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101 Best Bts Love Yourself Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Bts Love Yourself Tattoo

Looking for your next Bangtan tattoo inspiration? Here we have for you the best BTS Love Yourself tattoo designs that might be just what you need!

Bts Love Yourself Tattoo
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BTS is a band that taught people nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.

Their story of becoming champions from underdogs inspired numerous people worldwide. They taught people to fight for their dreams and never to give up.

In doing so, they earned their loyal global fanbase Army. Another major thing they taught their fans is that it is not always easy, but at some point, you need to accept yourself, forgive yourself and learn to love yourself. This motto even inspired their Love Yourself album anthology. Fortunately, this message managed to reverberate through Army, as in this day and age, a lot of people struggle with accepting and loving themselves as they are.

Seeing their idols not only going through the same things but also trying to actively overcome them to reach out and impact the world positively touched the hearts of many admirers. As such, BTS love yourself, tattooing has become almost a global phenomenon, much like the Bangtan Boys, since the members are avid tattoo enthusiasts. Especially in the cases of Jungkook and Jimin with their multiple tattoos. The members also recently got their permanent ‘7’ friendship tattoos aweing the whole fandom. The admirers try a lot of variations, customizations, and lyrics people experiment with when it comes to BTS love yourself tattoos, so chances are you will get your pick here. Browse through the whole article to find your best match among these.

The Beautiful Love Yourself: Answer Album Tattoo

The Beautiful Love Yourself
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The theme of their Love Yourself campaign was to spread the message that people need to accept and love themselves as they are at some point. Your life can only take a true positive turn when you are at peace with yourself.

This album perfectly carries that message with its logo. So, if you are someone who resonates with this message or needs a gentle reminder to love yourself a little more every day, this BTS Love Yourself tattoo can be a perfect match for you.

The Simple And Cool Music Note DNA Tattoo

The Simple And Cool Music Note DNA Tattoo
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The song DNA is not only a cool and upbeat song but, like all BTS songs, carries a deep message of love. This tells the story of two completely different falling in love in a way that feels fated.

If you are someone who feels like you have found your soulmate in life, whether it is your romantic partner, a friend, or even yourself, then this can be the tattoo for you. Or people who love this song and are just looking for something simple yet cool can also give this one a try, as this can be an amazing way to show your appreciation for BTS.

The Mystical Moonchild X Serendipity Tattoo

The Mystical Moonchild X Serendipity Tattoo
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RM’s Moonchild is a song that sends a direct message to all the broken people that it is okay to break down sometimes, as long as you console yourself and pick yourself back up at the end of the day. It says that even after everything, you need to learn to love yourself and keep fighting. Whereas Serendipity is a song that again carries the theme of a fated love just short of acceptance.

Both these songs carry the essence of BTS’s Love Yourself campaign through different lenses, and in this tattoo, it has been portrayed amazingly by merging the surrealistic scene from the Moonchild music video with the Serendipity written in a simple script. If you are someone who strongly relates to the lyrics of these songs wholeheartedly, you can show your love for the members with this tattoo. The best part is you can improve it by customizing it with your own ideas, so book your appointment now.

The Aesthetic Whalein 52 Tattoo

The Aesthetic Whalein 52 Tattoo
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True to BTS’s deep lyrical content style, this beautiful song speaks about loneliness and depression and how it can make you feel like you are all alone, even in a room full of people, and that no matter how much you shout, your words can not reach anyone.

This song is especially special because it sends a message that no matter how famous or how big a celebrity is, they can also go through the same thing. The song not only managed to touch the hearts of numerous fans and helped them connect with their idols more deeply. This is why a lot of fans looking for a meaningful tattoo to show their appreciation for BTS members go for a BTS love yourself tattoo like this. If you are someone who is looking for the same thing with a simple and cute design, you can pick this Love Yourself tattoo BTS for yourself.

The Simplistic BTS Zero O’Clock Tattoo

The Simplistic BTS Zero O'Clock Tattoo
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As we said before, BTS take their jobs very seriously and take extra care to analyze what kind of message they are trying to send to the world. This song is an ideal example of that. Like a lot of their songs, it also speaks about how some days it feels that you are lagging behind, stuck in a loop while the whole world is rushing ahead at full speed.

It is very easy to feel distraught and lonely in those moments, but it is important to remember that in the end, the long day will be over at zero o’clock and a new day will arrive. Just like the day, a new opportunity for you will arrive as well at the end of a long struggle and you just need to hold on for that. If you think you are someone who can associate yourself with the message of this song, you can get a 00:00 tattoo much like this one.

