Best British Fashion Brands

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 When you’re looking for clothing you can be bombarded with endless amounts of fashion brands. I know what many of you are thinking, you can’t mention the best British brands without talking about the likes of Burberry, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen, so we thought we’d give our opinion on them at least!

Shore Projects

The great thing about having some of the most modern and young brands on the site is that you can always rely on them being stylish, and after all, that’s what we’re here for right? Shore Projects is a modern watch brand that prides itself in being born from the love of the great British seaside.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, how can you possibly build a watch brand from the love of the seaside? Well, a group of four friends, who love the British seaside, all noticed one day that none of them were wearing a watch, and so Shore Projects was born.

Shore Projects is a brand that knows how to design watches for the young and trendy among us. Taking classic design and techniques they have reworked the classic and brought them into the 21st century, creating simplistic and modern designs.

Shore Projects Abersoch Mesh Watch | Shore Projects Flamouth Mesh Watch | Shore Projects Portland White DIal Watch


You can’t talk about the best British brands without mentioning Clarks. This is a brand that many of us can relate to, with our mums dragging us to the local Clarks shop a week before the summer holidays were up and getting your new school shoes for the year.

However, what many of us seem to forget is that Clarks paved the way for some of the most classic shoes on the planet. The desert boot is a style that we all know and love, and Clarks were the first to bring them to Britain in the late 1940’s.

Popularised by the mods and various celebrities in the 80s and 90s the desert boot went from strength to strength, and we now consider it to be one of the classics.

Clarks Originals Desert Boots Black | Clarks Originals Wallabee Brown | Clarks Originals Desert Boots Sand


Starting out in the 1970’s Bellfield has gone from a small clothing company to a major player in the menswear world.

This is a brand that goes above and beyond when designing their clothes, travelling across the globe to draw inspiration, and you can clearly see that when looking at their pieces. Known for their expertise in outerwear, it has been a go-to brand for many for a long time.

Mixing classic styles with new and modern colours and textures make for an exciting number for this season.

Bellfield Nimrod Fishtail Parka | Bellfield Bradstone Jumper | Bellfield Horrow Wind Breaker Jacket


Probably one of the most famous designers to come out of the UK, Burberry has rebuilt its image from the ground up with the appointment of its head designer Christopher Bailey. A few years ago if someone said Burberry to you you’d instantly think of chavs wearing the fake Burberry checkered caps and tracksuits, which damaged the brand’s image and target market at the time.

In the last five years Burberry has gone from strength to even bigger strength with it now being one of the most profitable brands in the world. They have spent time and effort into revamping their image to create one of the most sought after brands in the world. They discover the newest British musical talent to play at their shows and get some of the worlds most famous models to strut down the catwalk every season.

With this new image comes a new price point which, sadly, not many of us can afford, but that doesn’t stop us having a look from time to time. With the most relevant and hottest celebrities and industry insiders allowed to sit front row of the shows it’s no wonder why we love this brand so much. Keeping their classic tailoring and brand aesthetic core to the designs is what people love.

Best British Fashion Brands

Paul Smith

Probably one of my favourite designers out there, and extra points for being home grown, Paul Smith has nailed the casual and cool vibe that I love. With a recent purchase of a pair of trainers from him I instantly fell in love and will definitely be going back for more. The odd thing with Paul Smith is that he never planned on being a designer at all, what he really wanted to be was a racing cyclist, but unfortunately an injury to his knee stopped that.

I guess you could say that every cloud has a silver lining, and that’s no truer then the case of Paul Smith. The friends he met in hospital whilst being injured were the key element in him becoming a designer after they took him to the pub where the art students of his native Nottingham went for a drink. He realised he wanted to be a part of this world. Within two years Paul was managing a boutique in Nottingham and with the help of his the girlfriend (now wife) opened up a small shop. In 1976 Paul showcased his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label.

He has gone onto to be one of the best british fashion brands in the world with a very sought after show ticket every LCM. We love Paul’s Britishness and his value for menswear – his cutting edge, modern yet classic designs continue to inspire fashion followers alike across the world, and we simply love him.

Best British Fashion Brands

And On That Note

Whether you want a pair of classic desert boots from Clarks, a minimal and modern watch from Shore Projects or you want to go all out and invest in a Burberry coat, you can still love the best of British.

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