101 Best Bandana Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Bandana Tattoo

Reviewed & fact checked: December 21, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

End your summer with a bang and get a bandana tattoo NOW. Pick any one of the following cool bandana tattoos to enhance your aesthetic!

Bandana Tattoo
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If you are on the search for an amazing bandana tattoo to go with your clothing style and also fits your budget and isn’t too much in price, along with cool features and also goes with your shoes – did I get the list right? – then these bandana tattoos are just the ones for you!

In the tattoo industry and around the world, bandana tattoos are often instantly recognizable, celebrate mental health, and symbolize a tight-knit community. The bandana tattoo is an example of one of the rather peculiar tattoos and by peculiar tattoos, we mean bright colors, light effects, and super cute graphic design ideas.

A bandana tattoo can also come accompanied by different styles and colors and other illustrations; machine drawn or stick and poke are always a good addition to your style. You can never go wrong with a bandana tattoo!

Bandana, Woman And Leaves Tattoo

Bandana, Woman And Leaves Tattoo
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This bandana, woman, and leaves tattoo is a super cute design with a distinctive style, showing off great artistic skills.

Light effects have been employed in this tattoo in great detail, and the outlines of this tattoo design are done excellently. The shading is adequate and not shabby at all.

This is an example of a great minimalistic design that stands out from the bunch, with a unique style and sharp outlining. This bandana tattoo is of a red bandana covering a woman’s face, hair lined with leaf tattoo designs, and the symbol of a dollar on her cheeks. The eyes of the woman have been left uncolored.

Statue Of Liberty Bandana Tattoo

Statue Of Liberty Bandana Tattoo
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This semi-realistic Statue of Liberty bandana tattoo is a really popular tattoo design within the tattoo artist community and the tattoo world.

In tattoo studios and around the world in general, a semi-realistic design is always popular. This Bandana tattoo art is the perfect example of that.

Yes, you love your country. Show it! Get this Statue of Liberty tattoo with the face covered, wearing a bandana of the flag of the United States. This ink proves that a tattoo doesn’t always have to be vibrant colors or precious stones. Sometimes, just your country’s flag can make art look much more beautiful. This bandana tattoo proves that you can create eye-catching art with very few details. On the pain scale, this tattoo has been rated a 5/10 due to the absence of not too much heavy detailing and the shading being near perfect.

Single Eye Bandana Tattoo

Single Eye Bandana Tattoo
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With its unique design and beautiful execution, this single-eye bandana sleeve tattoo is a blessing to your eyes.

The bandana is representative of what one can learn about positive change and improvement of mental health. Many tattoo studios use this design as their default to attract more customers.

Vibrant colors such as red and blue illustrations are very common with these tattoos. In the tattoo world, these tattoo designs of a bandana and an eye illustration are attractive and popular favorites. On the pain scale, these tattoos have been rated a 5/10 because of the heavy detailing, semi-realistic attributes, iconic shading, and beautiful outlining. Many tattoo studios ink the eye of a woman and a black bandana in a pair.

Red Bandana Tattoo

Red Bandana Tattoo
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This red bandana ink design is essentially a wrist tattoo but can also be drawn as a sleeve or leg tattoo.

This tattoo is a good example of a beautifully minimalistic sleeve or wrist tattoo. The shading done in this piece is remarkable.

This tattoo design is one of the most popular ones, with excellent shading and outlining done in precise and stunning black ink. Since this is one of the styles of a sleeve tattoo, it can be slightly bigger, but it truly just depends on what you ask for. The corners have a great finish, and the outlining is given an excellent finish. On the pain scale, this design has been rated a 3/10 due to the bright red color inside the bandana art and the yellow four-pointed star tattoo illustrations surrounding it.

Red Bandana Elbow Tattoo

Red Bandana Elbow Tattoo
@christian_encredupueple via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

This red bandana elbow tattoo is a semi-realistic illustration and one of the most beautiful and popular tattoos.

A bandana has always represented the thirst for learning, improving mental health, and positive change within the tattoo artist community.

Since a bandana is a symbol of peace and cooperation, and the color red is symbolic of vigor and determination, it fits that a red bandana is a symbol of hope and progress for a lot of people.

This tattoo is drawn in great detail, and the outlining is done excellently and precisely. The shading is given a stunning finish each time, and on the pain scale, it has been rated a solid 5/10 due to its semi-realistic attributes. Of course, you have more options for size and color.

Red Bandana Leg Tattoo

Red Bandana Leg Tattoo
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The red bandana ankle tattoo is one of the most popular bandana ink designs that dominate the tattoo world.

All around the world, this minimalistic and often vibrantly colored tattoo design is one of the most widely preferred styles.

On the pain scale, this tattoo has been rated a solid 5/10 due to the detailing that goes into it. The outlines are done precisely and stunningly, the shading is done in a semi-realistic manner as well as the corners are given an excellent finish. This tattoo is peculiar, but it surely is immensely captivating in its way, and tattoo lovers will drool over how aesthetic it is. It goes around a little over the ankle, around the foot, and is tied in a knot (the art).

