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101 Best Back Tattoo For Women Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Back Tattoo For Women ideas

Are you a fan of back tattoos and want to go for a popular choice? Then go through these back tattoo for women suggestions and make your call.

Back Tattoo For Women
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Tattoos are an expression of art that a tattoo artist draws on the body of a person rather than a canvas and back tattoos are an exact place to replace that canvas as it allows extensive tattoos as well as small inkings according to your liking.

The back be it lower, the upper, or the entire back is a coveted spot among women for getting inked. Tattoo ideas for women on back have garnered a lot of interest over the years.

You can go for detailed tattoos or small quaint figures according to your taste and level of pain tolerance. With back tattoos, you can let your imagination run wild and wear your nature on your back. Here is a list of back tattoos for women curated just for you.

Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon Back Tattoos
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Dragon back tattoos are one of the popular choices for most women because dragon is something that represents strength and power. In the patriarchal society, where men are associated with strength and power, with these back tattoos, women are as much bearers of strength and power.

This sexy back tattoo for women is gracefully drawn and the most attractive part of this tattoo is the twisted dragon. In this tattoo, two Shaolin Kung fu animals are shown, one is the dragon and the other is the bird with large wings. The bird with the large wings is a symbol of femininity whereas the dragon symbolises wisdom and protection.

This dragon tattoo is an excellent example of a center tattoo drawn in jet black ink with the tip starting with the different phases of the moon.

Red Spider Lily Back Tattoo

Red Spider Lily Back Tattoo
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This is an incredibly beautiful back tattoo design for women and is one of the most popular body arts representing death and farewell. This is a fantastic option for tattoo enthusiasts as it covers a large portion of their back.

The elegantly inked tattoo mainly covers the lower back with the black lily at the top followed by the red in the backdrop of a circle. Another catchy part of this tattoo design is the beautiful little butterfly tattoo that is drawn just below the lily.

Phoenix Back Tattoo

Phoenix Back Tattoo
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This beautiful phoenix tattoo works well as a cover-up tattoo. Drawn using bold black ink using gradient shading, the tattoo covers the entire upper back.

Phoenix is considered to be one of those bird tattoos that is associated with life and death, birth and rebirth, eternity, strength and renewal of life. As far as the legendary stories go it is known that the phoenix bursts into flames after its death and takes rebirth from its ashes. The cycle of birth and death and the continuity of human life are represented through a phoenix.

This phoenix tattoo is a meaningful one that signifies that a person who is strong enough to have accepted failure only to then rise from the dead is also strong enough to overcome any situation in their life. If you are someone who keeps rising like a phoenix from the direst of situations or have gone through such circumstances only to have been reborn with renewed zeal for life, these bird tattoos are perfect for you.

Chinese Back Tattoo

Chinese Back Tattoo
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One of the best things about spine tattoos is that it provides various and diverse tattoo ideas and designs to be drawn on your back as a back tattoo. This back tattoo is inspired by the Chinese culture and Chinese language. It is a symbol of the celebration of Chinese culture that upholds good luck and power.

If you are daring enough to write in a language that you do not know then you should always take out the word and translate it so that you can check whether the tattoo is the same that you want to get inked or maybe it means something else. So you better do your research well before getting a tattoo of a different language so that you do not end up getting a tattoo that means entirely different from the one you wanted as a back tattoo.

Tiger Back Tattoo

Tiger Back Tattoo
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This is an incredibly powerful back tattoo that starts from your shoulder and ends at your lower back. A tiger symbolises strength and power. It is a wild animal that is immensely powerful and is also fearsome. There are many designs for a tiger tattoo but this back tattoo with the tiger striding and in mid-roar exudes power.

If you are someone who wants to uphold the concept of power and strength then you can get this tattoo on your back that will be with you forever. The roar of the tiger signifies the deadly nature of this wild animal and makes others afraid of it. This tattoo design is best drawn with jet black ink and but you can ink it in its natural colours if you so wish.

Full Back Tattoo

Full Back Tattoo
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This is a full-back tattoo and a large one that covers the whole of your back starting from the shoulders to the lower back portion. This detailed artwork has a simple but meaningful design. Although the tattoo is drawn entirely in black colour, you can also incorporate other colours of your choice. There are other elements to a full back tattoo as well which you can ask your tattoo artist to incorporate into your back tattoo design.

Although it has been considerably observed that full back tattoos have a bad reputation around the world due to the pain and risk involved in creating one. It is an original design that has wings, flowers and the peacock Bird. The detailed pieces of this tattoo design with different patterns are the attraction point of this art. The bold placement of the tattoo is not a popular pick for many women and you need to choose your tattoo artist after due consideration as you will need complete faith in them.

