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101 Best Bicep Armband Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
String Bracelet Armband Tattoo

We ink tattoos on our bodies to look stylish, and what makes one look more fashionable than a bicep armband tattoo? It turns you into an eye-catching human.

Bicep Armband Tattoo
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A tattoo is a fashion statement in itself, and through it, a person can represent strength, style, life, and art, all together to leave an impact on people.

One popular choice among people is the armband bicep tattoo to accomplish all these desires. People opt for this tattoo art to look presentable as well as to reflect different meanings through the armband tattoos.

The armband tattoos signify multiple things and give freedom to people to understand them from their own perspectives. On the one hand, it reflects strong and powerful character traits; on the other hand, we can understand it as a sign of remembrance, mourning, or honoring. Its unique tattoo design enriches one’s personality and makes it look more presentable to all. It can be inked on the wrist, forearm, thigh, biceps, elbow, and even on ankle.

Among the various armband tattoos that a tattoo artist can make, one such attractive design is the tattoo that goes around your biceps and is called a bicep armband tattoo. Interestingly, the biceps muscle band tattoo symbolizes strength and luck. It is considered a sign of power mainly because of its positioning on the biceps. It is a perfect tattoo design for a gym enthusiast or someone with a great physique. Besides that, anyone can go for these ‘around the arm’ tattoo art as it is a popular tattoo choice among both men and women.

Here are some bicep armband tattoos that will charm your eyes to help you choose the best design for your upcoming tattoo.

Female Bicep Armband Tattoo

Female Bicep Armband Tattoo
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This female classy armband tattoo on the biceps with the design of water waves is an ideal fit for women. It not only represents the numerous emotions a woman carries within herself but how she manages them all during the different phases of her life. Women are considered more emotional than men, and it is a gift that must be embraced.

Besides the deeper meaning, this tattoo looks pretty as well, and anyone can go for such tattoo designs that look cute and charming at the same time.

Apart from the biceps, one can ink this tattoo on their wrist, forearm, elbow, or ankle with black ink or using multiple colors to give it a vibrant look.

Simple Armband Tattoos

Simple Armband Tattoos
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This is one of the simplest tattoo designs one can go for, irrespective of gender. This uncomplicated design serves a number of purposes apart from just being a permanent tattoo. It looks like a realistic armband and a saviour for those who don’t have any ideas on their mind before getting a tattoo.

You can ink this armband tattoo design on your wrist, forearm, and ankle, with whichever color or pattern you like to customize it to make it look like a permanent band. One can also go for such multiple bands on their body.

You can get this tattooed with your friends, add cool designs, and make it a friendship band that stays there forever.

Moon Phases Arm Band Tattoo

Moon Phases Arm Band Tattoo
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This creative piece of art which shows the different phases of a moon cycle signifies immortality and eternity. One can also think of it as the chapter in an individual’s life where we experience both dark and bright days.

This art also gives hope that the dark days won’t last long and your life will surely shine like a full moon.

You can get such arm meaningful tattoos on your upper arm, wrist, and forearm by actually using the colors that depict the moon, making it look as realistic as possible. A tattoo artist can also use dot work in this tattoo design to give it a unique flair.

Bicep Black Armband Tattoo

Bicep Black Armband Tattoo
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This black-inked tattoo with a random yet fascinating design is definitely eye-catching and a pure gem presented by the tattoo artist. We must praise it for the abstract design it carries instead of finding meaning in it.

Anyone can opt for this quirky armband design that will make them stand out from the rest of the popular styles. Unlike many other types of tattoos, this tattoo is not dependent on any meaning but portrays a lot through its illustration. One can find numerous eyes inside this design that looks true to life.

It can be inked on your wrist, biceps, and forearm with black ink or with multiple colors to make it look high-spirited.

Tribal Armband Tattoo

Tribal Armband Tattoo
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The tribal armband tattoos are one of a kind that depicts other cultures rather than always going for the most popular styles. The tribal designs and the tribal shapes that this tattoo carries are highly exclusive.

It shows mountains but can be changed with any element of nature as per your choice. However, if one sticks to this, it can be one of the great armband tattoo designs for a mountain lover or a traveler.

The perfect place to ink these tribal armband tattoos is your biceps with the combination of colors as per your personal preferences.

Solid Black Armband Tattoo

Solid Black Armband Tattoo
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To give an eccentric touch to regular armband tattoos, this tattoo form is a work of art by a tattoo artist who made this cool design in an armband shape. This armband tattoo throws a strong and powerful vibe through its design.

