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101 Best Badass Aquarius Tattoos Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Badass Aquarius Tattoo

Been looking for some badass Aquarius tattoos that can portray the Aquarius in you? You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Badass Aquarius Tattoos
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(These badass Aquarius tattoos are just as creative as Aquarius natives are known to be)

Independent, creative, and optimistic are the words that come to mind the moment someone mentions ‘Aquarius’.

People who are born under this star are often considered to be pessimists and rebellious. But this sign also has many positive traits, making the Aquarius sign one of the best zodiac signs.

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius zodiac sign natives are incredibly ambitious and highly intelligent, and genuinely original. The Aquarius zodiac sign is the

Every single Aquarius are unique in their own way, and if you know an Aquarius personally, you’d know that there is just absolutely no one like them. Being the eleventh astrological sign, the sign’s planetary ruler is Uranus, and the word ‘Aquarius’ has its origin in the zodiacal constellation Aquarius. This sign is represented by the glyph is represented by two zigzagging lines that symbolizes water and are parallel to each other.

Also known for being analytical, sociable, and the most altruistic astrological sign, the Aquarius zodiac sign is an air sign. They also happen to be the last air sign in the astrological charts. Air signs are also considered to be intelligent, humourous, and independent, making them fit the air element perfectly. Because Aquarius natives never stay stuck in their past and are always ready for a new start, they are also represented by the water bearer symbol, also referred to as the mystical healer. The pouring water from the water vase represents washing away sorrows and bad pasts and moving on with life. This also symbolizes bestowing water on our planet.

According to reachers, the number of birth between late January and early February is the lowest, which makes Aquarius the rarest among all zodiac signs. If you, too, are one of the precious signs from the astrological charts and are looking for some badass Aquarius tattoo designs to match perfectly with your personality, you are right where you should be! Read on to find out some of the most badass and prettiest Aquarius tattoos that we have put together in this catalog to reflect your unique, creative, and intelligent personality.

Water Bearer Aquarius Tattoo

Water Bearer Aquarius Tattoo
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Since this sign is represented by the water bearer, this water bearer tattoo has to come first on our list. According to Greek mythology, Aquarius is the son of Atlas and Pleione, and he is the God of seasonal rain.

There are a number of stories associated with the reason for an Aquarius being the water bearer. One such story is about the time when Zeus was angry at humans and how humanity has turned out to be. It was then that Zeus decided to send Aquarius, his son, to destroy humanity with a flood by pouring the waters from heaven onto Earth.

This water bearer tattoo features the water bearer in black, with the water being inked in blue. The tattoo has also been inked with a ripped border giving the idea of being a true Aquarius.

Aquarius Symbol Simple Tattoo

Aquarius Symbol Simple Tattoo
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As previously mentioned, the Aquarius symbol is denoted by the two parallel zigzag lines, which symbolize water. This Aquarius design is one of the most common designs chosen for the Aquarius tattoo. If you are looking for a small tattoo, a simple Aquarius symbol tattoo like this will never fail you.

You can, of course, customize this tattoo based on your preferences and add in details as you wish. This tattoo design can also be inked by both Aquarius men as well as women. So, if you are looking for a perfect tattoo to represent your zodiac sign, this is the one for you.

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo
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When it comes to zodiac sign tattoo ideas, constellation tattoos are often one of the go-to tattoos. Constellation tattoos are simple, aesthetic, and gorgeous. The Aquarius constellation goes by the same name as the zodiac sign.

The tattoo artist has drawn the Aquarius constellation tattoo so skillfully that it is undeniably one of the best simple Aquarius tattoo ideas you will ever come across. The artist has also written ‘Acuario’ right below the Aquarius constellation tattoo, which is the Spanish for ‘Aquarius’.

Blue Wave Aquarius Tattoo

Blue Wave Aquarius Tattoo
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An alternative option to the Aquarius symbol tattoo, this tattoo has been drawn with blue ink to give the image of a blue wave design. This wave tattoo is a great tattoo design for Aquarius natives who want to show off their zodiac sign in a simple yet creative way. All you need to do to get this blue waves tattoo is choose a shade of blue of your choice and ask your tattoo artist to make simple waves with that color in a location of your choice.

You can, of course, also customize this tattoo by adding details of your choice. Read on to find how you can further incorporate this Aquarius symbol with other designs to make your Aquarius tattoo stand out in the crowd.