As this back tattoo covers your entire back, you can easily wear a backless dress showing this piece of beauty on your back.

Minimal Faces Back Tattoo

Minimal Faces Back Tattoo
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This can be best termed as the lover’s back tattoo because of its unique design. It can also be categorised as a spine tattoo because this tattoo design runs from the end of the neck to the lower back portion. This is a simple tattoo design minimalist is the two faces which are facing away from each other.

This linework tattoo depicts two expressions illustrated through a woman’s face inked one above the other. The first face bears an expression of sadness and the other has a lone tear running down her cheek. If you are not a fan of large tattoos, you can go for this minimalist design. The beauty of this women’s back tattoo lies in the simple and abstract lineart running right from the neck till the lower back in a single slightly bold line with another lighter line running in a skillfully careless way.

Small Flower Back Tattoo

Small Flower Back Tattoo
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This is a very small tattoo that is drawn on the back and it is almost invisible if you are looking from a distant. This amazing tattoo can be inked on any part of the back. This is a great tattoo choice when you want your tattoo to be revealed and you are wearing an off-shoulder or backless top.

This is an upper back tattoo and the good thing about upper back tattoos is that it works both ways; if you want to have smaller tattoos then also the upper back tattoos will work and if you want to have a large tattoo, the upper tattoos in that case too is a great pick.

Flower tattoos more often than not represent purity. This particular tattoo is a depiction of the tulip flower which bears a varied range of meanings based on its colour. Tulips are generally a recurring symbol of love, passion and forgiveness. If you are more into small tattoos and have a penchant for floral designs you can definitely try this one out.

Gothic Back Tattoo

Gothic Back Tattoo
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This is a great example of a large tattoo on the back that is in the shape of a devil’s crown. The very attractive part of this floral design is the shading technique used in achieving the maximum effect. When compared to the smaller ones, this art form has many intricate details which have been done with absolute precision.

The meaning that this back tattoo is that the evil can be conquered with the greatest good and hence you should always uphold the goodness in you and should not let the evil creep in you. This tattoo looks stunning when drawn with jet black colour covering the entire upper back of the person getting tattooed.

Colourful Butterfly And Pearl Tattoo

Colourful Butterfly And Pearl Tattoo
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This is a very elegant butterfly tattoo idea combined with the Korean oriental pearl that represents freedom. This is an upper back design that starts from the neck and ends within the upper back. But the beauty of this design is the use of colours. The beautiful blend of red, purple, black, and violet colours makes this tattoo one of the best back tattoo ideas for women.

This tattoo also has a round pearl design and a butterfly flying from it which is a sign of freedom from captivity. It also has a scenic beauty of flowers and trees in it that signifies one’s love for nature. So you can get this tattoo done if you are a nature lover. The beautiful colours of this tattoo are the best part of this piece of art, making it a great choice among eye-catching colourful tattoos.

We all know that tattoos hurt but if you are a tattoo enthusiast the pain will become secondary. You can also go through these tattoo suggestions for women on the back to explore more:

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What are some of the best places for a back tattoo for women?

There are a few different places that are popular for back tattoos for women. Some of the most popular places include the upper back, between the shoulder blades, and along the spine. These are all great places to get a tattoo because they offer a large canvas to work with and they are relatively easy to cover up if you need to.

What are some of the most popular back tattoo designs for women?

There are a variety of different designs that are popular for back tattoos for women. Some of the most popular designs include flowers, vines, stars, and tribal patterns. These designs can be simple or detailed, and they can be placed in a number of different ways on the back.

What are some things to consider before getting a back tattoo for women?

There are a few things that you should consider before getting a back tattoo for women. First, you need to make sure that the design is something that you really love and will be happy with for years to come. Second, you need to make sure that the tattoo artist is someone who you feel comfortable with and who has a good reputation.

How do I take care of my back tattoo for women?

Once you have your back tattoo for women, it is important to take care of it properly. You should keep the area clean and dry, and you should avoid exposing it to sunlight for long periods of time. You should also make sure to moisturize the tattooed area regularly.

How painful is a back tattoo?

The pain level of a back tattoo will depend on several factors, including the size of your tattoo, the area in which it is located, and your own personal pain tolerance. Generally speaking, however, a back tattoo can be quite painful. It is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the idea before getting your tattoo done. You can also discuss pain relief options with your tattoo artist.

What do girls wear for back tattoos?

The clothing that you wear for your back tattoo will depend on the size and location of the tattoo. Generally speaking, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothes so as not to irritate or move your tattoo while it is healing. For larger tattoos, a tank top or camisole can work well, while smaller tattoos may be more easily concealed with a shirt or dress. Ultimately, you should choose something that is comfortable and that won’t rub against your tattoo.

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