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101 Best Butterfly And Stars Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Butterfly And Stars Tattoo

Brainstorming ideas for a brand new tattoo? Check this list of butterfly and stars tattoo designs before you get inked.

Butterfly And Stars Tattoo
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If a simple butterfly tattoo feels too basic, add a twist with butterflies and stars tattoos.

Whether this is your first tattoo, or you are inking yourself for the umpteenth time, butterfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular choices and a true classic.

From the Monarch to the Swallowtail, butterflies are of various kinds, therefore, when it comes to these tattoos, you will have a wide range of choices as far as the design goes. While something like a shoulder or clavicle tattoo will look more feminine, men have sported it on their arms as well. The stars will add a bit of razzle-dazzle, making it a fantastic choice.

You can create a star and butterfly tattoo meaning for yourself. Star tattoos usually are a symbol of ambition, while butterflies largely represent a change or development, which can denote anything from your soul to something more tangible, like that of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Whether you want to go cute or regal, this design makes for an excellent choice.

Butterfly Around Evil Eye Tattoo

Butterfly Around Evil Eye Tattoo
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If you always feel you are out of luck, how about getting this tattoo to hold onto the positive energy? Whoever says evil eye has to have that blue hue, this tattoo proves them wrong with its beautiful ink work in black. The concentration is on making the eye as realistic as possible, which makes the tattoo stand out. Since butterflies are usually taken for hope or positivity, the evil eye becomes a perfect match with the three butterflies.

With the triangle shape around it, you can also consider it as a symbol of the Illuminati if you like to indulge in conspiracy theories. The eye can also go for the typical third eye, which symbolizes someone with precognition.

Thread Of Fate Tattoo With Butterfly And Stars

Thread Of Fate Tattoo With Butterfly And Stars
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If you are an anime lover, you will be familiar with the name Makoto Shinkai. Does this tattoo not remind you of the movie Your Name? This tattoo can be a great symbol to represent the idea of the movie if you are a die-hard fan. The simple and clean lines will make this tattoo pop on your arm.

Even without the typical red colour, the thread makes sure to catch the attention. The tattoo can symbolize the magical connection between your loved ones, as you walk down the path of destiny. The simple tattoo design does not need much space, making it ideal to be inked anywhere on your body, from the foot, to even as ear tattoos.

Blossoming Flower And Butterfly Tattoo

Blossoming Flower And Butterfly Tattoo
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Big fan of Penthouse? Then you surely remember the iconic shoulder tattoo of Na Ae Gyo. Now you can get your own version of that flower tattoo with butterflies and stars on the shoulder. This is a design usually flaunted by women. The beautiful shades of purple and violet add beauty to the entire design.

Since the protagonist used the tattoo as a sign for rebirth, why not let this tattoo be an inspiration for a new beginning for yourself? The blossoming two butterflies as the flower tattoo can also represent your free spirit, and get you addicted to inking with the play of different colours.

Yin Yang Tattoo

Yin Yang Tattoo
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At first glance, this might look like just about any star tattoo with butterflies flying, but, upon a closer look, you will find a more meaningful symbol present. The flying butterflies are intentionally inked in a pattern that represents the sign yin yang. Hence, it can be a good reminder to find your balance every now and then. The pathway created by the star tattoo helps to make the shape of the motif apparent.

We love the play of monochrome done on this arm butterfly tattoo. While one butterfly uses a darker black ink, the other has been kept light, in order to nail the symbolism.

Aquamarine Ornament Tattoo

Aquamarine Ornament Tattoo
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Okay, girls, let us look at a dainty butterfly tattoo. Just take a moment to marvel at this beautiful blue butterfly for a minute. We love this simply for the colour. Many shades of blue, especially aquamarine have been used for this butterfly tattoo. The tattoo artist makes the butterfly look like a piece of jewel, with the star tattoo adding to the spark.

Since this is a petite design, the tattoo will suit a girl perfectly who is looking for an ornament design. The compact size makes it perfect as a neck, or wrist tattoo.

Necklace Tattoo

Necklace Tattoo
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Ditch your heavy jewellery, and adorn your neck with this beautiful butterfly tattoo, that will suit any woman. While the design is simple, the tattoo artist plays with the pattern, so as to make the entire thing look like a beautiful necklace. The flowers at the centre just steal our heart.

The butterflies and stars on the clavicle form the chain for the necklace and give you a very chic look. The design uses only black ink, although, if you like, you can sprinkle a dash of colour here and there. The stems of the flowers are inked in a manner, to make it appear like a piece of precious stone. To make a style statement, this will definitely make a popular choice.