The Elegant BTS Magic Shop Tattoo

The Elegant BTS Magic Shop Tattoo
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Magic Shop is one of their songs that was specifically made for the Army. It talks about how it is only the Army that makes it possible for them to hold on a little tighter and that just like the Armies have been there for them, they have opened a little magic shop in their hearts where the fans can go and find comfort on days when they want to disappear from the earth.

As usual, this gratitude and heartfelt outreach touched the fans’ hearts and made them feel recognized and comforted for that shared space called the magic shop. This tattoo depicts that feeling perfectly with its ticket-like structure and a key that says entrance ticket to the Magic Shop for one Army. If you have always found strength and comfort in BTS’s heartfelt words and videos, this can be your sign to show your appreciation for them with this BTS Love Yourself Tattoo.

The Vibrant and Cute Mikrokosmos Tattoo

The Vibrant and Cute Mikrokosmos Tattoo
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Mikrokosmos is another song that was dedicated to Army, and it speaks about how like blinking stars in the night, each person carries their own little world, their light, their star within themselves. So, maybe the night looks so beautiful because we can see those little stars blinking back at each other.

It guides us to view the beauty in the darkness, and that makes the days that feel like black nights so much more bearable. This beautiful yet cute and vibrant tattoo carries that essence with its official purple color and little stars and specks of light spread inside and around a little globe, that is, the Mikrokosmos. This can be your best fit if a cute yet meaningful tattoo is what you are looking for.

The Rainbow Epiphany Tattoo

The Rainbow Epiphany Tattoo
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Epiphany’s lyrics speak about accepting one’s true self and finally learning to love oneself. A true connection can not be made with anyone unless you can love and respect yourself first.

These lyrics go right along with their Love Yourself campaign, and the rainbow letters just make it a lot more meaningful. A lot of people, whether they are from the LGBTQIA+ community or not, spend a major portion of their lives putting a mask on and trying to fit in with societal norms until they realize that they need to accept themselves as they are, and only then can they be truly happy. If you have struggled to fit in, this can be your sign to get this Epiphany Love Yourself BTS tattoo.

The Jungkook X Jimin Euphoria Tattoo

The Jungkook X Jimin Euphoria Tattoo
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Euphoria is another one of their songs based on love and freedom. This beautiful tattoo depicts a scene from its music video with Jungkook and Jimin playing around.

If you are looking for aesthetic friendship BTS tattoos or Jungkook tattoos, you can go for something like this.

The Meaningful 7 X Stay Alive Tattoo

The Meaningful 7 X Stay Alive Tattoo
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This is another of their lyrical and musical masterpieces produced by Suga and sung by Jungkook. It speaks about finding hope in the middle of despair and gives hope to the Army that it can happen to them as well if they just choose to live on in their darkest moments. Going right along with their motto of giving hope and positivity to the world, this song goes a long way to reach the hearts of Armies. If you are one of them, you can go for this one.

Tattoos can be the best way to show your appreciation for your favorite artist as long as you remember a few things. Those are to choose what you want firsthand and communicate with your artist what you really want. This will save a huge load of time and will prevent causing unnecessary confusion between you two. So choose your pick and book your appointment today. However, if you are still a little confused, here are some more suggestions for you:

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What does the BTS “Love Yourself” tattoo mean?

The BTS “Love Yourself” tattoo is a meaningful expression of the members’ personal beliefs and values. The phrase is derived from their 2017 album, Love Yourself: Her, which focused on themes of self-acceptance and self-love. Each member has chosen to express this message through tattoos in different ways—ranging from words to symbols. The tattoos are visual reminders to always love oneself, even in the face of adversity or self-doubt. They also serve as a reminder to prioritize inner growth and healing before seeking approval from others. For BTS members, the “Love Yourself” tattoo represents a commitment to their own personal journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

How much does the BTS Love Yourself tattoo cost?

The cost of a BTS “Love Yourself” tattoo will depend on the complexity and size of the design. Generally speaking, most professional tattoos range from $50 to $500. It’s important to note that while many fans are eager to get a BTS tattoo, it is not recommended to rush into getting one without researching your artist, considering the design and placement of your tattoo, or discussing any potential risks with a medical professional. The cost of a BTS “Love Yourself” tattoo is also just one consideration when making this important decision. Ultimately, it’s about taking the time to ensure that you make an informed decision for yourself and your body.

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