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101 Best Bumble Bee Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Bee Tattoo

Want to project your inner beauty through an amazing honey bee tattoo? Check out these unique tattoo designs.

Bumble Bee Tattoo
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Bumblebee or honey bees are small yet elegant insects believed to be nature’s flag bearers for teamwork and a structured lifestyle.

Honey Bee tattoos are gaining popularity day by day and many want to get a bee tattoo, making what a bee tattoo symbolize important. Bee tattoos, besides being pretty, has some amazing symbolism, and are great tattoo for the environmentally-conscious youth.

The bee symbolism of bees and Queen bees dates back to the early times of Egypt, where a bee was used as a symbol for royalty and had direct symbolism with the sun God Ra. A Bee tattoo stands for loyalty towards their hive, passion for their work and loyalty towards the Queen Bee. They live and grow as part of a community. Despite being a part of such a massive community, they manage to sustain themselves. Thus having a bee tattoo can mirror the inner powers of a human being and his wish to grow as a part of a community. Some people also believe bees symbolise sexuality and virility, indicating a person’s confidence in their sexuality.

In many cultures, beehives are also used as a symbol for defence and protection. On the other hand, a tattoo started as a ritual of partial sacrifice has grown accustomed to pop cultures and their uniqueness, so a bee tattoo is always a great option to embed in yourself.

Floral Bee Tattoo Design for Lighthearted People with Strong Personality

Floral Bee Tattoo Design for Lighthearted People with Strong Personality
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The design in this tattoo might seem overwhelming but depicts the whole bee culture in a very detailed but simple way. It represents the fundamental and typical way we generalise a bee and its daily routine of collecting nectar to turn it into honey.

The floral design adds a notion of the devotion of insects like honeybees towards nature and how they contribute to maintaining balance in nature. It tells an entire story of a single bee approaching a flower to gather its nectar and reflects a clear picture of perseverance in them. Though living in a hive, some bees often travel far to collect pollens and bring them back to the pack, these bees might never come back, but this doesn’t stop them from taking risks for their beehive.

A honey bee tattoo design like this would fit perfectly in your forearms and reflect the inner passion of the bearer. Tattoos and designs like this also allow one to make a statement about their nature, skills, and mannerisms. As bees are known for their tireless routined life, having a tattoo of such in your body attracts attention and, most of all looks incredible.

Adorable Bee Tattoo Design

Adorable Bee Tattoo Design
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Besides representing many cultures and the different emotions of many people, bees are also incredibly cute if looked at properly.

If you are a bubbly person with an outgoing nature, a small tattoo of a bee embedded in you is probably the best way to show off. This design will add a certain flavour to your character and a gentle notion of charm to your nature.

Tattoos associated with any animal or insect is already considered to be cheerful in today’s world. A nurturing person often chooses these options; a cute bee tattoo will shine in your surroundings.

The carefully chosen colours go perfectly in sync with the nature of the tattoo and have very minimalistic boldness to it. Either side of your arm will be a great place for the bee tattoo, a tiny version of this will also fit in just fine in your wrist and provide more power to your greetings.

Gothic Styled Bee Tattoo

Gothic Styled Bee Tattoo
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Bumblebee tattoo dates back to the early Egyptian days and is often linked with mysticism. In ancient times across all cultures, the honey bee was considered the sacred insect that acts as a bridge between the natural world and the underworld. A universal symbol of ethical virtues, such as persistence, sociability, purity, cleanliness, prudence and creativity.

This design is especially for those who have a tremendous interest in Gothic culture. A skull and a dagger is symbol for fearsome and their origin traces back to a dark history. Combining it with a bee in the top gives this a darker appearance and would stand out from other basic tattoos. Gothic people frequently use creatures like bumblebee, butterfly, and dragonfly as a totem to reflect on specific human emotions like abundance, cooperation, devotion, and love. This encourages many cultures to adopt them as one of their essential parts.

The design here shows a dagger going through a skull vertically with a chain shaped string loosely laid around the dagger. It does have a sinister tone to it, but adding a bee on top of the dagger is adds to the whole design and gives out a shadowy element to highlight the gothic feature.

If you want to uplift and show off your fearsome nature with a hint of mystery in your character, there is no better option than this. The black ink used in this tattoo brings out the gothic element too.

Fantasy Beehive Tattoo for Women

Fantasy Beehive Tattoo for Women
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Among many extraordinary bee tattoo designs, this one is surely high on symbolism. Traditionally designed for women, this is a clear depiction of a beehive with honey dripping out of it with few flowers lying around. It gives it a little bit of natural and feminine essence.

Maybe not the most realistic design but placed right over the breast, this beehive tattoo represents fertility in a woman. Honey in our society represents purity, and a hive represents a sense of belonging. Just like a woman provides motherly love and comfort to her family, a beehive does the same; it gives a sense of security to the bees, thus making this particular tattoo design perfect for middle-aged women and urban mothers.

Though a bit on the fantasy side, if you think you are a queen in your own story, then just like a queen bee, you must have your beehive, that too very close to your heart, that way you can show off your motherly nature in front of the entire world through the ink embedded in your skin.

And hey, more power to you for trying out bold ways to flaunt your feminine side.

Aesthetic Tattoo of a Honey Pot

Aesthetic Tattoo of a Honey Pot
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Honey Pot, also commonly used to refer to various other meanings, also mean something that holds something precious. Honey, as we like to call it, natures gold is also stored in such pots.

This tattoo here is a beautiful piece of art. While others focus more on a honey bee tattoo design, this concept art focuses more on the output produced by bees. An aesthetically rich picture with flowers around it and a queen bee hovering over it creates an image with a thousand words.

