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101 Best Butterfly Eye Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Butterfly Eye Tattoos

Butterfly eye tattoo designs are exceptional to include in your inspiration list as it stars two of the most widely used symbols with meaningful representation.

Butterfly Eye Tattoo
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Few symbols are hard to separate from tattoo culture; a butterfly tattoo is one of them.

Butterflies are one of the most popular designs to be incorporated among tattoo artists. It carries different meanings in equally different cultures, making it a very common body art among people of all age groups.

From sticking a clean design of a butterfly through stickers to getting it inked under the skin permanently, the prominence of a butterfly among people is hard to beat. The four-winged, gently fluttering creature belongs to the same category of insects as a nasty moth. But, although sharing the same species, these two differ widely. Colour, appearance and the delicate arch of its wings make the butterfly a popular symbol as a tattoo. Kids, women and men, butterflies are loved by people of all ages, but it is not just the beauty that keeps the world in awe of it.

The symbol filled with vibrant colours carries a deeper meaning that changes with every butterfly tattoo. The natural beauty of a butterfly tattoo represents strength, freedom, transformation and ephemeral beauty in many cultures. On the other hand, being used as a symbol of love allows butterfly tattoos to depict a picture of young love life. The hopes of new beginnings and new life makes butterfly tattoo work as a good luck charm, while many use the small-winged being with other symbols to manifest their deepest desires in life. A myriad of emotions and beliefs are connected to this symbol. Tattoos offer a lovely way to cement these beliefs on your skin in exceptional designs.

A simple butterfly tattoo might be too common for you, but the ones including the deep mystery of an eye add a different perspective to the whole nature of a butterfly tattoo. Find your next butterfly tattoo inspiration here.

Butterfly With Eye Tattoo

Butterfly With Eye Tattoo
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It is time to shift from traditional butterfly tattoos and go for the ones lesser-known yet equally ethereal. Butterfly eyes with makeup on are an exceptional choice over traditional tattoos. The feminine tattoo allows men to subside from the malignant concept of connecting everything back to strength and toughness. Many men inscribe beautiful dedications for their loved ones on the skin. This could be your way to compliment your special one. The tattoo includes a delicate gem-studded right in the middle of the butterfly, giving it an elegant look. Switch the purple hues with colours of your choice to make it as personalised as you can, and the results will blow your mind!

Tiger Eye In Butterfly Tattoo

Tiger Eye In Butterfly Tattoo
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An eye butterfly tattoo does not always have to have a human eye. The fierceness in the eye of a tiger can be used as the major vibe of your tattoo by incorporating it into your tattoo design. Tattoo meanings can vary simply through small aspects like these that define its symbolism. The tattoo above not only includes the fierceness of a tiger’s eye; it also creatively adds a scary perspective to the whole tattoo art using tiger jaws. Tattoo uses simple black ink and shades of grey to keep the traditional butterfly tattoo facet under consideration while going crazy with the entire illustration. Tattoo speaks a lot about the wearer’s nature, so this is your time to let the art speak of you!

Winged Butterfly With Eye Tattoo

Winged Butterfly With Eye Tattoo
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The delicate beauty of a vibrantly coloured butterfly is unmatched, so why not get a tattoo capturing the same aspect. This butterfly tattoo stars a monarch butterfly carrying brilliant colours. The monarch butterfly is known to represent a spiritual transformation in Christianity. The tattoo’s vibrancy is enough to fuel its beauty, yet if the wearer hopes to include additional features to make the tattoo stand out more, nothing can be better than flowers around it. Adding flowers is a simple way to enhance any tattoo illustration. Black and white or coloured, tattooed flowers along with a delicate monarch butterfly wing with a human eye is bound to win you numerous compliments.

Black And White Butterfly Tattoo With Prominent Eye

Black And White Butterfly Tattoo With Prominent Eye
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Adding a little anime reference to the list, this Ghibli style butterfly can be the out of the box addition your tattoo list needs. The uncommon inclusion of a face on such a simple black butterfly tattoo makes it different from the traditional butterfly tattoos, easily spotted on every other tattoo wearer in your vicinity. The small butterfly tattoo uses fine line technique to create the delicate skeletal structure, with lightly shaded parts depicting its tender wings.

Human Eye Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Human Eye Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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Human eyes are a popular symbol to include in a tattoo wearer’s collection. Combining it with a butterfly adds a whole new meaning to it. A human eye tattoo works as a gateway to the soul, as the eyes themselves reflect your personality; having them in tattooed form adds an artistic twist. Butterfly tattoo meanings may not be enough to express your personality or thoughts; adding a few more elements can help, just like a human eye does in the tattoo above. Use a simple blue butterfly tattoo or a beautiful infinity butterfly tattoo to cage human eyes, creating a completely different vibe!