Purrfect Floral Tattoo

Purrfect Floral Tattoo
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Are you a cat lover? Then this butterfly tattoo is sure to win your heart. Look at this Siamese tabby mix, with their beautiful whiskers, aiming for the sky. Since this is a shoulder arm sleeve tattoo, it will be great as one of those stars and butterflies tattoo cover ups as well, since it has a larger design. The style has a mural touch to it, alluring you to look at the tattoo for hours on an end.

If you have a pet, then it will be even more fun to customise. The tattoo can be a good example for pet owners, who want to ink a tattoo with their cat as the subject. The realistic cat is brought to life with the detailing of the eyes. The cat is covered in a floral pattern, along with clouds, a butterfly and stars, giving the design a dreamy touch, and a highlighting colour used to create a shimmering effect on the body.

Heart With A Message Tattoo

Heart With A Message Tattoo
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This fine line tattoo design puts all the emphasis on the blue butterfly. With a simple style, you can complete the design with a message, or quote of your own. While the tattoo asks for a happy ending, you can also hope for some joy, or your favourite song lyrics instead.

With a little heart on the side, this tattoo will make many hearts flutter. The simple handwriting font used for the tattoo gives the entire thing a casual and familiar touch which we dig. This tattoo is inked on the arm, making it easy to read, and easy to flaunt.

Gold Bow With Twinkling Armband Tattoo

Gold Bow With Twinkling Armband Tattoo
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Finally, we are getting introduced to more colours. The white and violet butterfly tattoo is paired with an intricate golden bow. If you are a geek for Greek mythology, this will definitely remind you of Apollo’s bow with all its splendour and beauty. To complete the pattern, there is also a twinkling armband, which entirely consists of stars and other celestial bodies, making the tattoo worth envying.

The women who would prefer to go for one of those sophisticated patterns will be pleased with this, for we sure are. The pattern covers a large surface area from the top of the arm to the elbow, so be prepared to commit a good amount of your skin to this design.

Spring Themed Tattoo

Spring Themed Tattoo
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Now that we have stepped into more colours, let’s explore more there. If you like to play with more colours, you can get this tattooed on your body anywhere you like. Although this is originally done on the arm, the tiny pattern with the little flowers can be an adorable option even on your foot. The butterfly tattoo itself has very colourful wings which you can never get tired of.

Varying colours along with the combination of butterflies and flowers make this tattoo so very vibrant and full of life. The stars are a bonus, adding to the charm of the tattoo. Inking the stars an unconventional shade was a great decision. This tattoo can be one of the basic symbols for spring.

Typically, butterflies and stars are thought of as tattoo designs for women. Yet, why should girls have all the fun? Adding their touch with skulls, or other such elements, a butterfly with star tattoos can be rocked by any badass now. From the idea of the butterfly effect to rebirth and regeneration, such tattoos can be interpreted in numerous ways, and allow you to express yourself through such a tattoo, asking people to look closer. After seeing all these amazing tattoos, are you ready to get inked soon?

When it comes to stars and butterfly tattoo designs, the options are galore. Therefore, we cannot help mentioning some more ideas:

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What do butterfly and stars tattoos mean?

Butterfly and stars tattoos often represent freedom, happiness and hope. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, of emerging from one life stage or situation to another. For many cultures, the stars are a reminder of our place in the universe – that regardless how small we may feel, all our lives have an impact on the world, even if it may not be visible. These tattoos can also serve as a reminder to follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

How can I design a butterfly and stars tattoo?

When designing a butterfly and stars tattoo, you should consider the size and placement of the design. A small tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body, while large tattoos may need to be placed in more prominent areas. You can use different colors or patterns to make your design unique. Consider adding details like small hearts or glittery stars for a whimsical touch. You can also use the stars to create a more specific design, such as a constellation or zodiac symbol. Whatever you choose, your butterfly and stars tattoo will be beautiful and meaningful!

How much will a butterfly and stars tattoo cost?

The cost of a butterfly and stars tattoo can vary depending on the size, placement and complexity of the design. Small tattoos typically range from $50 to $150, while larger designs may cost up to $500 or more. Some tattoo artists also charge an hourly rate or require a minimum number of hours for their services. You should always shop around and talk to multiple tattoo artists before committing to any design. By doing this, you can make sure you are getting a quality tattoo at the best price for your budget.

What are some popular butterfly and stars tattoo designs?

Popular butterfly and stars tattoo designs usually incorporate the two motifs in an elaborate manner. Stars may be arranged in a shape, such as a sun or crescent moon, or made to create the outline of a butterfly. Some people also opt for more abstract designs that evokes feelings of freedom and joy. There are many options available; it all depends on the type of design that best represents your individual style and personality.

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