Though not a honeybee tattoo, this design represents the pure gold heart hidden in humans – a heart filled with love, affection, and wisdom. The honey here reflects itself in its purest form and is hidden deep inside. Getting something like this would be more than perfect for people with a heart of gold or a thirst for knowledge, as the tattoo indicates.

Legs or arms might be a great place to show off this tattoo. It can be a great option to add them to your list of tattoos now.

Bumble Bee Tattoo Designs for the Passionate

Bumble Bee Tattoo Designs for the Passionate
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If you enjoy consistency, perseverance, and hard work, a honey bee must be very inspiring, and you are probably thinking of getting a honeybee tattoo. Well, there will be millions of options claiming to be the best bee tattoo design. Still, a simple bumblebee tattoo with minimalistic design and the most efficient depiction of a bee and flower would be perfect for someone as passionate as you.

This tattoo design is just that, with a single bee collecting nectar from flowers. A bee is calmly doing his job without interfering with any of the other nature’s elements. This might represent hard work, discipline and focus or maybe much more. Depending on how one carries, tattoos tend to change their meanings.

The use of a single bee and flower in this tattoo design also resembles a career, where a particular someone has to do the same job every day, over and over, but for them, their job becomes a flower that they enjoy going back to every day. So if you are passionate about life and show off your focus, this tattoo design will be your best choice.

An Elegant Queen Bee Tattoo

An Elegant Queen Bee Tattoo
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The Queen bee can lay about 2,000-6,000 eggs in a single day. It is the most used symbol for fertility. For the masses, a Queen bee represents the hidden power that we all possess. Every hive has only one Queen bee that takes charge of the whole hive, and signs of her being worshipped are evident in multiple cultures, including the Mediterranean culture. They provide direction, leadership and obviously is responsible for their growth as a community.

The Queen bee tattoo design here, inked in black, amplifies the elegance of the tattoo and easily stands out among the rest. It is no less than a beautiful piece of art, and to bear it in yourself is nothing less than wearing a crown and walking down the streets with your head held high among the masses.

The white dots carefully inked here makes the tattoo glow even brighter. Among all the other available designs for a Queen bee tattoo, this one is far more detailed and more graceful yet very simple.

A queen bee tattoo can add a feminist value to your tattoo as well. It would fit perfectly on your chest or back.

Cartoon Honeycomb Tattoo for lighthearted people

Cartoon Honeycomb Tattoo for lighthearted people
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Many people prefer cartoon designs for their Tattoos, and that’s where this design of a honeycomb comes in.

The beehive typically uses a honeycomb to gather honey after collecting the respective nectar from the respective flower. Just as honeycombs represent a safe shelter for the beehive, it represents a safe corner or a comfort zone for humans. For those who continue their hard work for an entire day, their home becomes their honeycomb, where they can finally seek comfort after collecting nectar from various flowers.

This tattoo is cute and deep, with a single honeybee sitting on the top of the honeycomb dripping honey. Though they reflect a perfect image, the mesmerising colours of blue and yellow are also very soothing for the eyes.

Once again, this honeycomb tattoo is also quite simple in design to not overwhelm anyone, be it the bearer or someone who looks at it with an aww. Thus, making this honeycomb tattoo the best choice if someone finally decides to get a honeycomb tattoo. There is a little bit of retro cyberpunkish feel to this tattoo as well.

Ultra-Detailed Beehive Tattoo

Ultra-Detailed Beehive Tattoo
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Since ancient days, insects are associated with fast pace and efficient workflow. Though it may seem sweet, the idea that such tiny insects achieve more efficiency in their lives than many of us in our lifetime is not that sweet because these tiny bees represent a critical message of communal growth. From a distance, they might look cute in tattoos and totems, but the ideas they work with is very much credible.

So, in this ultra-realistic design of an entire beehive with their honeycomb, the artist paints an accurate, detailed description of the whole image through their breathtaking art. Imagine seeing an actual beehive working hard, going from flower to flower and gathering the honey in their honeycomb. This realistic portrayal of the whole thing carefully reflected the entire process and turned it into a relatively tiny image compared to the natural chaos.

Ideas like these, though very hard to find, are associated with our own human culture. We represent our society, and maybe being as efficient as the bees will improve us in the long run. Hence, a tattoo like this is a must for all bee lovers and anyone remotely associated with the whole idea.

Exquisite Honey Bee Tattoo

Exquisite Honey Bee Tattoo
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A honey bee is not only a key element in natures game or not just an insect used to symbolize various emotions or to create honey and gather them for our consumption. A bee in itself is a beautiful creature. They buzz around at their own pace and have their devotions and duties to fulfil. We have often exploited their hard work for our gains, but at times we must appreciate its beauty because no matter how much they buzz, for a person, they are a gift from nature.

Here, the tattoo artist paints a beautiful picture of a honey bee to point to the most important part of a honeybee, its charm. Using variant colours that compliment each other at a far higher level to create such a beautiful tattoo is applaudable. The picture here is pretty much perfect, and it effortlessly helps the simple concept to represent the warmth of the image.

To have one as a tattoo will be tremendous and, if appropriately carried, would add character to the bearer’s nature.

So, with all that sorted, here are a few questions that tattoo enthusiasts like you often have before finally getting inked, like the cost of getting a bumblebee tattoo.

Well, the cost depends on a lot of pointers such as:

  • What does the tattoo might represent in today’s culture
  • Cartoon bumblebee tattoos often cost more due to the colours used
  • The area where you choose to get the bee tattoo

Here are some other suggestions you might want to check out:

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog post about bee tattoo ideas.

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