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101 Best Bird Silhouette Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
birds silhouette tattoo

Are you looking forward to getting a new tattoo? Then, you are at the right place! Get in to have a look at the best bird silhouette tattoo ideas.

Bird Silhouette
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Bird silhouette tattoos have been a frequently inked motif in various cultures all around the world.

One of the foremost reasons for getting a bird tattoo is that it signifies freedom. In addition, a flock of flying birds tattooed on someone may bring out their candid personality.

Moreover, people who have had birds around them since childhood often gravitate towards getting bird silhouette tattoos as their first piece. Silhouette bird tattoo is also symbolic for the travellers who want to see the world just like them. You can even get the tiniest of birds on your arm or wrist to get inspired about flying high.

We are lucky enough to be on a planet where there are lots of birds to choose from while getting inked. So, if you have ever thought of getting such a tattoo, keep reading to experience the best bird silhouette tattoo ideas!

Flying Bird Silhouette Tattoos

Flying Bird Silhouette Tattoos
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The flying bird silhouette tattoo stencil is one of the most common motifs you will find in a tattoo artist’s catalogue. But, you have to find your own way to make the flying birds have a bit of your personality. For example, a series with a flock of different-sized birds may signify your growth in life. Also, the feather at the end reminds you to ground yourself whenever required.

Flying Birds Tattoo
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The shoulder blade region is great to place a few bird silhouettes as it gives a natural curve. If you do not like the look of filled-in tattoo designs, a pointillist design might give it a refreshing look. Such flying birds tattoo designs even look good on wrists and forearms.

Bird Silhouette Wrist Tattoos

Bird Silhouette Wrist Tattoos
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When it comes to bird tattoos, a common area to put the beautiful creatures is on the wrist. Especially the dainty tattoo designs work well, and with a little more detailing, the piece stands out a lot. Moreover, rather than just going for black silhouettes, you can also play with colours. Adding a bit of red or pink adds more beauty to the tattoo. These bird tattoos are especially popular among women.

Minimalist Birds Tattoo
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Do you love minimalist tattoos? If yes, then you might want to put simple bird silhouettes on your wrist. The number of birds present in the tattoo may signify various things. For instance, couples can get two birds as a symbol of their love. On the other hand, a 3 bird silhouette tattoo can stand for a lucky number or signify spirituality.

Bird Silhouette Tattoos On Forearm

Bird Silhouette Tattoos On Forearm
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A bird tattoo looks fabulous when more elements are added to the mix. Moreover, your forearm is the perfect spot to get a bigger and bolder piece that will stand out on your body. If you have been thinking about what can I add to my bird silhouette tattoo, don’t worry, as you can add everything and anything. Flowers, such as rose or cherry blossoms, are frequently cherished symbols used because of cultural significance.

Pink And Purple Bird Tattoo
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When it comes to bird tattoos, many people like to add the symbol of the feather. It can symbolize everything from strength to the idea of freedom. A piece becomes even more interesting when a flying birds silhouette is added to it. We think that iconic family of black birds look beautiful, but adding colours like pink and purple may also add to its charm.

Bird Silhouette Tattoos On Upper Arm

Bird Silhouette Tattoos On Upper Arm
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If you are one of those people who like to tell stories via their tattoos, then you may get inked with a detailed piece. The best area of your body for such tattoos is either the chest or upper arm. Often flocks of birds on a tree stand as a symbol for family and love, so having a birds tattoo will always keep them in your heart.

Bold Black Bird Tattoo
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Bold black bird tattoo designs have been especially popular among men because it signifies journeys of a lifetime. Clubbing the symbol of a bird with an open cage can also signify freedom and confidence. People also like to go for mythical birds like a phoenix as an expression of rebirth or strength.

Bird Silhouettes With Quote Tattoos

Bird Silhouettes With Quote Tattoos
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Literature and birds have a close connection, so many people like to get inked with quotes from a poem or song they enjoy. Be it Poe’s ‘The Raven’ or this poem by Atticus, bird silhouettes make the tattoos prettier and add a context. Also, the three flying birds design works well with everything because of its versatility.

Bird Tattoo
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Birds are one of those creatures who seem to have everything figured out. So, if you have a motto that’s close to you, think about getting it inked along with the images of your favourite bird. For instance, an eagle often stands for maturity, while the swallow symbolizes hope and happiness. The twinkling stars inside the silhouette of this bird may signify the inner light.

Bird Silhouettes Tattoo Designs For Back

Bird Silhouettes Tattoo Designs For Back
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Back tattoos have always been special because it’s often the spot chosen for tribal and native tattoos. Birds tattoo, especially silhouettes, hold immense importance for those who are akin to those cultures. Hence, if you have always wanted a back tattoo, it might be time for you to find out a significant bird motif.

