101 Best Bird Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Bird Behind Ear Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 9, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you looking forward to getting a bird tattoo behind your ear? Here is a list of some awesome bird behind ear tattoo ideas!

Bird Behind Ear Tattoo
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Bird tattoos represent freedom and love to travel.

They also represent peace, independence, and optimism.

Different tattoos have different meanings. If you consider yourself to be a free spirit, bird tattoos are the ones to get! It is similar to what a butterfly tattoo represents. A flower tattoo on the other hand represents that you are ready to explore your full potential. A dove tattoo represents hope and peace, this could also be a beautiful tribute tattoo. Birds have always been a sign of freedom and hope, if you’ve been through a troubled moment in your life or if you want to bring peace and happiness in it. Many cultures believe that birds remove negative influences and increase your feminine energy. For the past few years a music note tattoo, a small butterfly tattoo, a tree tattoo or a scissor tattoo have gained popularity. Moon tattoos and sailor tattoos have started to become less popular.

Read below to find out more about some fascinating behind the ear tattoos and their meanings

Black Small Bird Tattoo Behind Ear

Black Small Bird Tattoo Behind Ear
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This is one of the most popular behind the ear tattoos. This design is favoured among women and since it is a small tattoo it is considered to be discreet. In black ink with a little bit of shading, this ear tattoo shows a little bird soaring towards the sky. Whenever you want to get a new ink tattooed that will turn heads make sure that the tattoo has a great placement. In Native American cultures, a soaring bird means that you are a free spirit. Small tattoos cannot include a lot of detail so there must be only one element to the tattoo unless you want the tattoo to extend to your neck. If you want to express that you are ready to travel or that you like the nomadic lifestyle, you get a similar tattoo behind the ear or on the neck.

Bird With Olive Branch Ear Tattoos

Bird With Olive Branch Ear Tattoos
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A flying bird tattoo behind ear meaning you are a free spirit makes for a great tattoo! In this popular tattoo design, we have a lovely minimal outline of a bird holding an olive branch between its beaks. The branch and leaves are inked in solid black. Scissor tattoos also have a similar message except the scissors are a metaphor for “cutting out” the negative energy around you. The branch adds the message of peace. Some people also like to add a roman numeral or a cluster of roman numerals which represent a memorable date. This tattoo design is both cute and delicate and is placed closer to the neck.

Small Bird In Flight Ear Tattoo

Small Bird In Flight Ear Tattoo
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Here is a black small bird tattoo placed below the ear. The bird is inked like a sketch, with a small patch of orange-red near the throat. This design doesn’t have any bright colors but has been made in the neo-traditional and contemporary style of tattooing. This design has not been made with a tattoo machine, but with the poking technique. The bird is a sparrow and represents being free.

Flock Of Birds Behind The Ear Tattoo

Flock Of Birds Behind The Ear Tattoo
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This design is a combination of three small bird tattoos inked in solid black.

This is a great idea if you want your tattoo to symbolize that you are letting go. It is a permanent reminder that you have covered a long journey and that you have overcome the dark times. Birds have been one of the universal symbols of peace and moving towards the positive light. You may also get such a tattoo to represent the three important people who have greatly impacted your world. The ear placement also adds to the appeal.

Dove Behind The Ear Tattoo

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This is a simple line tattoo of a little dove. It symbolizes peace, harmony and freedom. This design has been seen mostly in women and has also become a sign of hope. Doves are included in certain celebrations, for example when someone is getting married, doves are released after the ceremony. Doves in flight also represent letting go of something. You may have had some negative energy in your past so you can get this tattoo as a representation that you are letting go of what might have been holding you back.

Owl In Flight Ear Tattoo

Owl In Flight Ear Tattoo
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An owl is part of the zodiac signs. If you are born in January then an owl represents your zodiac sign. Owl is a symbol of luck and is a metaphor that you can create light and be able to get through the dark at the same time. An owl in flight also represents that there is hope to a safe harbor and that you should not lose hope. Designs like this also feature a yin and yang, which means that the world is in perfect balance. A heart tattoo symbolizes new beginnings and long life so some people like to add that too. Owls are also considered to be gentle birds unless they sense danger, this could also be a metaphor for your personality. Maybe you may think that people take you for granted or are not taking you seriously, so this tattoo idea may be symbolic of your struggle.

