10 Best Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Cancer Tattoos

Are you a Cancerian? Here are some of the best cancer zodiac sign tattoos and cool zodiac signs that you can use to up your tattoo game.

Cancer Tattoo
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Crab is the official cancer zodiac symbol, and its sign or glyph represents a sideways ’69’.

This glyph indicates crab claws or women’s breasts since Cancer is the sign of motherhood and womanhood. There are a lot of debates about how or why cancer is the worst zodiac sign.

For some, it is emotionally harmful and affects both their physical and mental health. In some ways, a cancer zodiac might prove quite dangerous as it is known that they don’t stop at anything to get what they want.

The Cancer zodiac sign (June 21 – July 22) seldomly goes along with any other zodiac sign. The Cancer zodiac sign hates Gemini the most for their unstable characteristics and Aries because they are too fond of freedom and doesn’t enjoy Cancer’s goal-oriented characteristics. Well, no matter what, people born with the Cancer zodiac signs are deep and confident people. Here are some of the best cancer zodiac tattoo collections that might prove extremely lucky.

Minimal Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Minimal Cancer Constellation Tattoo Ideas
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This design must fall under our best tattoo ideas and can be inked behind your ears, wrist, shoulder or any arm. This cute tattoo is the depiction of the cancer constellation. This tattoo design is easily noticeable if placed in the right place and appears very attractive.

The perfectly aligned star and moon in this tattoo gives a more cosmic touch to the Cancer tattoo.

Ideal Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women With Stunning Personality

Ideal Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women With Stunning Personality
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A design made ideally for men and women, portray the famous glyph depicting the Cancer zodiac sign as the centre of focus. Among other tattoo designs, this design focuses on representing women and womanhood in cancer zodiac tattoos.

The glyph, surrounded by the moon on one side, Cancerian motto, ‘ruled by the moon’. It would be a perfect fit in your wrist, neck or chest for women born with cancer zodiac as their moon sign.

Best Crab Tattoo Ideas For The Bold

Best Crab Tattoo Ideas For The Bold
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The Bold crab tattoo of a cancer crab is one of the best crab tattoos designs.

Crabs are considered shelled and timid, but are creative creatures at the same time. They have the ability to walk in all directions and set their own path .

The crab is connected to the moon with a dotted line, emphasising the concept of being ruled by the moon yet again. Inked perfectly in a bare chest is a symbol of domination and adds boldness to the character. You can also choose to get this on your shoulder.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos Ideas For The Eccentric

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos Ideas For The Eccentric
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This cancer zodiac tattoo is undoubtedly for those eccentric souls looking for a zodiac tattoo but doesn’t wish to settle for simplicity.

This cancer zodiac tattoo paints the world a perfect combination of the zodiac sign, planets, stars and a compass – to show the direction to the lost.

Cute Floral Cancer Constellation Tattoo

Cute Floral Cancer Constellation Tattoo
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Rose depicts beauty and boldness as a flower itself, but this flower is combined with the cancer zodiac turns into art.

With the cancer zodiac symbol in the middle wrapped with flowers. This is a rich-in-symbolism cancer zodiac tattoo showing how Cancerians can get pricked though they may be beautiful people at heart.

Crab Tattoo Design For The Fearsome

Crab Tattoo Design For The Fearsome
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Crabs may be small but a crab tattoo design can be made fearsome.

This crab tattoo is not only cool, but the design here clearly shows how a crab or cancer zodiac is superior to other zodiac symbols.

Suitable for both men and women. Anyone Cancerian can ink this but would need a more extensive area, so the chest and back can be ideal places. However, a smaller variant can fit on your ankle.

Simple Cancer Zodiac Tattoo For Those Who Likes It Simple

Simple Cancer Zodiac Tattoo For Those Who Likes It Simple
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Zodiac Cancer Tattoo designs can sometimes be large, but we know tattoo ideas are sometimes best if kept small and simple.

This cancer tattoo is very simple yet creative. With all the elements of a cancer zodiac, this one isn’t like other cancer tattoos. If you are more of a quiet person who loves minimalism, having a cancer zodiac symbol probably in your forearm would give you a pleasurable and outgoing look.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Ankle Or Neck

Best Tattoo Ideas For Ankle Or Neck
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If you love abstract line art, this simple tattoo of the glyph, designed ideally for your ankle and neck, will suit you perfectly.

The ink used here will carefully portray both your beauty and bold nature, giving you more power if you can relate to this.

Cancer Tattoo Designs For Proud Cancers

Cancer Tattoo Designs For Proud Cancers
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If you love your zodiac cancer sign and take pride inbeing Cancer, this is the best cancer tattoo for you.

It’s bold, elegant, and beautiful; It’s nothing less than a piece of art. You can ink any number related to your significance. Cancer can get a bit self-conscious, but it shouldn’t stop you from flaunting your zodiac. Who knows, you might become an inspiration for others.

Powerful Floral Crab Tattoo

Powerful Floral Crab Tattoo
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Flowers are usually viewed as an element of beauty, and they are perfect for Cancerians as they depict the softness of the Cancerian soul.

Here, the tattoo artist has turned those harmless flowers into a fearsome crab tattoos, representing the water signs and making them geometric too. That is the true power of art, and a tattoo is all about breaking all societies shackles to stand alone, victorious.

So, if you are rebellious enough, go with this. Trust us; it will enhance your already superior nature.

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