Fairy Aquarius Tattoo

Fairy Aquarius Tattoo
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This tattoo design is one of the best Aquarius tattoo ideas for all the Aquarius ladies out there who want a work of art with a girly touch to their Aquarius tattoo. Made with a subtle design with pastel colors, this tattoo features a fairy with a water pitcher and the Aquarius symbol on her forehead. The tattoo artist has also drawn a beautiful moon and the Aquarius constellation in the background. Since a stunning tattoo design like this requires the artist to be very skilled in paintings, we recommend you to look around for tattoo artists who have experience working on tattoo designs like this one.

American Traditional Aquarius Colorful Tattoo

American Traditional Aquarius Colorful Tattoo
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If you are someone who is more into loud tattoos filled with stunning colors, this American traditional Aquarius tattoo is the one for you. Colored with bright and deep colors, this tattoo has been colored to perfection by the tattoo artist.

Made with dark colors and minimum intricate details, this tattoo is for anyone who is looking for a big tattoo with bold designs. Since this tattoo is mostly about using the best quality of bright colors, we would recommend investing well for a tattoo like this. This bold tattoo will also look just as stunning if inked as an arm design. So, if you are someone who loves and does not mind getting a bold tattoo, we would definitely want you to consider this design for your new tattoo design.

Brushstroke Aquarius Tattoo

Brushstroke Aquarius Tattoo
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A popular tattoo among both Aquarius men and women, this Aquarius tattoo is an artistic approach to Aquarius symbols. This Aquarius tattoo can also be altered in terms of size and made smaller or bigger depending on one’s choice.

The tattoo artist has inked this tattoo in black ink with carefully made details to achieve the zodiac symbol in a brushstroke effect. A perfect balance between simplicity and creativity, this tattoo is an excellent option for natives who are looking for Aquarius tattoo designs to reflect their unique personalities. Go for this tattoo and show off your love for their zodiac sign.

Tarot Card Aquarius Tattoo

Tarot Card Aquarius Tattoo
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A true astrological approach, this tattoo design is an excellent Aquarius tattoo idea for anyone who is looking for a tattoo to reflect not just their love for their zodiac sign but also their love for astrology. Tarot card tattoos can hold deep meaning on their own, and adding your zodiac sign to it can add a lot more meaning to your tattoo.

The tattoo artist has made a tarot card with floral designs on the outside of the tarot card. On the inside, we see the Aquarius constellation with the moon and a water pitcher. We bet there is no other tattoo that screams ‘Aquarius’ than this one right here. The tattoo artist has claimed originality for this tattoo work, so do make sure to credit them if you choose to ink this tattoo on your body.

Spiritual Aquarius Tattoo

Spiritual Aquarius Tattoo
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A symbol of spiritual awakening, a lotus has a lot of meaningful connotations associated with it in several cultures. This Aquarius tattoo is for your Aquarius soul who is into spirituality and wants to embrace it in one single tattoo.

This tattoo features a lotus tattoo inside a dotted inverted triangle design. Inside the lotus, the artist has added an Aquarius symbol, which makes this spiritual tattoo recognizably an Aquarius tattoo. The tattoo also has three overlapping triangles just below the lotus. In spirituality, even triangles hold deep meanings, which include harmony, unity, connection, and wisdom. All these together make a perfect choice for the best spiritual Aquarius tattoo.

Black Skull Aquarius Tattoo

Black Skull Aquarius Tattoo
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A skull tattoo generally symbolizes rebellion and the afterlife. It can also mean the celebration of life. If you are looking for a fun and bold tattoo and want to break free from the same old obvious Aquarius tattoos, this design was meant to find you.

This tattoo features water being poured out of the skull, much like the water bearer symbol, but here, with no water bearer. The water is being poured out into broken cups which further flow into the Aquarius water bearer pitcher, with an Aquarius symbol on it. The typical Aquarius image has the water bearer pouring water out of the pitcher. However, in this design, the water is being instead poured into the pitcher. This symbolizes rebellion, and because an Aquarius is an independent sign who does not like being tied down with rules, this Aquarius tattoo will make an excellent choice for the rebel in you.

We bet that you must have found your favorite Aquarius tattoo among these tattoo ideas. However, if you still want to look out for more tattoo inspirations, you can also check out our recommendations mentioned below:

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