101 Best Bonsai Tree Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Bonsai Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: July 11, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

Looking for a creative Japanese Bonsai tree tattoo design? Draw inspiration from the following tattoos and get bonsai tree tattoos that are full of symbolism!

Bonsai Tree Tattoo
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For centuries, the Bonsai tree has stood as a symbol and sign of inner harmony and peace.

Despite first coming into prominence years ago, the Bonsai tree meaning and symbolism are still relevant in 2021! It is a Japanese art that takes inspiration from nature and shows us how to balance the important things in our lives.

Now, interestingly a Bonsai tree is actually an umbrella term. There isn’t a specific Bonsai tree found in nature. Instead, Bonsai tree experts use various trees for growing smaller or miniature versions of the trees. It is must be noted that this is quite different from the practice of dwarfing trees, which is primarily used for research purposes. People who create Bonsai trees actually do so by pruning branches and the leaves to give them a shape that presents them as the miniature form of a full-grown tree.

As we already mentioned, the art of maintaining these trees can bring new meaning to life. Thus, it isn’t surprising to know that Bonsai tree tattoos are quite popular, and there are tons of new people looking to get them tattooed on their bodies. Yet, why is the Bonsai tree tattoo so popular? The answer lies in the question: what does a Bonsai tree tattoo symbolize?

With the art of Bonsai meaning harmony and balance in life, it is only natural that a Bonsai tree tattoo meaning will be similar. Thus, people who make the choice of having such a tattoo take form on their bodies do so to channelize and show the world their inner peace. Some people even have them tattooed to be inspired by nature.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the best Bonsai tree tattoos and what makes their design so unique in 2021!

Nirvana In The Bonsai Tree Tattoos

Nirvana In The Bonsai Tree Tattoos
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Buddhism has been associated with peace, balance, and harmony. These are the exact same things that we find in the art of caring for a Bonsai tree. So why not make the great decision to mix the two ideas to create a tattoo that shows Bonsai tree growing with Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, sitting and meditating on a lotus front right in front of the tree. This could deliver your message of peace and self-love to everyone loud and clear.

You can play with the design to make one that reflects the changes you feel should be in it. Our suggestion would be to get this design updated with some cool colours in it. Perhaps, instead of having it on your back, you can have the same design on your back.

The Bonsai Tree Samurai

The Bonsai Tree Samurai
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Well, it really is hard to describe this samurai and Bonsai tree tattoo as anything other than stunning. With the samurai being a part of the Japanese culture, many may find the amalgamation of these two designs as something perfect to pay homage to the Japanese way of living.

You can change the design of the samurai into one of your favourite anime ninjas and characters. That sure would be something!

A Small Bonsai For You

A Small Bonsai For You
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Never say never to getting a small and cute Bonsai tree tattoo that can easily fit on your wrist, your arms, or your legs! The term Bonsai roughly translates into something like a tree in a tray, and looking at this small design; many would find this the perfect representation of the central idea behind Bonsai.

Additionally, perhaps you can change the shape and the form of the branches to give it a much different look from the one here. Finally, maybe you can take a look at some great tree designs to come up with your own body ink design in your own free time!

Rising Sun Bonsai

Rising Sun Bonsai
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Japan is known all over the world as the Land of The Rising Sun. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have the Sun infused with popular Bonsai tree tattoos? We certainly think it is a great sign to ink on your body.

Sun Bonsai Tattoo
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It is 2021, and if you don’t experiment with art now, then when will you? Chop and change the shape of the Sun from our Sun tattoo designs and get this design updated into a tattoo that everyone will like.

Knowledge of Bonsai

Knowledge of Bonsai
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Many people have turned to Bonsai to gain wisdom and knowledge from nature. You can always take that wisdom and ink it on your arms or chest by getting a Bonsai tree tattoo with its roots in a book. Use this as a sign to show the world that it is time we turn to the wisdom of this ancient art!

The BonsEye

The BonsEye
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Conspiracy theories have been around for ages. If you are someone who will log in or sign up to websites to read such theories, then this tattoo is for you! Bonsai tree tattoos with the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati or the Eye of Providence (a secret organization that has been rumoured time and time again over the years as running the world) may be an excellent way forward on your tattoo journey!

This is such a unique design that you can easily turn it into a bonsai tree tattoo sleeve.

Bonsai In A Fish Bowl

Bonsai In A Fish Bowl
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This black Bonsai tree tattoo can easily be used as a sign to show how nature has suffered over the years at the hands of humans. A beautiful piece of art, such a Bonsai tree tattoo, is a great way to remind everyone of the long-lasting effects of climate change.

Teacup Bonsai

Teacup Bonsai
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Decorated with beautiful colours and floral patterns, the Bonsai tree tattoo growing from a teapot can be the cutest thing ever!

Bonsai, Madame!

Bonsai, Madame!
@artwithhearttattoos via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

If you are going to experiment with Bonsai tree tattoos, then it should be nothing short of spectacular like this tattoo. With the tree log and branches being replaced by a woman’s face, this is a tattoo to look out for. You may log in to your browser to get more ideas for the female face here!

The Palm Of Bonsai

The Palm Of Bonsai
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We have reserved perhaps the best for the last! One of the more meaningful Bonsai tree tattoos, this long and big design has multiple meanings. The tattoo shows the tree growing from the cupped palm.

Many will comment that this refers to how we should care about nature and trees, while others might argue that this is about raising these trees and how that leads to your own development! Either way, we absolutely love this tattoo idea!

If you do not like these tattoos, here are some more tattoo designs about Bonsai trees:

  • A simple freehand Bonsai tree drawing tattoo
  • The Karate Kid Bonsai tree tattoo
  • Bonsai tree growing from a skull tattoo
  • A Bonsai tattoo in the shape of a dragon
  • Designs with Bonsai trees in space

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