10 Best Book Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Patrick
Book Tattoos

Searching for the perfect book tattoos to flaunt your book lover personality? Look no further as this curated list of book tattoo ideas is just for you!

Book Tattoo
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People love to get lost in books and hence getting inked with book-inspired tattoos keeps the love of literature fresh in the memory of book lovers.

Books stay with people long after they have read them. By using book tattoo ideas as a form of body art, they permanently keep a space on them dedicated to books.

These tattoos can range from ancient Greek mythology lore to the modern Harry Potter book series for people who believe in magic. The types of tattoo styles vary from person to person. It even depends on the age of the person getting inked.

The young people in 2021 are fond of all forms of entertainment be it music, books, games, or films. Naturally, they want to get inked with tattoos depicting their love for a specific form of entertainment. Books are special in this regard because they provide a wide variety of tattoo ideas.

A simple idea such as a stack of books can be converted to beautiful tattoo designs. There are endless possibilities for book tattoo ideas. Tattoos are at the end of the day a form of expressing art and what better way to search for that perfect tattoo than by browsing through the list of literary tattoos given below.

The Fiery Book Tattoo

The Fiery Book Tattoo
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Fire has a charm of its own along with being a symbol of warmth and glow. This design is ideal for those who love books and love what fire represents. The combination of the two makes for the perfect book lover tattoo.

The glowing matchstick is a symbol of power trying to break free from the shackles of being chained to society. Freedom is a myth in 2021. There are eyes everywhere. This tattoo design can be interpreted both as a book tattoo and a freedom tattoo.

The Watercolor Inspired Book Tattoo

The Watercolor Inspired Book Tattoo
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This design is ideal for people who are fond of watercolour paintings. When a person looks at this amazing piece, it seems like the pages of a book have come to life in front of them showing the constellations in a galaxy far far away.

The bright color of this tattoo makes this design even more beautiful. The beauty of this tattoo lies in the fact that it shows you have a colourful life! It’s almost as if the reader is diving into a colourful world of books, away from the dull reality.

The Tattoo With A Stack Of Books

The Tattoo With A Stack Of Books
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Book lovers are especially fond of stacking up books. This work is sure to open up some conversations especially if done on a noticeable spot. The way the stack of books opens up to a flower show that books can be beautiful and bring you in front of a magical beautiful world. A whole new level of personality will ooze out from you!

The Harry Potter Book Tattoos

The Harry Potter Book Tattoos
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Harry Potter fans are everywhere. The magical world of Hogwarts has a strong fan following going on for decades now. From books to movies, Potterheads have no shortage of ideas to transform into gorgeous pieces of body art.

Death Hollows Tattoo
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The symbol of the Deathly Hallows from the Harry Potter stories is a favorite design for tattoos among the Potterheads. It can be done in color as shown above or by simply using black and white lines to create one of the most popular tattoos in existence!

The Small Book Tattoo

The Small Book Tattoo
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This small yet gorgeous tattoo is perfect for your ankles which you want to show off to your friends. A simple design consisting of a tiny book with some flowers upon them can be inked by even those who are trying out tattoos for the first time in their life.

Miniature paintings are quite popular among some groups of art lovers. This tattoo can be thought of as a miniature literary tattoo making it a unique piece of work!

The Fairy On Top Of Books Tattoo

The Fairy On Top Of Books Tattoo
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If you are looking for something deep and full of magic then this amazing tattoo is for you. Those who love a little bit of magic in their lives must get this piece done ASAP. Time and time again you will notice subtle changes in your personality after you get this tattoo.

Apart from the fairy, you can even use a little prince sitting on a stack of pages to add some variety to your body.

The Head With Stack of Books Tattoo

The Head With Stack of Books Tattoo
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Have you seen the posts on the internet about carrying a heavy load of work? This is the inspiration for this beautiful book tattoo. Books and books piled up on the head of a girl who is looking happy but at a closer glance, you will notice that she is filled with a deeper sadness. Perhaps, someone who is bookish, gets a bit sad when they are struck by reality.

Reading books of romantic stories is a guilty pleasure of most human beings. Show off this tattoo to your close friends who are surely going to love it!

The Tea Cup On Books Tattoo

The Tea Cup On Books Tattoo
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This amazing tattoo brings alive the magic of tea and the calmness of reading books together. One of the popular book tattoos, this work is a well-designed one that unites tea lovers who are fond of stories.

The little designs on the binding of the books shows a collection of maybe an amazing fantasy series. The relationship between tea and books is an everlasting one finding its way through this tattoo.

The Quote From A Book Tattoo

The Quote From A Book Tattoo
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This list would be left incomplete without this particular work. Books are beyond time and it’s the quotes in them that make them timeless. You may remember books full of memorable quotes. You may want to find a way to keep this with you forever. Well here comes this tattoo design which can be customized.

Take your favorite quote, cook up some innovative idea and boom! You have got a spectacular tattoo design for that space on your neck or maybe your arm, the possibilities are endless!

The Brain And The Book Tattoo

The Brain And The Book Tattoo
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This tattoo design is a literary take on the importance of books upon a human being. Books provide nutrition for the brain, almost similar to plants getting water to grow. The pages of the books are like our way to enlightenment.

Apart from the cool tattoo ideas shown above, you can use a tattoo coloring book for more ideas. You can read the girl with the dragon tattoo book series for more ideas such as:

  • Tattoo of a single page from one of your favorite books.
  • Lisbeth Salander Tattoo
  • Skull headed traditional book tattoo
  • Book tattoo with stars and moons
  • Tattoo of Inkpot with pages

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