Bandana Skull Tattoo

Bandana Skull Tattoo
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This bandana skull tattoo is a surrealistic design that is rooted in several centuries of spirituality and culture.

This tattoo design is both a popular one and a rare one. This tattoo is that of a woman’s skull, drawn in traditional Mexican style, wearing a bandana on her head.

The colors used in this design are plenty in number and vibrant. The outlining and shading have all been given an excellent finish and a semi-realistic touch, but that does not lose its minimalistic attributes at all. At first look, it’ll seem like only primary colors have been used, but upon closer inspection, we’ll notice that different shades and tones of red, green, and blue have also been used, along with a shine effect.

Bandana Headphones Tattoo

Bandana Headphones Tattoo
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This bandana headphones tattoo is a graphic style design within itself due to its surrealistic attributes.

If you are one of those people who would rather stay at home, or read a book while listening to music, then this tattoo is representative of you!

Therefore, this bandana tattoo is a cool little art that you can have on your elbow, shoulder, or ankle or as a sleeve tattoo, as shown in this picture. This tattoo has been rated a 5/10 on the pain scale due to an absence of any intricate detailing, just minimalistic attributes, and a stunning finish near the corners. The outlining is done excellently and with precise strokes and is mostly single-stroked. The finishing near its corners is neat and precise.

Heart And Bandana Tattoo

Heart And Bandana Tattoo
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This heart and bandana tattoo brings together the world of surreal fantasy and reality in an adorable illustration.

This tattoo is an illustration of a semi-realistic, anatomically correct heart, covered in a red bandana, symbolic of an improvement in mental health, positive change, and a thirst to learn. This is essentially an arm tattoo, but the size and style can vary depending on what you ask for.

This is a really good example of a heart tattoo that isn’t cliche and always stands out. This bandana ink tattoo is beyond perfect with the intricate details drawn with great attention and the detailing done perfectly. The outlines are drawn marvelously and the colors used are vibrant and beautifully explosive, for the lack of a better word. On the pain scale, this tattoo has been rated a 6/10 due to the heavy detailing and intricate shading. The illustrations are a plethora of designs, such as a heart, a bandana, veins, etc.

Blue Bandana Woman Tattoo

Blue Bandana Woman Tattoo
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This beautifully inked blue bandana woman design tattoo is a stunning combination of a beautiful illustration of a woman with a leaf for hair and a blue Bandana covering her face to create splendid art.

This is a popular favorite among tattoo artists. A surrealistic tattoo design of a woman with white eyes and a blue bandana is always an eye-catcher.

This wonderful tattoo is the epitome of cool, with classic leaf tattoos resting on top of the woman’s head, symbolizing peace, with adequate shading and outlining. This is essentially an arm tattoo, but once again, depending on how you wish to customize it, the size of it, and, therefore, the location of this tattoo also varies. And you can reward your growth and qualities yourself through this stunning tattoo. It has been rated a 5/10 on the pain scale due to detailed color filling and shading, as well as the precise outlines and intricate details. This is one of the most popular tattoo designs within this category.

More options are given below.

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What is a bandana tattoo?

A bandana tattoo is a type of tattoo that utilizes the classic patterned fabric to create unique designs. This style of tattooing typically uses bright and bold colors, and the designs are often based on a variety of different shapes, symbols and patterns. Bandana tattoos can range from small and delicate designs to large and intricate pieces. They can also be placed anywhere on the body and can be used to express a range of ideas, from religious or spiritual beliefs to personal tastes and style. Bandana tattoos are also popular among many cultures, including African American and Hispanic communities, as well as with people all over the world who appreciate their bold designs and vibrant colors. No matter what your individual style is, there is sure to be a bandana-inspired design that suits your taste and personality.

What are some of the most popular bandana tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular bandana tattoo designs include religious symbols, such as crosses and Christian imagery, as well as symbols of luck, protection or strength. Bandana tattoos can also be used to pay homage to certain cultures or beliefs, such as tribal patterns or Aztec designs. Other common designs feature animals and nature-inspired images like birds, flowers and trees. Bandana tattoos can also be used to create shapes and patterns, such as a checkerboard or a starburst. One of the most popular uses for bandana tattoos is creating bold geometric designs, often seen in tribal-style inkings. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a bandana tattoo design that speaks to you.

How much does a bandana tattoo cost?

Like all other tattoos, the cost of a bandana tattoo will depend on size and complexity. Generally, smaller designs that use fewer colors will be more affordable than larger pieces with intricate details and lots of color. Your location can also play into the price of your tattoo, as professional artists in bigger cities usually charge higher rates. For most basic bandana tattoos, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200. However, larger designs or ones with a lot of detail work could cost up to $500 or more. Ultimately, the price of your tattoo will depend on the artist you choose and the design you decide on.

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