Open Winged Design Butterfly Tattoos

Open Winged Design Butterfly Tattoos
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A butterfly looks finest in its element, open winged and carefree, so capturing it, in the same manner, is the only way to appreciate its beauty. Minimalistic tattoo lovers all over the world are welcome to find inspiration from this delicate artwork displaying the fading silhouette of a butterfly with minimal splashes of red colours. It’s a discreet pattern created using fine lines that can be placed anywhere on the body. While the tattoo appears to depict red as the colour of the butterfly’s wings, some may also think of it as floral petals beneath the flutterby. This tattoo style is slowly emerging among tattoo wearers as the delicate lines offer an extreme neatness, helping to decipher tattoos easily.

Spooky Style Butterfly Eye Body Art

Spooky Style Butterfly Eye Body Art
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Halloween or no Halloween, spooky tattoos are always in trend. Going ahead with a generic tattoo choice, including a skull with butterfly eye tattoo, might be the foremost thought for many people in the world. So, it is only wise that you go with the one never seen before. Contrary to any other butterfly eye tattoo seen before, this tattoo includes a creepy illustration of several haphazardly drawn eyes melting within the butterfly wings. The tattoo takes inspiration from famous horror Manga artist Junji Ito’s artwork to create an exceptional version of its own. A successful attempt at combining two of the most loved art forms can be seen here, which is sure to fuel your next tattoo inspiration.

Beautiful Butterfly As Eye Tattoo In Colour

Beautiful Butterfly As Eye Tattoo In Colour
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You can never go wrong with a gorgeous woman tattoo. To add to her beauty, her eyes are replaced with a butterfly. Although the hues of red in tattoos are scarce, it is drastically elevating its aura blowing life into it. The wearer can go for a similar theme following a different colour shade and wing pattern; all it needs is an efficient tattoo artist to take charge!

Small And Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Small And Simple Butterfly Tattoo
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For many people, simplicity is the best way to express themselves. This tattoo inspiration is the right choice for them! A beautiful tattoo with fin lines and dot work captures the beauty of a butterfly without actually filling it with vibrant colours, which is often hard for tattoo artists. The highlight of this tattoo is a pair of alluring eyes created beautifully to seek attention. That said, the beauty of this tattoo is best suited to be inked upon the wrist, upper arm or chest if the wearer wishes for a bigger size.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo With Vibrant Colours

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo With Vibrant Colours
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You can never go wrong with traditional butterfly tattoo designs that come with vibrant colours and bold lines to create a striking appearance on the skin. Simple, bold colours creating a neat mosaic is the perfect choice for a first tattoo. As the colours in the butterfly steal attention, the Unalome above with an eye adds a deeper tattoo meaning. The spiral line is a prominent Buddhist symbol used to represent the journey of life. The tattoo is a reverent take on culture and spiritual balance that any follower or believer can go ahead with. The tattoo colours unknowingly deliver a calming effect at a glance, a visual treat for others and the wearer.

Now that you have a compiled list of exceptional tattoo design ideas, it is time to implement them! The inking process gets easier if the client understands the nature of the tattoo and allows the tattoo artist an accurate image. Tattoo placement is another aspect you must think about thoroughly. Traditional butterfly tattoos on hand, chest, upper arm or shoulder blade, decide which one would suit your style the most and go for it! Here are some additional tattoo designs for inspiration.

  1. Evil eye tattoo butterfly designs
  2. Butterfly eye tattoo tramp stamp
  3. Celtic butterfly tattoo with colourful butterflies
  4. Tribal butterfly tattoos surrounded by tribal art
  5. Closed wing butterflies with infinity symbol
  6. Aztec culture inspired black butterfly tribal tattoo
  7. Tribal armband with blue butterfly tattoo

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What is a butterfly eye tattoo?

A butterfly eye tattoo is a popular body art or tattoo design that features a single, detailed and intricate eye of a butterfly in the center. The artwork typically has vivid colors, including blues and purples, as well as some black elements. This type of tattoo often looks lifelike and can be seen on different parts of the body such as the arm, chest, back, and even on the face. The butterfly eye tattoo is often seen as a symbol of freedom, transformation, and spirituality. It can be used to represent inner strength or in remembrance of those who have passed away. Whatever its meaning, it’s sure to make an impactful statement when done correctly.

How much does a butterfly eye tattoo cost?

The cost of a butterfly eye tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity and placement of the design. Generally speaking, small-to-medium sized tattoos can range from $50-$200 while more detailed and bigger designs can cost upwards of $500. It’s important to find an experienced artist who is willing to work within your budget and deliver quality work. There are also additional fees that may be charged for the use of certain colors or special inks, so make sure to discuss this with your artist beforehand.

What are some of the best butterfly eye tattoo designs?

Some of the best butterfly eye tattoo designs feature bright and vibrant colors, intricate details, and a lifelike feel. These tattoos can range from small and delicate to large and bold depending on your preference. Common additions to these designs include other elements such as stars, abstract shapes, or even words. You can also opt for a more subtle tattoo by using black ink instead of colorful inks. The possibilities are endless! So make sure to take the time to explore all different types of butterfly eye tattoo designs before deciding on one.

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