10 Best Boxing Gloves Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Looking for the perfect boxing gloves tattoo to unleash the warrior within you? Here are the 10 best-curated tattoo ideas which will satisfy your warrior soul.

Boxing Gloves Tattoo
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A boxing glove denotes valour, toughness, and endurance – a perfect representation of the competitive sport.

Boxing gloves tattoo design can signify many diverse symbols that might often look intimidating, but deep down will always look and carry a deeper significance. Boxing gloves tattoos are a sign of pushing your limits, standing strong and getting up when you have been almost knocked out.

No wonder, traditional boxing gloves tattoo is one of a kind and special for both sportspersons and the masses.

The origin of boxing dates back from the 3rd Millennium BCE from the Sumerian relief carvings as well as Greek civilization. This might add an element of classical tradition to the tattoos and set you apart to look great. Many boxing tattoos are inspired by ancient Greco-Roman lore, coupled with the modern boxing culture.

In the year 2021, boxing gloves tattoos have many new categories like chest boxing gloves tattoo, tricep boxing glove tattoos, tattoos with un-related elements like a magnetic compass, and what not! These will indeed add a different layer of meaning to your tattoo.

Men and women in 2021 work a lot and may not get too much time to get into sports. However, even though they get less time, their love towards some specific set of tattoos or a niche, including boxing glove tattoos can be a way to express the love. Since, many people like boxing, especially the ideology behind it, you might be able to opt for a tattoo that can remind you how you fight through your daily struggles and yet win every day.

The Chest Boxing Gloves Memorial Tattoo

The Chest Boxing Gloves Memorial Tattoo
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Want to place a boxing gloves tattoo on your chest? This design can be ideal for the ones who want to fight for their memories. Memories, may it be good or bad, but they help men stay strong and fight. Sometimes, you may win, but sometimes, your memories can give you a bad blow. You learn. If you’re someone who loves boxing and has the drive to not giving up, the chest boxing glove tattoo is for you.

The quote “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” radiates an optimistic aura. The idea behind these tattoos is that you learn about a person, you attach a good quote with it and you stay close to the memory of the said quote. This tattoo design can be interpreted both as a chest tattoo as well as a boxing glove tattoo.

Black Boxing Gloves Tattoo
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These boxing gloves tattoos have a close resemblance with the previous one. The main difference is the quote. This will remind you that you are more than excuses.

The Bear With Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men

The Bear With Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men
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This design has a wild and different look. If you’re in search of a boxing glove tattoo that represents the strength of a bear, – that raw and yet measured way of the bear, this will be the perfect choice for you.

Although bears might look cute when they are a cub, in reality, they can be aggressive and ruthless. However, they represent the strength of the wild – they keep to themselves, live in harmony with nature and do not harm unless threatened. Similarly, if you like to stay strong and composed, but ready when you are attacked, add this to the list of your recommended boxing gloves tattoo designs.

The Roses And Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs

The Roses And Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs
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The colour contrast of these boxing tattoos is the show stopper. The bright red colour of the rose along with the pair of boxing gloves feels much more appealing. If you’re an artist by profession, you can see the contrast of the ‘violent’ and romance present in the design of the boxing glove tattoo.

As roses symbolize love and romance, the contrast between the romantic and warrior attitude might be the best option for this tattoo choice.

Red Gloves With Rose Tattoo
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Boxing gloves tattoos with flowers around them can be used as a commemorative piece. By using a pair of boxing gloves tattoo outline, you can either name a boxer you love or the sport to celebrate it with roses. You may play with new ideas such tattoos.

The Boxing Gloves With Leaves Tattoo Ideas

The Boxing Gloves With Leaves Tattoo Ideas
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Are you in search of a pair of boxing gloves tattoo that too having a close connection with nature? Then this should always be on your priority list. Putting a light green vibe on the leaves did add a whole new dimension to the tattoo-making scene.

Leaves and boxing gloves are intertwined with one another. The reason being, they have one symbolism in common, that is, growth. If you believe in constant growth, this boxing gloves tattoo will make you feel how growth is important. Along with that, add the leaves – an important part of a boxer’s diet. However, the leaves have a deeper significance – plants almost box and break their way out of the ground to grow, almost like a boxer should always break the ceiling to reach the top.

Cover Up Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men

Cover Up Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men
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Boxing gloves tattoo does not have to be limited to boxing gloves only. You can add other stylish elements into the mix to make a wholesome tattoo. Boxing is one such sport where you can add elements to bring a wholesome fashion to it. Here, with the boxing gloves, you can see a hat, almost as if the hat and the boxing gloves are part of the same parcel.

Rich with red colour, this is a quality tattoo piece for the fashionable one.

Boxing Gloves Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Boxing Gloves Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
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Are you someone who wants to spread awareness on cancer? If yes, this can be a great awareness-centric tattoo. Cancer is painful and is a growing disease that affects lives of not only the patient but the families. It is a disease which we still are not very aware of. To fight back, you have to inspire that warrior attitude within you. This boxer tattoo design with the cancer ribbon will give you the mental strength for the same.

This tattoo can be interpreted both as a boxing gloves tattoo as well as a cancer awareness tattoo. You can also wrap the cancer ribbon around your boxing gloves too.

Wire Stinger Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men

Wire Stinger Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men
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Hustle and pain in boxing go hand in hand. To find that inspiration to fight in real life, you can get these tattoos embedded in your upper arms, close to your shoulders. The barbed wire across the boxing gloves gives it a very brutal feel and can be a really cool tattoo.

Video Game Controller Boxing Gloves Tattoo

Video Game Controller Boxing Gloves Tattoo
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If you are a gamer and want to let your creativity flow when it comes to boxing and gaming, then you’ll love boxing gloves tattoo. If you are into arcade games, then this boxing glove tattoo with a little bit of cyberpunk-ish arcade like look can be a cool one to go for.

This boxing gloves tattoo has a very different artwork which makes this one stand apart compared to other boxing gloves tattoos.

Boxing Gloves Neck Tattoo

Boxing Gloves Neck Tattoo
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Want get minimalistic boxing gloves tattoo done on your neck? This is the one which you should opt for if simple is your way to go. This boxing gloves tattoo has a very subtle artwork and due to its size, it can fit well in any small space. You can also use it at the edge of your hand too.

Monkey With Boxing Gloves Tattoos

Monkey With Boxing Gloves Tattoos
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A monkey symbolizes agility and restlessness. Pairing this with boxing gloves tattoos will add a meaningful look to the tattoo itself. If your mind tends to shift attention but whereever it focuses, you aim for that target with a warrior attitude, this is the best boxing glove tattoo for you.

Boxing gloves tattoos have been used as a sign of strength, power, agility, and stamina. Even if it is a black and white tattoo or a coloured one, choose the boxing tattoo that brings a new edge to your tattoo game.

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