It is a perfect fit for a person with great physique or anyone thinking of getting a solid armband tattoo inked on their biceps. These types of forearm band tattoos make one look mysterious and fascinating.

You can ink such armbands on your biceps with black ink only, to get the actual elegance it has to offer to personality.

Cute Armband Tattoo Bicep

Cute Armband Tattoo Bicep
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This cute armband tattoo filled with flowers and stars of multiple colors gives out a vibrant and energetic vibe. It also makes one look and feel young. It has a feminine touch to it but can be worn by anyone irrespective of their gender.

The cuteness this tattoo design has is adorable and pleasant to the eyes. Armband tattoos like these cheers one’s mood and appears elegant on the body. It is a perfect choice if you are thinking a design for your first tattoo.

You must use lively colors while inking this armband tattoo on your biceps and use more of sparkling elements to standout from the rest of the many tattoos.

Unique Band Tattoo

Unique Band Tattoo
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Armband tattoo designs like these are one of a kind as it gives a tribal touch to their outlook. Despite that, it is a popular style among adults who wish to get tattoos of armbands on their biceps.

It is a simple approach in making a band tattoo that looks like it ties your biceps and also symbolizes strength through its design.

With black ink, you can get armband tattoos on your biceps to preserve its style and let it work its charm on others.

Dot Work Armband Tattoo

Dot Work Armband Tattoo
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This is one of the best armband tattoo designs that one can find. It is quite elegant in its look, and the simple art on this makes it more alluring. The design made by the tattoo artist makes it appear classy.

This design is gender neutral and many times found to be inked in the memory of deceased loved ones. The dot work art is not only making it mysterious but providing a fascinating perspective to the design.

You can ink this armband tattoo on your biceps by adding your own ideas or using the design as it is. You can use colors as per your preference and create a unique design.

String Bracelet Armband Tattoo

String Bracelet Armband Tattoo
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It might look like just a red string, but that is the brilliance of this design which is making it look like a real string bracelet to the naked eyes. Besides its simple look, it has a deep meaning attached to it. This armband tattoo is also a sign of protection and a destroyer of bad luck.

Apart from that, it is believed to come from Hebrew texts. It is also considered as a defence weapon against the evil eye. Many think of this as an older tattoo design, whereas numerous people consider it as an evergreen tattoo style.

You can ink this band tattoo on your biceps, wrists, or forearms with the color of your choice.

Before going to ink your body with permanent armband tattoos, there is something you must know and take care off. There is a chance that your armband tattoo may be mildly nauseous. However, these body parts are less sensitive to pain. Thus, there is minimal chance of getting hurt while tattooing on the arms.

The last thing prior to inking yourself you should know how much does a black and white armband bicep tattoo cost, and make your final decision accordingly.

The armband tattoos are a popular choice among adults and is the safest option to go for when you have nothing on your mind.

Here are some more ideas for armband tattoos that might interest you or work as a reference whenever you next go for tattooing your body.

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What is a bicep armband tattoo?

A bicep armband tattoo is a design that wraps around the upper arm, typically from the elbow to mid-bicep. The design of these tattoos varies greatly and can include a single band or multiple bands in various patterns and designs. Often times they include tribal elements such as symbolic icons, images, or text which represent a certain meaning or hold personal significance to the wearer. These tattoos can be either solid lines or filled in with color and shading for a more dynamic effect. Bicep armband tattoos are often used as a statement of strength, courage, loyalty, and identity. No matter what design you choose, an armband tattoo is sure to add a bold statement to your look.

How do I choose a design for my bicep armband tattoo?

When choosing a design for your bicep armband tattoo, it is important to consider the meaning behind it and how it will fit into your overall aesthetic. Consider if you want a tribal-style design or something more abstract, as well as if you would like to add color or shading. Additionally, think about where on your arm you would like the tattoo to be placed and how large it should be. After you have determined all of these factors, begin searching for designs that fit into your criteria. You can look through online galleries, find images in magazines or books, or even consult with a professional artist for ideas. Once you’ve found a design you love, make sure to get it professionally tattooed for the best results.

How much does a bicep armband tattoo cost?

The cost of a bicep armband tattoo varies greatly depending on the size, complexity, and location. Generally speaking, simple designs tend to be cheaper than more intricate ones. The size of the design also plays a role in its cost; smaller tattoos typically cost less than larger ones. Additionally, some artists charge different prices based on their level of experience and expertise. It is important to remember that your tattoo is an investment and should be treated as such. Research artists in your area to find one who suits your style and budget before committing to a design.

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