10 Best C Section Scar Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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C Section Scar Tattoo

These C-section scar tattoo ideas are perfect for women who want to hide their scar marks with artistic tattoo designs. Have a look.

C Section Scar Tattoo
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C-section scar tattoos are a personal choice for women.

Unlike any other tattoo, scar tattoos last very long. They don’t come with any fading limits since they will always stay once you get a tattoo done.

One of the most asked questions before getting a c-section scar tattoo is whether it is okay to get it or not. The most important asset to know is that the scar must have healed completely before you choose to aggravate it with needles. The healed scar can be tattooed over once it is perfectly safe and healed. There are possibilities that the ink might migrate, causing the tattoo to look a little smudged or unsettled since the skin under the scar is not evenly smooth, and it does not absorb the ink like an unscarred skin.

C Section Wild Roses Cover Up Tattoo

C Section Wild Roses Cover Up Tattoo
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What better way to cover a scar than to use floral designs? In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has used wild roses to cover the c-section scar. Rather than keeping it simple, the tattoo artist went bold and big. The design is a bright-colored one that looks beautiful on the skin. The details on the flowers, the petals, the leaves, and the buds are very well executed.

The tattoo artist has used a dot-like method to add textures and to fill the colors instead of using simple strokes or shadings. The color scheme in this tattoo is definitely stunning. The various hues of red, orange, green, brown, yellow, and black make the tattoo look surreal. A great choice of tattoo to cover a scar on a woman’s body.

Floral Belt C Section Scars Tattoo Design

Floral Belt C Section Scars Tattoo Design
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C-section scars do not go away completely. They might fade in time, but they always stay. This is the reason why most women choose to get a scar tattoo. In this tattoo design, the scar is quite long and stretched. The tattoo artist has done an amazing job in covering it with the perfect design. It looks like a perfect waist accessory and not just a tattoo. The roses on each side of the tattoo look absolutely stunning.

In the center, we have an abstract rose flower which ties the whole design together. The tattoo artist has not used any colored inks whatsoever. The black ink is what makes this tattoo classy and elegant.

Belly Button Cover Up Tattoo

Belly Button Cover Up Tattoo
@the_great_tatsby via Instagram

In this tummy tuck scar tattoo, the design looks like a waist chain. The tattoo artist used fine lines to draw the outlines. The use of black ink makes this tattoo very chic. The details in the designs are phenomenal. It looks like handcrafted jewelry. The tattoo artist has very carefully placed the design on the scar, keeping in mind the length and broadness of the scar.

The simple design makes it look perfect on the body. The intricate details are the essence of this tattoo. A great design to choose from.

C Section Leaves Tattoo

C Section Leaves Tattoo
@sheentattoostudio via Instagram

Till now, we have seen various floral designs and abstract waist chain designs. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist’s approach to the design is simple yet efficient. The simple design chosen for this tattoo is that of leaves. As long as the c-section scar stretches, the tattoo artist has stretched the lines of the leaves to overshadow that.

Rather than keeping it bold and making it a statement piece, it has been kept minimal and very simple. It is a small design which just sufficiently covers the scar perfectly and is perfectly fit for this space. Overall, it looks stunning.

Woman C Section Scar Floral Tattoo

Woman C Section Scar Floral Tattoo
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This is a beautiful and creative approach to a simple scar cover-up tattoo. The tattoo artist’s choice of colors in this tattoo is praiseworthy. The entire design looks realistic and charming. The tattoo artist has chosen two red roses and aster to showcase this beautiful design. The size of the tattoo is comparatively larger than the size of the scar, but the execution fits in perfectly.

The colors in this tattoo are bright, yet they are not overpowering. The roses have been colored using muted red ink. The aster has been colored with a vibrant lilac ink, and its center has been shaded with a yellow ochre. The leaves are also complimenting the flowers perfectly. They have been colored using pure sap green ink. The tattoo artist has also added highlights using white ink. The overall execution of this tattoo is truly a masterpiece.

Black And White C Section Scar Tattoos

Black And White C Section Scar Tattoos
@potato.tats via Instagram

This is a simple black ink flower tattoo that has perfectly covered the c-section scar. The tattoo has fine techniques. The tattoo artist has made a thick outline as the border of these flowers. Then, the dot-work technique was used to fill it in with textures. Simple shadings have been done, but the dot work is what’s pulling it all together.

Rather than going for a smaller design, the tattoo artist went big and bold. The flowers are huge, and they take up a huge space around the belly button area.

However, it looks elegant and not at all out of place. It is not necessary that the size of the tattoo has to be around the size of the scar. In this case, the huge flowers make this tattoo look more endearing.

Woman’s Body Mandala C Section Cover-Up Tattoo

Woman's Body Mandala C Section Cover-Up Tattoo
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This is one of the most beautiful and artistic tattoos for a scar cover-up. The c-section scars can be of any size. For some women, it is quite long and stretched, while for some, it can be quite small in this case, it’s a small c-section scar. The tattoo artist has chosen the perfect design to make the navel area look intriguing.

The tattoo is a stunning mandala design that has been achieved using the dot-work technique. The entire tattoo has perfect symmetry, great definition, and looks charming. A mandala design is basically a geometric pattern that has abstract patterns that represent deities or heavenly worlds. More so or not, it is mostly used as a beautiful design and not due to its connotations. The design has been made using black ink, which makes the tattoo look very elegant.

Feather Abdomen Tattoo

Feather Abdomen Tattoo
@claatyfranklin via Instagram

A very interesting choice of design has been used in this tattoo. Rather than going for a classic floral tattoo or any abstract beauty design, the tattoo artist has chosen the design of a feather. It is a very clever design as the length of the feather is the perfect size to cover up the c-section scar tattoo.

The tattoo has been made using black ink, which makes it simple yet classy. Rather than using colors and highlighting this area of the body, the tattoo artist has allowed the design to make a mark. The intricate details make it look beautiful. The tattoo’s execution is similar to a real feather, which is amazing to see.

Abstract Art Cover Up C Section Scar Tattoo

Abstract Art Cover Up C Section Scar Tattoo
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In this tattoo design, the tattoo artist has opted for an abstract beauty design look. The entire tattoo is quite big in size. Not only does it covers up the c-section scar perfectly, but it also enhances the belly button region with this beautiful piece of art.

The tattoo design stretches from the scar’s line to the belly button. It is an artistic approach where the design has been executed with utmost detail. The simple black ink and fine lines of strokes make it look very delicate and charming.

Butterfly Scar Cover-Up Body Tattoo

Butterfly Scar Cover-Up Body Tattoo
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This one is one of the most popular c-section scar cover-up tattoo designs. This is a butterfly tattoo that has been placed over the scar. The tattoo is very beautiful as the tattoo artist has added tons of details in its execution. At first glance, it is hard to tell that it’s a tattoo. Rather, it looks like a real butterfly. The tattoo is a simple animal tattoo, but the end result is definitely praiseworthy.

The slight tilt in the placement of its position makes it look absolutely real. The tattoo artist has used the perfect chosen ink colors to achieve the life-like butterfly result. It has done a great job in covering the scar and looks absolutely endearing.

Are you still in search of your perfect choice of c-section scar tattoo design? Don’t worry, here are some more ideas for you.

  • Simple Tummy Tuck Tattoo.
  • Vertical C Section Scar Tattoo.
  • Heart Tattoo To Cover C Section Scar.
  • Angel Scar Tattoo.
  • Lilies Cover Up Tattoo.

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