101 Best Beach Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Beach Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 7, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

If you would love to have the best beach tattoo, then these tattoos will win your heart. Choose your own back and arm tattoo ideas.

Beach Tattoo
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Beaches are one of the best places to enjoy with families and friends.

In 2021, getting that beachy feeling would get our heart racing with excitement. Ink that beach tattoo and carry the beachy feeling with you.

Tattoos can last for a lifetime if the person doesn’t want them removed. Standing in 2021, beach tattoos have taken the world by storm and surfers have made them popular. However, beach and water tattoos also mean the love for beach and ocean.Ink your favourite tattoo art from the list below on your arm, back, chest, or leg.

Family Enjoying On Beach Tattoo

Beaches are one of the best places where you can go to enjoy with your family and friends.Little kids love playing in the sand, adults and little children alike love being in the water. In today’s busy schedule, we don’t get a lot of time to spend with our families. Hence, sometimes the little time on the beach can be the most beautiful memories. You can commemorate those memoriesby getting a tattoo design of your family enjoying the beach and it will be forever close to you.

Family Enjoying On Beach Tattoo
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You can choose a tattoo design of a peaceful-looking scene where you are walking on the beach with your family like the one in the picture. You can also get a tattoo design of everyone enjoying themselves on the beach or having a party at the beach. There are plenty of tattoo ideas to choose from foryour tattoo designs.

Peaceful Beach Tattoos

Beaches at times can be perfectly peaceful. Having a long walk on the beach with your significant other, looking at the beautiful sunrise or sitting on the sand to watch a mesmerizing sunset, they all can give you the feeling of serenity.

Peaceful Beach Tattoos
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If finding peace at the beach is one of your favourite things to do, you can get a tattoo design depicting that serene scene as the one shown in the picture. You can get one where it shows you and your significant other are walking on the beach. Take your pick of designs from your own great memories. Make it more unique and different by taking inspiration from the picture above.

Surfer At Beach Tattoo

Surfing is a type of water sport where a person rides a surf board on the face of the wave. It is a pretty famous worldwide sport. Many people not only love it, but surfing is their life. The ocean, the beach, the waves are what they live for. They live their best moments at the beach and in the ocean. If you are one of them, a beach tattoo including a surfer can be perfect.

Surfer At Beach Tattoo
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You can choose a tattoo of someone surfing the coming wave on the beach or choose one where a surfer can be seen on the beach with their surfing board. Choose your own favourite designs for your next tattoo from lots of tattoo ideas.

Beach And Ocean Tattoo

The ocean can be a scary yet beautiful place. As much as we love the beach, the ocean enhances it’s beauty. The never ending waves, the sun rising and setting on the horizon, the shells, and more treasures that come ashore with the waves are gifts of the ocean. One simply cannot love the beach without loving the ocean. Ocean tattoos and beach tattoo designs can help you express that love and respect for the sea and the life in it, such as that of a starfish, turtle, and many more.

Beach And Ocean Tattoo
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You can get a simple beach tattoo highlighting the oceanand the lives surrounding it. Such as a turtle, fish, or corals. You can also get a beach tattoo with big waves of the ocean. Show the beauty of the ocean by choosing from many remarkable beach and ocean tattoo ideas.

Beach And Palm Tree Tattoo

A palm tree is one of the few things that is synonymous with the beach. You cannot think of beaches without the great palm trees. Hence, it’s natural that palm trees will go extremely well with your beach tattoo. A palm tree in general symbolizes goodness and wisdom. Some people believe that a palm tree represents the Garden of Paradise. A symbol of God, a palm tree tattoo stands for itself, but incorporated with beach tattoo designs, they look infinitely more beautiful.

Beach And Palm Tree Tattoo
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The picture above shows a beautiful tattoo of a beach with clouds, birds and tall standing palm trees. You can choose your own beach picture for your tattoo accentuating several or one palm tree.

Beach And Wave Tattoo

Waves of water coming down on the sand, walking on that water, getting your feet wet is one of the best feelings that you can only get at a beach. Waves are a part of the beach that enhances it’s likability. Hence, waves with beach tattoos make sense. Wave tattoos themselves mean many things, such as your love and respect for the sea, overcoming tough breaks in your life, duality nature of life. Waves navigate many people to their destination, while some people drown in these waves in search of their destination. Still, waves always give back what it takes.

Beach And Wave Tattoo
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Get a simple and small wave tattoo like the one in the picture above. You can also choose a colourful scene that catches the beauty of a wave on a beach realistically as well. Choose your favourite designs for your next tattoo from thousands of beach and wave tattoo ideas.

Sunset At Beach Tattoos

Beaches are special, but what makes them more beautiful is the sun rising and setting. The sun setting on the horizon can help you feel serene. Sunset tattoos symbolize the cycle of life. It represents love, beauty, death, peace, hope for a better tomorrow, or a wonderful memory.

Sunset At Beach Tattoos Outsons
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Sunsets make the sky be full of beautiful colours, so we would recommend you to get a colourful sunset scene at a beach tattoo with watercolour as can be seen in the picture above. You can have black and grey sunset at a beach tattoo as well if you want. They look just as cool.

Beach In Summer Tattoo

The best time to enjoy the beach in a year is summer. Get an ice cream, or a cocktail, or if you are enjoying the beach on an island, go for that cocktail in a coconut. Get that tan everyone will envy and let loose in the water away from the summer heat. This is how some of the best summer holiday memories get made and you can cherish them by getting a tattoo of that memory. The memory will be etched on your body and stay close to your heart forever.

Beach In Summer Tattoo
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In the picture above, a unique or different and small tattoo design of the beach can be seen with the beach inside of a half coconut with a small umbrella. Everything in the tattoo connects to a summer day at the beach. You can come up with your own unusual tattoo designs for your beach in summer tattoos that will remind you of the summer fun all year round.

‘Lilo And Stitch’ Beach Tattoos

‘Lilo & Stitch’ is a classic Disney movie where the characters live in Hawaii. The protagonists can be seen having the utmost fun at the Hawaii beach. If you love beaches and the movie, why not get a tattoo of the characters having fun at the beach?

'Lilo And Stitch' Beach Tattoos
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You can get a classic, small and simple-looking tattoo of Stitch enjoying himself at the beach like it’s shown in the picture, or you can tattoo the other characters. Tickle your whimsical side and choose a fun ‘Lilo And Stitch’ beach tattoo.

Tropical Tattoos Of Beaches

Tropical areas do not necessarily mean around the ocean, but for the people living in tropical areas, beaches and the ocean can be a big relief from the heat. Tropical tattoos are usually colourful tattoos that depict the beauty of the areas. Tropical beach tattoo designs bring out more of that beauty.

Tropical Tattoos Of Beaches
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You can have a tattoo including all the pretty flowers and trees along with the ocean and the beach like the picture above. Watercolour would work the best for these kinds of tattoos. Take inspiration and let your tattoo artist do the magic.

Getting your tattoo from a good shop is essential, such as if you would like to ink a long beach tattoo or a south beach tattoo, then you have to go to a shop that tattoo these particular designs properly.Beach tattoos in colours look the prettiest and drawing a beach tattoo is not easy, so choose a tattoo art shop wisely.

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