Cute Hen Tattoo Design

Cute Hen Tattoo Design
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Small behind ear tattoos are considered dainty and discreet. This little hen or a chick is placed behind the ear and is tattooed entirely in a stick and poke tattoo style. The hen is not a representation of something but is used as a joke. Tattoos don’t always have a deep meaning some times they can just match your personality trait. This cute bird tattoo can easily be concealed behind long hair if you wish.

Banana Covered Up With A Bird Tattoo

Banana Covered Up With A Bird Tattoo
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A large tattoo design helps easily cover a tattoo that you may have gotten before. The previous tattoo that was there looked like the tattoo artist had not done a great job or maybe the client wanted to try on a new design in the same place. Smaller tattoos always seem delicate and larger tattoos are to represent that you have a bold choice. The bird that this design has made is a raven. The design looks feminine and sleek. Sometimes people like to cover up their tattoos as they may have started a new chapter in their life and they want the tattoo to be symbolic of that.

Doves In Flight Ear Tattoo

Doves In Flight Ear Tattoo
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This is a combination of four small birds and is the traditional way how birds are shown. The birds are in-flight with wings stretched in different ways. The birds are styled in black ink. This symbolizes that you are ready for a new chapter. Ear tattoos are normally small tattoos and placed behind the ear, they are preferred as they are discreet. They are also more painful than other body parts as it is on a bone rather than a muscle.

Japanese Style Bird Behind Ear Tattoo

Japanese Style Bird Behind Ear Tattoo
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The tattoo artist’s style is different here as the design is in the Japanese style of art. In Japanese culture, birds represent peace and harmony. This design means that you are at peace with yourself and that you are ready for what life has to offer. There are three swallows, placed on top of each other, with their narrow, sharp wings outstretched. This tattoo also symbolizes that you are hopeful. Ear tattoos are mostly seen on women as they have become a fashion symbol. They have small tattoos but it has a powerful message. Some women like to include different elements in their tattoos for example a small heart or a flower. These types of tattoo styles have recently been popularized due to celebrities.

Bird tattoos behind the ear have recently become stylish, some people like to get a bird as a sleeve tattoo. Ear tattoos are considered to be discreet tattoos. Behind the ears, tattoos are preferred by women rather than men as they are a fun way to express yourself. Here are some design ideas if you are thinking of getting a bird behind your ear tattoo.

  1. Bird of paradise tattoo behind ear
  2. Flight of doves design behind the ear
  3. bird tattoo that extends from the back of your ear to your neck
  4. Raven bird design behind the ear
  5. Small owl behind the ear
  6. Bird cage tattoo behind ear
  7. Bird tattoo behind ear Divergent movie style

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What does a bird behind ear tattoo mean?

A bird behind the ear tattoo is often associated with freedom and a desire to escape one’s current circumstances. It can also symbolize a strong faith or connection to a higher power as well as having an optimistic outlook on life. In some cases, it may represent femininity and beauty, or simply be used for aesthetic reasons.

What is the cost of a bird behind ear tattoo?

The cost of a bird behind the ear tattoo can vary greatly depending on several factors, including size, complexity of the design and location. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will be cheaper than larger ones, with a range anywhere from $50 to over $1000 for more elaborate designs. The cost may also depend on the artist or shop you choose. Be sure to do your research and find an experienced artist who can provide you with quality work for a fair price.

How do I take care of my bird behind ear tattoo?

Proper care and maintenance of your bird behind the ear tattoo is essential to ensure that it lasts. Immediately after getting your tattoo, keep it clean with a mild soap or antibacterial cleanser. Always wash hands before touching the area and gently pat dry with a disposable paper towel. Apply a thin layer of ointment (such as Aquaphor or A&D ointment) to keep the area moisturized and then use a clean bandage or wrap to protect it.

How do I choose a bird behind ear tattoo design?

Choosing the right bird behind the ear tattoo design is an important decision. Spend some time looking at images online or in magazines to get inspiration and ideas for what you’d like to have done. Consider size, placement, color, and other details that will affect the overall look of your tattoo. It’s also a good idea to discuss your ideas with a professional tattoo artist to get their opinion and advice. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you love your design!

What is the pain level of a bird behind ear tattoo?

The pain level of getting a bird behind the ear tattoo can vary based on the individual’s sensitivity and tolerance. Generally speaking, this area is considered to be relatively low on the pain scale because it is near the face and has less muscle tissue. That being said, everyone experiences pain differently and some may find that they are more sensitive to this area than others. Applying a numbing cream prior to getting your tattoo can help reduce any discomfort you may experience.

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