10 Best Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Breast Cancer Tattoos

Looking for a meaningful tattoo that expresses your connection with cancer or a survivor? Here are some Breast Cancer Ribbon tattoo ideas for you to check out.

Breast Cancer Tattoo
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A breast cancer ribbon is a symbol for breast cancer used all around the world.

The breast cancer ribbon raises awareness about the disease, tries to build up support for funding research about the disease and also tries to bring women who suffer from it together. The breast cancer ribbon is also used to bring people who are close to cancer survivors or have lost a loved one to breast cancer together.

Cancer survivors use ribbons to portray their relationship with the fatal and deadly disease. During cancer awareness week, people wear one ribbon or multiple coloured ribbons to symbolize their history with such a difficult illness.

A ribbon is not just used for showing support towards breast cancer. Different types of cancer illnesses are symbolized by different colours of ribbons. For example, brain cancer ribbon is grey in colour. A lavender ribbon is used to show support for all types of cancer.

A pink ribbon is used to show support or solidarity towards patients or survivors of breast cancer. Many people get a pink ribbon as a tattoo to show their support and history with breast cancer. In addition to that, some women also get a tattoo on their chest after their breast cancer-related surgery. These surgeries can often leave scars on the skin and a tattoo on top of that scarred skin can help hide it. This breast cancer tattoo hides the scars and also makes the women feel stronger that they came out as victors after a difficult and draining battle with such an illness.

Simple And Minimal Breast Cancer Tattoos

Simple And Minimal Breast Cancer Tattoos
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The most popular and classic way to get cancer ribbon tattoos is to get a small and simple tattoo. The ribbon tattoo is extremely eloquent and can speak a volume of words even if it is tiny in size. Since the ribbon is a universal sign for cancer, most people will immediately understand the implications of such an important symbol.

A ribbon is also a symbol of grace, elegance, unity and strength. This is why many people also get breast cancer ribbon tattoo to raise breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Red Tattoo
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If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, then you can forever immortalize them by getting a pink breast cancer ribbon tattoo on your wrist or your bicep. The minimal style will definitely stand out. As seen in the picture, you can also add a heavy dark coloured contouring to the ribbon in order to make the pink colour stand out even more.

Elaborate Ideas For Breast Cancer Tattoos

Elaborate Ideas For Breast Cancer Tattoos
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A lot of people are not satisfied with small, traditional style of tattoos and look for more elaborate tattoos that covers up a wide expanse of area on your arm, chest, back or shoulder. While most popular breast cancer ribbon tattoo designs are small and minimal, you can also easily get a huge, elaborate breast cancer tattoo. You just have to ask your tattoo artist to create a beautiful design that will incorporate the pink ribbon into your larger design.

As seen in the picture, the monochromatic black coloured roses look incredibly beautiful on the entire bicep starting from the shoulder. The tattoo artist has expertly added the pink ribbon which stands out through the flowers. The pop of colour in the pink ribbon sets it apart from the traditional roses leading to a wonderful effect. However, the price of such an elaborate tattoo might not be very cheap. A half sleeve detailed, complex tattoo can be done usually at the price of $500-$1500.

If you have beaten breast cancer and want to show that you have emerged as a victor, then you can get this complex and detailed breast cancer tattoo.

If you are looking for more tattoos to add to your breast cancer ribbon tattoo, check out these beautiful Carnation tattoo designs.

Breast Cancer Tattoos With The Names of Loved Ones

Breast Cancer Tattoos With The Names of Loved Ones
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There are cancer survivors all around us. However, there are also near and dear loved ones whom we have lost to the deadly illness. We often stand by them the entire time watching them suffer and feel an excruciating amount of pain. It is natural to want to get a cancer tattoo on your body after their passing in order to immortalize them forever. Adding your loved one’s name to your cancer ribbon tattoo is also a beautiful way to remember them for the rest of your life and carry their presence, spirit and aura with you.

As seen in this picture, you can opt for a big, elaborate ribbon tattoo with your loved one’s name in cursive font. This type of tattoo is also called patchwork tattoo where different designs are patched together to cover up the entire arm sleeve.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
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You can also opt for a simpler tattoo design like this picture where the name of your loved one is intertwined with the pink cancer ribbon tattoo. This will also create a visual illusion of sorts and tell people what that person meant to you or how you lost them to a battle with cancer. Adding someone’s name to the pink cancer ribbon tattoo is a beautiful and heartfelt way of paying tribute to them.

Lovely Ideas Of Remembering Someone Through Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Lovely Ideas Of Remembering Someone Through Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
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Any cancer tattoo is always deeply personal and meaningful. They represent courage, hope and strength through art. It is also used to pay tribute to someone who is a survivor in the fight with cancer or has lost their life because of it.

If you want your tattoo to be meaningful and to represent that personal fight, then you can also add the name of the person or your relation with them. This is also a wonderful way to pay tribute to them and represent the excessive strength and courage they have shown every step of the journey.

This tattoo will also be a wonderful way of raising awareness about the illness and showing your support and solidarity towards its patients.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo For Fierce Survivors

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo For Fierce Survivors
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Breast cancer tattoos are quite popular among women who have survived the ordeal. Many people often get tattoos after they have gone through a difficult time and have emerged victorious. The meaningful life experience comes with many lessons that they will carry with them forever. In order to remember those experiences and celebrate the joy but also lament the pain and sadness, people like to get relevant tattoos made on their body.

