10 Best Bearded Dragon Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Bearded Dragon Tattoos

Looking for adorable bearded dragon tattoos to get inked with? Well, here we have the top 10 ways you can express your affinity towards the animal!

Bearded Dragon Tattoo
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Bearded dragon tattoos are creating all the buzz as the reptile’s reputation reaches sky-high of being a wholesome pet in the domestic space.

Dragon tattoos consistently lead the way of tattooing with a lot of experimentation on the Chinese dragon tattoo and Japanese dragon tattoo emerging every day. Though these designs are found in bulk, a cute twist to the indomitable dragon is presented by the portrayal of the bearded dragons.

Before you start wondering in the wrong direction, no, these are not the mythical creatures with a comical beard attached. A beloved member of the reptile clan, Pogona is colloquially referred to as the “bearded dragon” owing to its dangling loose throat equipped with spikes. As fearful as it may sound, bearded dragons are a darling to whoever has made an effort to befriend them. A bearded dragon tattoo meaning thus could differ depending on how you perceive the animal. In general, the animal represents transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. People also believe that the recurring sight of this reptile means protecting what is dear to you, and the need to be more gentle in your disposition. No matter what you believe in, this participant sure does contribute to a lot of interesting content in tattooing and that’s all that matters. Read on to find how you can ink these creatures on your body and make a statement piece with a reptile!

Traditional Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Traditional Bearded Dragon Tattoo
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Inspired by tattoo flash designs hanging from a tattoo studio, this tattoo artist inks the dragon in the most quintessential way known to American tattooing. Boldly outlined in black, this dragon oozes out of art with its radiant shades and well-defined form.

Traditional Bearded Dragon Tattoo
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Did you know the ancient people had a collection of tattoo designs on their bodies? For the ancients, each living or non-living entity meant something, and getting a design inked hinted at its enormous significance in their lives. The artist here inclines towards the Hawaiian tribal way of tattooing. The patterns and outlines in black keep the design simple yet classic. You can also do away with the outlines, creating an undefined periphery.

Colourful Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Colourful Bearded Dragon Tattoo
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To make your tattoos pop up, opt for a number of colours that will create a statement piece of art in itself. Here, the use of the three marvelously blended shades of blue is a creative take that looks stunning on the skin! The essential intricacies that form the center of the design contribute a great deal in raising the bar of quality in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined!

Magical Dragon Tattoo
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This witchy dragon is definitely into a life filled with broomsticks, bats, and the crescent moon. Except for its homely colours, this dragon art is all about experimentation with different contexts and elements. If you are with a passion for all things quirky, choosing a similar style involving the references of your taste will be a great option.

3D Bearded Dragon Tattoo Designs

3D Bearded Dragon Tattoo Designs
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Ink your reptile-friend in its lively size and stature with a 3D tattoo that accentuates its being. Here, the style gains fruition with a monochromatic description of the dragon that agrees with its shadow cast by a mesh of lines.

Dragon Tattoo Designs
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Though if you are particularly biased towards colour, switch to grainy shadows that provide the necessary dimension and compliment the dotted patterns on the dragon. Exposed sites like your limbs might be perfect to get these tattoos inked.

Bearded Dragon Footprint Tattoo

Bearded Dragon Footprint Tattoo
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A bearded dragon foot tattoo is just what you need if you agree with minimalism to an uncomfortable extent! This piece of art is as if a testament of unconditional love and tribute to your four-legged friend. The foot sign is kept simple yet eye-catching with nuanced detailing within its grey periphery. Linking your personal style with your pet dragon, these footprint tattoos will be a perfect embellishment to your wrist. And the best part? These mini tattoos don’t require you to sit under a needle for long hours!

Bearded Dragon’s Skeletal Structure Tattoo

Bearded Dragon's Skeletal Structure Tattoo
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Losing a pet is a pain that we all have felt at some point or the other. Pay homage to your beardy with a large-scale tattoo on your arm that commemorates its contribution to your life. The framework of the dragon is achieved by a seminal dot work that goes on from its head to tail. The flowers act both as an embellishment and a participant in linking the symbols of rebirth and renewal to the theme of death. You can also lightly colour the flowers to bring about a bit of contrast to such a tattoo.

Creative Bearded Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Creative Bearded Dragon Tattoo Ideas
@milky_tattoodles via Instagram

This dragon poses to provide a dreamy landscape that anyone will like to enter in. Its green, fertile back indicates the presence of life and also accommodates it. The mushrooms growing out of its back means to hint at the fact that these creatures are a luminous sign of liveliness, compassion, and positivity. The bluish hue enveloping the fireflies and the moon combines with the overall scene, making it a worthy dragon tattoo to add to your collection.

Bearded Dragon Tattoo Ideas
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Well, creative doesn’t always mean artsy. Add funny fishnets and red nails to your dearest dragon friend for a sassy look. The patterns on the dragon are akin to their natural colours and serve to highlight the vanity of the additions even more.

Small Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Small Bearded Dragon Tattoo
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Bank on outlines only like this tattoo design over here for a neat sign that points to your beardy. Like we have been saying, these creatures agree with positivity and hence the text (though a bit snarky) fits appropriately. Owing to its compact size, this dragon is flexible to all sites on your body. Although you might want to keep the bad vibes away by putting such a tattoo design under the spotlight.

Bearded Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm

Bearded Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm
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As the rule of thumb goes, arm tattoos draw maximum attention and thereby the need to craft them with precision. Here, the intricately fashioned dragon is shown in a wild background defined by a few twigs of leaves. Interestingly, the branch appears to be 3D and merges underneath the skin. This could also indicate the strong link between the pet and the wearer.

Hat Dragon Tattoo Design On Arm
@tiny.toad via Instagram

Or if you would like a simpler yet cute version of an arm tattoo, add some unrelated motifs to your dragon. A hat that matches its overall style could just be what you need to add to your tattoo collection. The design is plain but not without the carefully adorned dot work that runs throughout. Placing the dragon horizontally near the elbow as is shown helps save a lot of space, at the same time encircling your arm for an off-beat placement.

Bearded Dragon Head Tattoo

Bearded Dragon Head Tattoo
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The dragon head along with its beard could also be a hearty addition to your skin. Embellished with botanicals, this tattoo shapes up as if to frame the face of the creature in a dainty fashion. You could also add colours to your dragon head or add other elements that suit your taste in body art.

Bearded Dragon Flowers Tattoo

Bearded Dragon Flowers Tattoo
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This flower tattoo shows how to compliment the bearded dragons without having to enter into the conventional feminine stream. The animal is made in rather serious shades with a keen eye focusing on its target. The colours of the flower are in direct contrast with the dragon, and the bold black lines allude to the traditional way of tattooing, ultimately drawing more attention to the piece.

Flower Dragon Flowers Tattoo
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You can also design the body of the dragon by internalising flowers within its structure. Here, the inclusion of yellow roses makes all the more difference against the black background, and the tattoo appears to pop up on the skin. Ink these kinds of floral bearded dragons on your arms for a better chance of exposure and appreciation.

Quite unnatural for a pet, even more for a tattoo trope, the bearded dragon is gaining a lot of attention owing to its symbolic significance. Embark on the popular stream and get yourself inked with these dear ones ASAP! Follow the list below for more bearded dragon tattoo designs:

  1. 3D bearded dragon tattoo on a mandala art
  2. Bearded dragon tattoo in neon colours
  3. Geometric bearded dragon tattoo
  4. Bearded dragon-family infinity tattoo
  5. Bearded dragon’s outline tattoo

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