10 Best Black Rose Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Amazing Black and White rose Tattoos

Looking for some meaningful black rose tattoos – a sign of great loss and grief? This list of tattoos is rich in meaning and can be of help!

Black Rose Tattoos
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Two questions come to mind when we think of inking a black rose tattoo- Why do I want a black rose tattoo and what does a black rose tattoo mean?

The black rose tattoo’s meaning is quite deep and meaningful- it means loss and grief. If you have incurred an irreplaceable loss in life, you can think of getting a black rose tattoo.

A traditional rose tattoo meaning is simple- it symbolizes love. But a black rose tattoo meaning is much more complex; there’s more to just loss. A black rose is closer to grief, loneliness and also, signifies a sense of losing purpose. If you want to get a black rose tattoo inked on your body, here is a list of tattoos to help you out with the perfect black rose tattoo design for you.

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo
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A realistic black and grey rose tattoo is one of the most unique and beautiful black rose tattoo designs to get inked on the body. These rose tattoos are unique and come with an important significance. Hence, the deep coloured backdrop against the black rose stands out.

Realistic Rose Tattoo
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This particular tattoo is a piece of art for sure! If you are open to experimenting with tattooing, you can get such a custom tattoo done from a professional tattoo studio. The black rose in pentagonal shards of glass is a beauty and also deepens the black rose symbol of breaking apart.

Black and White Rose Tattoo

Black and White Rose Tattoos
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While black is a symbol of the loss of life, on the other hand, white is the symbol of hope, peace, and rebirth. Getting a tattoo is all about inking an experience onto our skin forever – so mixing the meaning just adds a layer to the art. A white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence, and young love and the black rose is a symbol of grief. If you have had a bad experience in life but you know a beautiful tomorrow is around the corner, you should get a tattoo like this.

Black and White Rose
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While it can take hours to put down a complicated design on your skin, this tattoo is definitely worth the wait! Many such glorious tattoo designs are a great piece of art if you can place them on a larger surface area like the back. The wholesome rose with its layered petals looks beautiful.

Solid Block of Black Rose Tattoo

Solid Block of Black Rose Tattoo
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The solid black rose is a popular black rose tattoo of recent times. You will even find these tattoos on the portfolio of various tattoo artists. This style of tattoo basically shows how challenging and uncertain true love is. If you want the best solid block of black rose tattoo outline, then this can be a great find. If you are not comfortable with tattooing a large piece, you can fit the black rose tattoo in a small area too.

Black Rose Tattoo idea
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You can get yourself a custom tattoo like this inked from a professional studio and it will for sure make you feel comfortable while flaunting the tattoo. The best places to get such a tattoo done is on the back of the forearm or the biceps.

Meaningful Black Rose Tattoo

Meaningful Black Rose Tattoo
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This black rose tattoo is inspirational and it gives a message that an unfortunate relationship doesn’t mean the end of the world. These tattoos might take hours to do as they have got really intricate details. Many tattoo artists even specialize in this particular form of tattooing. The details drawing of a black rose can take up some space but you can add elements like dew drops to signify the tears of pain dripping down the black rose.

Smokey Black Tattoo
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A smokey black rose tattoo with layers of purple is a unique piece of art. It may not be completely black but the contrast with purple brings out the darker shade within the interflaps of the rose petals, giving the outlines an even more intense look.

Skull with Black Rose Tattoo

Skull with Black Rose Tattoo
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If you are looking for a black rose tattoo that not only has a deep meaning but also has a gothic element to it, this custom made tattoo will definitely work out for you! This particular style of tattoo has always been in fashion and especially in recent times, it has become a hit! A rose along with a skull can be a great representation of loneliness, separation and death.

Awesome skull Rose Tattoo
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Tattoo artists enjoy inking this type of tattoos because they are not only complicated but also quite intimidating. If you are looking for something new to amp up the basic black rose tattoo, then this can definitely be a great option! You can make the skull look menacing and adding a black rose adds a bit of gothic horror element to the art.

Black Rose with Butterfly Tattoo

Black Rose with Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterflies are not merely just insects but they are also a symbol of spiritual rebirth and hope. The symbolism is quite contradictory to that of the black rose and that is what makes these types of tattoos interesting and meaningful. You can have a well spread out tattoo running down your spine to accentuate the black rose and butterfly duo.

Black Rose and Sword Tattoo

Black Rose and Sword Tattoo
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A black rose swirled around a sword can be a way of showing respect to someone you have lost. These tattoos can be of varying sizes and shapes. If you are bored with just a simple black rose tattoo, you can add a bit of color to the sword, which can be a great contrast. These tattoos look best on the back.

Rose and Knife Tattoo
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This type of minimalistic tattoos will always be in style and will never let you feel ordinary. If you can work with such a great tattoo, you will definitely turn heads.

Black Rose Tattoo with Name

Black Rose Tattoo with Name
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Being a symbol of loss and grief, a black rose with a name of a special one can be extremely meaningful and personal. If you have lost someone really close to your heart, you get a black rose tattoo along with their name inked on your skin forever. These tattoo artworks can either be very simple or can be complicated with very fine details.

Rose With Name Tattoo
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A small tattoo like this can also work great for you, if you are looking for a subtle design and want to keep the tattoo personal and for yourself only. Make sure place the tattoo on the right place so that it is both visible and has the meaningful aura that you desire.

Gothic Black Rose Tattoo

Gothic Black Rose Tattoo
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If you love reading gothic literature or just find gothic art aesthetic, then this is definitely for you! Combine the black rose with a spider web or some flying bats in the background, you are definitely going to make a mark in any gothic fan club!

Amazing Black and White rose Tattoo
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If you ever think of matching a gothic-inspired rose tattoo with a little bit of added horror element, then you can always go for the horrible spider. While not suitable for the arachnophobes, the spider element can really give a Halloween twist to the tattoo.

Black Rose and Dragon Tattoo

Black Rose and Dragon Tattoo
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Dragons are mythical creatures that are considered to be the embodiment of strength and wisdom. A black rose with a dragon is a sign of hope and sends a message that not everything is lost. If you believe in rebirth or a good future, this type of tattoo will do the work! Adding a mythical element to modern symbols makes a tattoo timeless.

Black rose tattoos may indicate loss and be a symbol of sadness, but that does not mean they are not going to be cool. If you give it a shot, it is going to amp your tattoo game and also give artists the freedom to show their work. Here are some more black rose tattoo ideas that you can go for:

  1. Black Rose and Snake Tattoo
  2. Black and Red Rose Tattoo
  3. Black Rose and Dog Tattoo

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