101 Best Black Panther Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Black Panther Tattoos

Looking for the awesome black panther tattoos that pay homage to the legendary Marvel superhero as well as the magnificent beast? Look no further!

Black Panther Tattoo
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Black panther tattoo designs are becoming mainstream with their wide appeal and beautiful scope of artistic imagery.

With the popularity of the Marvel hit franchise ‘Black Panther’, black panther tattoos have become a go-to choice for many. Black panther tattoos, although more common for men, have symbolism that all genders can proudly flaunt.

What Does A Black Panther Tattoo Mean?

Black panther tattoos can mean more than one thing. The different notable characteristics of this creature can symbolize things like courage, power, grace and much more. A panther’s predatory instinct can give your tattoo the meanings of desire and hunger for success. The symbolism behind the beast doesn’t end here; the black panthers are experts at hiding, being patient, to strike at the right opportunity. You can wear the panther tattoo for representing such meanings too.

Why Get A Black Panther Tattoo?

You may want to get a black panther tattoo for what it means to you. Black Panther tattoos can mean many things to different people. Panther is a lesser-known member of the cat family, yet it does a good job exuding the virtues and characteristics of boldness, power, strength and slyness. The search for meaning in life is endless, yet art itself can give life meaning. So even if you cannot relate to these symbols, you might just appreciate these ideas for art’s sake.

Let’s take a look at some new and great Black Panther tattoo designs!

All About The Eyes

All About The Eyes
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Black panther tattoos that are heavily detailed to portray the power of this animal look great. Their power is especially reflected through their aggressive yet calm eyes. This black panther tattoo meaning can be interpreted to be the same. One can even rely on colour to make their eyes pop as compared to the darker shades of the rest of the tattoo. Some specs of white and yellow can make the stare very intense. Similar tattoo ideas can be to play with completely surreal colour palates, going full abstract.


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Traditional black panther tattoos are one which highlights their sharp canines. This tattoo art made using elements of sharp teeth and a wide-open mouth tattooed on the arm is the perfect statement piece. This ferocity can help project the tattoo as a symbol of power and strength. The panther imagery may also help ward off negative vibes.

Traditional Climber

Traditional Climber
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This design is relatively common and for a good reason. The climbing panther has a natural cat-like body paired with powerful muscles which look great tattooed on a forearm. The panther’s look back in the post makes for a great pose. The look of similar tattoo ideas can be enhanced by adding some colour with green flora.


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Why not get the best of two designs in one by morphing another animal with the black panther? If you want inspiration take a look at this design. This tattoo seamlessly blends the look of the panther with that of a butterfly. With a concept so unique, it has to be seen to be believed.

3D Step-Through

3D Step-Through
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You would love to wear this design on your body. The 3D effect of the panther stepping out of your skin could be seen as a symbol of courage. You may get to know the full effect of this design only when you see the illusion in person.

Black Panther Marvel Tattoo

Black Panther Marvel Tattoo
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The Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ is responsible for the surge in popularity of black panther tattoos. Consider incorporating the movie’s imagery to come up with new designs. Nothing gets strength as accurately as an image of a superhero, so it is no surprise that black panther the character is on this list. Similar to this tattoo the memories and the love for this superhero will (Wakanda) forever. You can also pay homage to the recently deceased star of the Black Panther franchise, Chadwick Boseman, through the tattoo!

Two Sides Of The Coin

Two Sides Of The Coin
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What a sight it could be to see the two sides of the coin, that is, the animal black panther and the superhero. Such a tattoo design post does a great job to blend the two images that the word black panther inspires. The element one shouldn’t miss is the black panther necklace tattoo; who’d want to leave out that detail. This artwork may also serve as a symbol for the animal within. Behind this design are the love for panthers, the movie franchise and the artists that made it possible. Panther tattoos like this can take away the confusion of having to choose between the two.

Trippy Panther

Trippy Panther
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A common vision to many is the psychedelic and abstract look of a black panther. Why limit the black panther to normal physiology when you can witness its glory with four eyes. The trippy nature of this design is hard to miss. Perhaps adding more colour to this concept will be the right tattoo choice for you.

Sword Through The Skull

Sword Through The Skull
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The violent nature of the black panther is enhanced by the sword going through the skull of this beast. This art concept gets the essence of the black panther just right. The big sword and the unfazed panther will leave a long-lasting impression on people.

Snake Coiled Black Panther Tattoo

Snake Coiled Black Panther Tattoo
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This design is what you want to see when you think of the fight in the wild. The coiled snake battling out the panther looks really awesome. You’d love this tattoo even more if it is highlighted with shades of the colour white. This panther tattoo can serve as a symbol of the struggle one goes through in life. If done with proper attention, this tattoo will serve as a reminder to never quit and always project strength.

You already know by this point that black panther animal tattoos have great variety and mass appeal. The hard nature of this animal with its elegant movement makes it the perfect choice for many tattoo fanatics. Even though it has been many years since people saw this character in theatres, its meaning and message live on even in 2021.

Here is the list of ideas to inspire your own black panther tattoo:

  1. Traditional Black Panther tattoo of the superhero
  2. Black panther totem tattoo
  3. Black Panther Cat Morph
  4. Wakanda Forever in a black panther tattoo
  5. A black panther as the king of the jungle tattoo

Need More Inspiration

Need More Inspiration

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