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101 Best Brick Wall Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Brick Wall Tattoo

A brick wall tattoo redesigns your body with a distinctive pattern, giving you a compelling appearance. There are many different forms of brick wall tattoos.

Brick Wall Tattoo
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Brick wall tattoos are often regarded as a symbol of strength and incarnation.

Brick wall design tattoos have become quite popular among the youth. These brick wall tattoos can be simply made with a mixture of common designs or blended with dark humor that is available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and shades.

Brick wall design tattoos enrich your look by adding a tinge of an incredibly unique style. Wall tattoos are completely gender neutral and can be inked on any part of your body. Over the past few years, brick wall tattoo designs have expanded and developed cult value. Members of a certain group getting the same tattoo design of a brick wall tattoo as a group symbol were considered to be an age-old custom, demonstrating earthly beauty.

Brick Wall-Colored Tattoo

Brick Wall-Colored Tattoo
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This form of brick wall tattoo is located on the lower right side of your leg. A colorful universe along with white glitter has been drawn inside the brick wall tattoo.

Twenty bricks are being tattooed as the outer portion of the colorful galaxy. Only the inner portion of this form of brick wall design is colored with a combination of orange, pink, purple, and dark blue, while the bricks are only outlined in black ink.

It is a very simple and plain wall tattoo with no extra designs except for the galaxy, which gives you a neat and tidy look. The tattoo is done in a slightly diagonal manner. This tattoo design probably implies a sign of faith in the universe and that things will manifest in divine order. People related to spirituality should definitely go for this idea of a brick wall tattoo.

Face Brick Wall Tattoo

Face Brick Wall Tattoo
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A female’s face has been drawn with colored inks on the brick wall tattoo. Dark brown and red brick tattoos have been drawn on the face of the lady.

Every little detail of the tattoo, such as the highlighted hair, orangish eye color, pink lips, golden earrings, and flower necklace, has been created delicately and carefully. This form of brick wall tattoo has given rise to a whole new collection of ideas for tattoo lovers.

Such brick wall tattoos represent strength and are, therefore, mostly chosen by women of any age. The shades of various different colors have significantly added an extremely glamorous outlook. This form of brick wall tattoo has promoted different new ideas of fashion tattoo designs. It is quite popular among women as it denotes that she is a strong woman who does not break down easily.

Plain Brick Wall Tattoo

Plain Brick Wall Tattoo
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This is the most popular variety of brick wall tattoos. The position of this plain brick wall tattoo is right on the stomach, above the navel.

The brick walls do not involve any additional design. Such conventional designs were quite famous during the traditional period as these traditional designs represent strength and a sense of unity as their group symbol.

This plain brick wall segment tattoo might be the simplest form of wall tattoo but grants you an extremely cool look. It gives you the option of changing it into a more complex brick wall tattoo in case you don’t like this plain brick wall design. Wall tattoos are usually done on the upper arm or forearm, but this plain brick wall tattoo is uniquely positioned in the middle of the stomach. If you are looking for simple tattoos, this plain brick wall design is the perfect tattoo idea for you!

Rats In The Brick Wall Tattoo

Rats In The Brick Wall Tattoo
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This one is a very unusual kind of brick wall design tattooed on the thigh. It is partially a colored tattoo, as can be seen in the images of the rats drawn on the wall tattoo.

The brick wall tattoo is displaying a plain brick wall tattoo out of which three rats are coming out. The eyes and tails of these rats are colored yellow and red, respectively.

There is no particular symbol that this “rats in the brick wall” tattoo signifies. Although, it does provide a very unusual yet unique effect. It does not represent strength like the conventional designs, but it sure does give off a satanic vibe. In all, this tattoo idea is much cooler than the other traditional designs.

Berlin Brick Wall Tattoo

Berlin Brick Wall Tattoo
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The wall tattoo in the image attached above shows the face of a German captain among the bricks. It reminds us of the ancient history of wars.

The style of this brick wall design involves dark humor and is a symbol of toughness. The tattoo is highly associated with cult values.

A portion of the Berlin walls has been portrayed through this brick wall design. The entire wall tattoo has been inked in black and brownish shades. “No face, no case” is what this Berlin brick wall tattoo is trying to depict. This has to be one of the dopest brick wall tattoos ever.

Brick Wall Chest Tattoo

Brick Wall Chest Tattoo
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Here, the brick wall tattoo is positioned on the chest. The size of the tattoo is neither massive nor too small.