Flying Flock Birds Tattoo
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Do you like to see a flying flock of birds? If yes, then you may think about getting a black flying birds tattoo that will cover your back. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a big piece. Rather you may choose to ink three or more birds throughout your back.

Another great way to enhance the beauty of such an art style is to add birds in different positions. If you aren’t afraid of pulling off an even bigger piece, you may want to continue the bird trail towards your navel or chest. Swallow images are great for such tattoos because of the sleek body silhouette of the creatures.

Single Bird Silhouette Tattoo

Single Bird Silhouette Tattoo
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Are you fascinated by a single bird? If yes, then you may want to get only that bird onto your skin. Sparrows are a popular choice of tattoo designs. A sparrow tattoo meaning generally stands for power and simplicity. You can get the tattoo bird inked in black, or you are free to add some colours that will highlight the bird’s flying. Also, a single black bird tattoo may signify the past or higher potential.

Bird With Flower Tattoo
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Sometimes the simplest of tattoos can leave a lasting impression. One such is the single bird silhouette tattoo wrist design that can truly highlight your personality. Moreover, rather than going for the general black filling, you can just get the line art.

Also, adding a bit of white in certain places may highlight the silhouette of the small bird. Along with the wrist, this bird tattoo would also look good at the back of your ears or on the ankle.

Flying Bird Tattoo Behind Ears

Flying Bird Tattoo Behind Ears
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Ready to take your love for tattoos to the next level? Next time you may try to get a tattoo behind your ears, and this placement often stands for reassurance and being closer to the words of God. It might be a sensitive spot, but the black silhouette would give the birds a new life. To make it even prettier, try adding elements like a blowing dandelion or a feather to the design. Even a small heart would look good to signify love.

birds flying silhouette
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A great way to mix and match designs is by using colours. For example, if you are fond of yin-yang designs, then it can be mimicked with birds by including a white and a black shadow. To make it simpler, you can choose to fill one bird while leaving the other one blank. These birds flying silhouette designs especially look good in small and dainty style tattoos.

Bird Tattoos On Foot

Bird Tattoos On Foot
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A body part that is often neglected while getting inked is the foot. So, you can actually be creative and add a piece or two to your foot. Birds can be great for a design, and you can even include a feather or a tree. This tattoo design will work great for both men and women, and you are free to include as many birds silhouette as possible.

black silhouette of the birds
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If you are fond of seeing a family of birds on tree branches, it would be good to get it inked. The black silhouette of the birds, along with black leaves, looks extremely charming. Also, you can add a little bit of colour to the tattoo by including some hearts or a few blossoms.

You can also add an anklet tattoo where a few flying birds may encircle the ankle alongside such a piece. Adding small birds silhouette along the line will make the bird tattoo even better. Apart from the foot, you can even get similar art designs inked on the chest or upper arm.

Minimalistic Birds Silhouette Tattoos

Minimalistic Birds Silhouette Tattoos
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You may have seen that the current trend of tattoos is minimalism. This includes getting small and dainty tattoos with simple line art. These designs are also great for those who want to hide the tattoos behind their clothes. For example, you may tell the artist to define the silhouette tattoo with some geometric or decorative lines rather than getting the plain black flying bird. Adding images of a dandelion or any other flower would also look good.

Birds Freedom Tattoo
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Clubbing lettering to a silhouette tattoo of birds may also look really great. You may have seen similar bird tattoos on many people as adding a symbol of freedom to the word ‘freedom’ can be inspiring. Handwriting fonts look the best with such tattoos that remind you to have a good life. Moreover, such minimal design of black bird tattoos look aesthetically pleasing.

If you have always been waiting to get one of the bird tattoos, this is the best time to get inked! Let your inspiration flow, as you can easily customise a bird silhouette tattoo to fit your style and taste. Moreover, as a symbol of freedom, the flying bird will help you remember your life expectations and goals. Whenever you need ideas to work with bird tattoos, feel free to come back to this guide!

Before wrapping things up, here are a few extra bird silhouette tattoo ideas for inspiration:

  1. Flying bird tattoos with compass.
  2. A tattoo bird silhouette of a hummingbird catching a fly.
  3. Native or tribal birds flying silhouette design.
  4. A complete black tattoo bird silhouette sleeve.
  5. Three small black bird siting on a tree branch.
  6. Bird tattoos of books turning into images of black birds.
  7. In flight bird tattoos with your name and your partner’s name.
  8. Small tattoo of a raven or dove with the name and the passing date of a loved one.
  9. Tattoo of three black bird silhouette flying near the crescent moon.
  10. Bird silhouette tattoo of birds flying in a pattern.

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