgeous design of an ornamental mandala crescent moon.

Crescent Moon Tattoo
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You can have a minimalistic or a more complex tattoo with the constellation designs as is evident from the pictures above. You can design a sea in the middle of the constellation with the Capricorn sea-goat. Get your unique Capricorn constellation design tattooed.

Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

Capricorn Symbol Tattoo
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Every zodiac sign has a specific symbol. The Capricorn symbol resembles the English letter ‘n’ or ‘v’ in lowercase forms with a facing down loop on the right side. This sign supposedly represents the horns of the goat adjoined with a tail of a fish. The design of the symbol changes at times, but the loop is always there, which represents the true nature of a Capricorn.

The picture above is of a Capricorn symbol tattoo art with added elements of leaves and the Capricorn constellation. Leaves represent happiness, so the tattoo might indicate that the wearer is content with who they are. The picture below shows an extremely plain and simple yet classy-looking small tattoo of the Capricorn symbol with no added elements.

Capricorn Symbol Tattoos
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It is pretty evident from the pictures that Capricorn symbol tattoos in both simple and complex forms, the Capricorn symbol tattoos have a beauty of their own. Capricorn symbol tattoos can also be perfect for people opting for minimalistic tattoos.

Capricorn Tribal Tattoo

Capricorn Tribal Tattoo
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Tribal tattoos have gained much popularity and many outside of any communities can even be seen donning them now. Usually, tribal tattoos for men or women are made up of geometric patterns and you can have a design in that style for your tattoo. These tattoos look great on both men and women.

The picture above shows a back tattoo of a Capricorn symbol in tribal style. The picture below is of a tribal tattoo of the sea-goat.

Capricorn Mermaid Tattoos
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Animal tattoos in tribal style look gorgeous, so you can opt for other designs of the sea-goat or mermaid. You can include mandala designs made of geometric patterns in your tattoo.

Capricorn Goat Tattoo

Capricorn Goat Tattoo
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The symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign is the sea goat. However, many people get tattoos of just a goat for their Capricorn tattoos. It’s not wrong or doesn’t diminish the meanings and symbolism of your Capricorn tattoo in any manner.

The picture above is of a beautiful detailed realistic tattoo of a sea goat with the wheel of the zodiac signs and some geometric patterns behind it. The picture below shows a tattoo of a goat head with a few red flowers and leaves below it.

Capricorn Goat Tattoos
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You can choose other designs, from TV shows or movies for your Capricorn goat tattoo. You can include other elements, such as sea, flowers, stars, to increase the meaning of your tattoo.

Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo

Colored Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo
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While the Capricorn symbol is of a half-goat and half-mermaid, many people choose to get tattoos of just mermaids with the horns of the goat. This gives the tattoos a feminine side and freedom to choose various colours in the process. Mermaids are fictional beings, so even tattoo artists get to open their minds fully to use their imagination as much as possible.

The picture above shows a big tattoo of a beautiful blue and green mermaid with glittery scales, the Capricorn symbol on its body and horns of the goat on its head with a few added flowers. The picture below is of a big tattoo of a mystical mermaid with horns made up of her hair. This tattoo surely has a magical vibe to it.

Black Mermaid Capricorn Tattoo
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You get an ample amount of freedom to design if you choose to get a Capricorn mermaid tattoo. You can use watercolour or add a little mandala or floral design that will complement your tattoo to increase its beauty and meaning.

Capricorn Sea-Goat Tattoo

Capricorn Sea Goat Tattoo
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The Capricorn symbol is of a sea-goat, that has the upper body of a goat and lower body, i.e. the tail of a mermaid or fish. That’s why it’s no surprise mostly the Capricorn tattoo people get is of sea-goats. Like mermaids, sea-goats are also fictional, so you can come up with a number of designs to your likings. In addition to that, we can assure you that whatever the design is, it will have a magical or mystical aura to it.

The picture above is of a sea-goat tattoo in an animated form with a few stars and the Capricorn symbol beside it. The picture below shows a more detailed realistic sea-goat tattoo that seems to be sitting within the Capricorn constellation.

Mermaid Goat Capricorn Tattoo
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While both the tattoos in the pictures above are done in black and grey ink, you can use colours for your design. You can get a tattoo where it looks like there’s a sea inside the Capricorn constellation and the sea-goat is jumping out of it.

Personified Capricorn Tattoo

Personified Capricorn Tattoo
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People over the years have personified the zodiacs as they have imagined them to be. These personified characters always have something uniquely related to the specific zodiac sign. These help people understand which character represents which zodiac sign. Such as personified Capricorn characters mostly have the horns of the sea-goat.

The picture above shows a realistic portrait tattoo of a beautiful girl with horns of a goat on her head. The picture below shows another realistic portrait sleeve tattoo of a fierce warrior with horns of a goat on his head with the Capricorn symbol looming above him.

Black Grey Capricorn Tattoo
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The personification of something just by imagination can give cool results. Tattoo artists have a way of weaving magic on our skin if they are given enough freedom and these kinds of tattoos provide exactly that, so etch the magic on your skin.

Capricorn Floral Tattoo

Capricorn Floral Tattoo
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Floral designs may sound like it’s more suitable for women, but floral designs have endless symbolism and meanings to them that are perfect for all people. Every flower represents something different and we are sure you will surely find something you can relate to from the plethora of options. That being said, you can also have beautiful coloured tattoos or black and grey, whatever you want with floral designs.

The picture above is of a Capricorn symbol tattoo made up of pretty blue flowers, twigs and leaves. The picture below shows a sleeve tattoo of a bunch of flowers with leaves and twigs and two horns growing out of them.

Floral Capricorn Tattoo
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It is pretty evident from the pictures above how creative one can be with floral designs. You can choose a flower you want or whose meaning speaks to you or you can relate with your Capricorn tattoo.

Capricorn Saturn Tattoo

Capricorn Saturn Tattoo
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Saturn is known to be the natural ruler of the earth sign, Capricorn. It’s said that Saturn is the taskmaster of all planets in a way. Just like Capricorns are ambitious, hard workers, determined, Saturn also represents the same things. It makes Capricorns criticise everything they do until they become the best at it. It is said Capricorns have these never-give-up traits due to the influence of Saturn.

The picture above shows a gorgeous watercolour sleeve tattoo of the planet Saturn that shows that you embrace the influence of Saturn on your life. The picture below is of a gorgeous 3-part sleeve tattoo. The first part shows a wheel of zodiac signs with the goat-head of Capricorn in the middle and phases of the moon above. The middle part shows a trophy and the last part is of the planet Saturn and a line is going through all of them connecting them together.

Capricorn Contellation Tattoo
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You can have a simple Saturn tattoo with no added elements. You can also incorporate the Capricorn symbol, constellation, or the sea-goat in any way you want to make the symbolism of your tattoo clear.

Now you know the Capricorn meaning, what is Capricorn symbol tattoo, the places in your body where the tattoos will look great, like shoulder, back, or leg, how to make a statement in social media with a fabulous picture by getting the best tattoo, and more. You can never go wrong with a classy Capricorn tattoo and they look fabulous on men, women and all. Other than the suggestions above, you can also opt for mandala Capricorn tattoos, watercolour Capricorn tattoos, and more as per your choice. Your life would soar in social media with a perfect picture of the best Capricorn tattoo, so get inked.

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