101 Best Blue Bird Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Blue Bird Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 8, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Embrace the symbol of love, hope, life and renewal by taking a look at some amazing blue bird tattoo ideas for you that everyone will like!

Blue Bird Tattoo
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Bluebirds have long been the harbinger of good news in traditions and mythologies all over the world.

The bluebird symbolism represents happiness, hope, and positive vibes. Different cultures like the Chinese, Korean, and indigenous American people share a similar bluebird meaning.

These birds have become part of mainstream pop culture due to their references repeatedly through the years in songs and poems. From the song ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ to Charles Bukowski‘s iconic ‘Bluebird’ poem, the list doesn’t end. However, there is something interesting about bluebirds that you might google about later to know more about. While bluebirds are actually a species of North American birds, there are plenty of other species of blue birds present around the world, including the North American continent. Say, for example, the blue jay, the blue bunting bird, the tree swallow bird, the blue rock-thrush bird, the blue grosbeak bird, the blue whistling thrush bird, and the verditer flycatcher bird. As a result, replacing the bluebird found in North America, these other blue bird species are the subjects of mythologies in other parts of the world.

Now, enough with the history lesson. Let us move on to get some amazing bluebird tattoo designs and ideas that will perfectly answer the question of ‘what does blue bird tattoo mean?’. You might find one that’ll make you want that design inked on you immediately!

The Magnolia Bluebird Tattoo

The Magnolia Bluebird Tattoo
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The magnolia has always been a flower that symbolizes purity and spirituality. Now, if you add that design with that of a simple and small blue bird tattoo design and symbolism, the blue bird tattoo meaning is enhanced. Spirituality, peace, and happiness have all been closely associated with each other throughout history. If you are a believer in this, we would suggest you go for this tattoo design! You might also talk to the tattoo artist and add something like the sun in the background of the bird, like the one done here.

The Crown

The Crown
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If you are one of those people who are in love with the art and culture of royals, then you should definitely see this design. One of the more original bluebird tattoo ideas, this design portrays the bluebird with a crown above the birds’ head. While there aren’t any myths that say the bluebirds are royalty within the bird kingdom, who’s stopping you from crowning them? You can change and alter the watercolour effects on this tattoo and add some other flowers instead of cherry blossom to give it a different look!

Carrying The Sky

Carrying The Sky
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When Henry David Thoreau said something along the lines of how a bluebird carries the sky, he wasn’t wrong. While not the traditional bluebird, this blue jay bird tattoo really is an exquisite piece of art. Bird tattoos, in general, are a way of showing freedom, and this one precisely does that.

Cute Blue Bird Tattoo
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If you want to add a twist, you can change the blue jay into some blue birds that you found online while looking through google. Perhaps, you can take a look at some of our designs for bird tattoos and blue jay tattoos to get more ideas.

Dissing The Cat

Dissing The Cat
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The bluebird has a contentious relationship with cats. There have been many cases where these birds have been killed due to attacks on them by the felines. So, of course, we’ll say that the bluebird has every right to diss the cats. Chop and change the design to make this more experimental while staying true to the central idea. Such art designs are especially popular with female tattoo enthusiasts.

The Floral Bluebird

The Floral Bluebird
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Adding a flower to the bluebird tattoo is a great way to showcase the balance between creativity and happiness in your personality. For this birds’ tattoo, you can easily change the bluebird to a swallow bird if you call the continent of Africa your home. Why, you may ask? Because, as you can learn from Google, the blue swallows are native to Africa.

Blue Magpies

Blue Magpies
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Another species of bird that has a long history associated with positive symbolism is the magpies. Many people get magpie tattoos inked as these birds are thought to bring in good luck. Give your own twist to the bluebird tattoo by getting two blue magpies designed specifically for you.

Don’t Wanna Mess With This Bluebird

Don't Wanna Mess With This Bluebird
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If you have that mean-streak in your personality and everyone takes you to be a no n0n-sense person, then you should definitely consider getting this serious-looking bluebird tattoo. You can also add flowers to this bluebird tattoo design to show that you have the time for emotions even though you are tough.

The Three Little Birds Tattoo

The Three Little Birds Tattoo
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This is what we would recommend if you are looking for simple yet artistic bluebird tattoo designs. Additionally, the three little birds tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to the legendary Bob Marley. Or maybe you should opt for this if you are a fan of Ajax Amsterdam – if you know, you know!

Roses & Bluebirds

Roses & Bluebirds
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A great way to showcase how happy is your love life is by getting a bluebird tattoo with a rose. Roses are the signs of love and life, and hence such a tattoo will do well to tell people about your blossoming relationships. You can add the name of your partner or children to give the tattoos a more personal touch.

The Bluebird In Your Heart

The Bluebird In Your Heart
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Charles Bukowski’s ‘Bluebird’ poem has been iconic and loved by readers for decades. If you are one of those who loved reading Bukowski’s poem, getting this tattoo design showing a bluebird trapped within a ribcage should be your first choice. This will stand as an excellent personal homage to the master storyteller.

If you are looking for more bluebird tattoos and ideas, here are some more options:

  • A bluebird tattoo mixed with other birds
  • Peonies surrounding a bluebird
  • A bluebird emerging from a skull
  • The flight of the bluebird in space
  • A blackbird tattoo signalling mystery and secrecy along with a bluebird tattoo

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