Survivor Breast Cancer Tattoo
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Similarly, breast cancer survivors also get different types of tattoos to show that they have made it through the journey and are ready to start their life afresh. As seen in the pictures, a simple pink ribbon with the words ‘survivor’ etched on to it would also be a perfect choice for survivors. Such tattoos can be made on the area near the heart or back and sends a lovely message of hope and courage to all.

Delicate Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs With Butterfly Motif

Delicate Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs With Butterfly Motif
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A lot of women love to get butterfly tattoos with their dainty wings. It can be monochromatic or have colourful ink and they normally mean a lot for the wearer apart from looking exceptionally cute and pretty. Butterflies are associated with femininity, grace and endurance. They also symbolize hope for change and moving forward in life because of their unique life cycle.

Therefore, many women attach the pink ribbon tattoo along with a beautiful butterfly who is spreading its wings. For survivors, the butterfly also signifies freedom from a deadly illness and independence from a life in the hospital. This means that they could also spread their wings and shape the course of their life the way they want to by putting their painful past behind them.

If you are looking for some amazing more amazing butterfly tattoo designs, then check out these wonderful 3D butterfly tattoos.

Ideas For Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos With Dates

Ideas For Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos With Dates
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Since cancer is an arduous and strenuous battle, many people like to remember the day they beat it and celebrate it every year. For them, it is a milestone of a remarkable achievement. It also reminds them that they went through a gruelling time but have come out of it stronger. It serves as an inspiration.

On the other hand, for many people, some dates can be full of sadness as well. The mortality rate of breast cancer is quite high and many people lose their loved ones-mothers, sisters, aunts or best friends-to the illness over the years. Subsequently, if you want to remember the day you or someone close to you beat breast cancer, you can get a pink ribbon tattoo with the amazing date etched on to the ribbon.

You can also add the sad day that your loved one departed on to the ribbon to forever keep them in your heart.

Unique Ideas For Hiding Scars With Breast Cancer Tattoos

Unique Ideas For Hiding Scars With Breast Cancer Tattoos
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Many survivors of breast cancer search for a tattoo that will hide the scars they have on their body after the breast cancer surgery. These surgeries usually range from a mastectomy where the entire breast is removed for stopping the spread of the disease to breast reconstruction surgery. While many women opt for further surgeries, some women prefer not to go on the operation table again. However, the scars can be quite painful and remind them of a very difficult time of their life.

Therefore, many tattoo artists have come up with an amazing method of hiding those scars through a unique and distinct breast tattoo. A proficient tattoo artist can expertly draw the lines over the scars and make beautiful mastectomy tattoos.

If you do not want to hide your scar but want to emphasize it even more, you just have to ask your tattoo artist for a design accordingly. There are also wonderful tattoo designs which do not hide the scar but celebrates it by drawing lovely floral patterns around it as seen in the picture. The floral features are elevating the beauty of the tattoo showing that we can create lovely art even from the most difficult experiences in our life. These tattoos symbolize hope, resilience and courage.

Inspirational Breast Cancer Tattoo Design

Inspirational Breast Cancer Tattoo Design
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Each and every story of a breast cancer survivor is immensely inspirational. After all, the patients of breast cancer do not just have to go through a difficult time physically but mentally as well. There are several repercussions to such an illness and many patients lose all their hope and courage that they need. Therefore, once they recover from the illness, they like to pay a tribute to their intense strength and stamina.

As seen in the picture, you can also add motivational words or phrases to your pink ribbon tattoo to show the world your inner fighting spirit. It will also make people curious about the significance of the tattoo and they will ask you more about it. This way you can raise awareness and educate other women about how to look out for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. After all, many women are still not aware of such an illness and do not know how to realize the early warnings.

Tiny Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Design For Your Fingers

Tiny Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Design For Your Fingers
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Another beautiful way of showing your love for someone who has suffered from breast cancer or for showing your own battle is to get a tiny tattoo on your finger. Although it is not a very common or conventional design, many people nowadays opt for this tiny tattoo on their finger.

These tattoos look extremely delicate and beautiful. You can also add a butterfly or its wings to further enhance the beauty of the tattoo. A tiny tattoo on a finger is not a very common design so it will also be perfect for people who want something unique and distinct from the rest. This design is also extremely subtle without being too prominent. So if you do not want a huge tattoo but want to keep someone in your heart and memory forever, this is the best way to do so. The pop of coloured ink in the pink ribbon will look beautiful. You can also add a heart symbol to add more meanings and features to your small tattoo. These tiny tattoos with the extra colour are quite cute as well.

A breast cancer ribbon tattoo sends out an important and significant visual message. Many people who see the tattoo will want to know the story behind the particular tattoo. This way, you can help spread awareness about the disease and encourage people to enlighten themselves about it. Breast cancer tattoos also encourage people to donate or contribute money towards researching the illness and its possible cure. Breast cancer tattoos are a symbol which allows people to show solidarity and bond over their personal fight. People who have lost loved ones or have gone through the torturous process can easily find someone else who has gone through the same difficult battle. This way, we feel less alone and can actually share our experience and feelings with other people who will relate with it. Therefore, if you are looking at breast cancer tattoos and want one, go ahead and find a design that suits you best.

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