This is a plain black inked tattoo with four pairs of eyes in the middle of the brick walls. The shade of black is comparatively darker in the middle where the eyes are drawn.

A deep meaning that this brick wall tattoo holds is protection from the dark. It implies one’s fight against fear in the dark by staying strong alone. It is an extraordinarily different brick wall design. Such chest tattoos are mostly seen on men, giving them an attractive look.

TC1 Brick Wall

TC1 Brick Wall
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‘TC1’ brick wall tattoo inked on the forearm of the famous Belgian footballer, Thibaut Courtois. He got this tattoo done in order to celebrate his amazing performance in the Champions league.

‘TC1’ with a trophy of 2022 is tattooed simply on a plain brick wall. The background of brick walls is not shaded, with no complex designs.

Many football fans have gotten inspired by Thibaut Courtois and got a ‘TC1’ tattoo done. However, this form of brick wall tattoo is not a symbol of strength. It symbolizes “win” or “winner”. Tattoo lovers who are also football fans at the same time, this tattoo style will be perfect for you!

Black Bear Wall Tattoo

Black Bear Wall Tattoo
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The brick wall tattoo in this image consists of a black bear with four alphabets “FCUB” written on it. The bricks are done in a blackish shade.

A black bear tattoo traditionally is considered to be a symbol of strength, solitude, courage, and transformation. It is related to healing and has a strong connection to Native American folklore.

The bear has been drawn entirely in pitch-black ink. Shaded brick walls are shaded in black with a tinge of white in them. The tattoo is positioned on the back side of the lower leg, with letters written in graffiti style. Such tattoo ideas are highly well-liked among young men.

Pink Floyd Brick Wall Tattoo

Pink Floyd Brick Wall Tattoo
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The logo of the well-known rock band Pink Floyd has been depicted in this style of brick wall tattoo. A white triangle is outlined on a black background with a rainbow coming into it from the right and a thin line on the left.

This tattoo consists only of the logo of Pink Floyd among the bricks on the wall tattoo. It is a shady effect, lightly done.

This emblem is one of the most renowned music badges of all time. It is not only beautifully executed, but it also represents the live concerts of this rock band, Pink Floyd, as well as their work through the lightning in the logo. This type of brick wall design is popularly found among music lovers. If you are into the rock genre and a fan of Pink Floyd, this tattoo design will perfectly suit you.

Covered Forearm Brick Wall Tattoo

Covered Forearm Brick Wall Tattoo
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Bricks have covered up the entire forearm. A face of a girl child has been drawn on the brick wall.

A reddish tinge has been added to the pitch-black shaded bricks on the wall tattoo. The girl’s face has been beautifully done with perfect shadowing of black ink.

Brick wall tattoos are said to represent the walls of a prison. Therefore, it was used as a form of punishment in old age as it meant putting a person behind bars. Just like every other brick wall tattoo, this brick wall design also symbolizes honor and strength. If you are looking for something different and extraordinary, then getting your forearm tattooed with this brick wall design might be the perfect choice for you.

Varieties of brick wall tattoos are suggested below.

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What is a brick wall tattoo?

A brick wall tattoo is a style of body art that features an image of a brick wall inked onto the skin. The tattoo usually contains some sort of design or message, often related to life experience or history. These tattoos can be very meaningful and represent motivation, strength, and resilience when faced with obstacles in life. They are also seen as a way to remember where one has come from and the struggles that have been faced in order to reach a certain point. Brick wall tattoos are often seen as an empowering symbol of overcoming adversity and pushing through barriers. The tattoo can also serve as a reminder to stay strong and never give up on what matters most. Overall, brick wall tattoos are meaningful and powerful symbols of triumph and perseverance.

How much does a brick wall tattoo cost?

The price of a brick wall tattoo depends on a number of factors including the size and complexity of the design, as well as the location. Generally speaking, most tattoos can range between $50-150 depending on these factors. However, prices may vary from artist to artist and shop to shop. It’s best to do some research before committing to any particular design or artist. Additionally, make sure to ask about any additional costs associated with the tattoo such as touch ups or removal fees if necessary.

Are brick wall tattoos painful?

Getting a brick wall tattoo can be painful depending on the area of the body and the size of the design. Generally, tattoos in more sensitive areas such as the ribs or neck can be more uncomfortable. However, many people find that their pain tolerance improves with each additional session. Additionally, some tattoo shops may offer numbing creams to reduce discomfort. Ultimately, it is important to discuss any concerns with the artist prior to the session in order to ensure a comfortable experience for both parties.

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