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101 Best Back Tattoo For Men Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best back tattoo for men ideas

Are you a fan of back tattoos planning to find a one you want to get inked? Then go through these back tattoo for men ideas and choose the best for yourself.

Back Tattoo For Men
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If you are looking for a statement to make with A remarkable back tattoo then this article is something which you should go through as back tattoos for men is the most trending thing in the tattoo industry you can come across for now.

As your back is one of the widest and the largest parts of your body, this body art is the best drone on your back and that is why the back tattoos are considered to be the best out of the lot. As men are all about strength, power and masculinity, there are a lot of designs that can be drawn on your back as a back tattoo to explain these character traits.

If you think of various tattoo designs that will look great on your back to be called a back tattoo, then the diverse elements of various tattoos for men that has abstract patterns and makes a bold statement should precisely be considered. Also, the eye-catching pretty back tattoos will blow your mind with their amazing designs

Your back can be considered to be the perfect Canvas for a large or even a small tattoo to be inked. it depends on your choice that what kind of tattoo you would like to have on your back as a back tattoo. If you are confused about all the designs that come up as a back tattoo in your mind, and you are not sure which one to go for, then you can surely choose from these back tattoo designs for men.

Buddhist Culture Back Tattoo

Buddhist Culture Back Tattoo
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This tattoo design shows the 5 mindsets of the Buddhist culture. The Buddhist culture can be categorised in the 5 mindsets that are taking life, taking what is not given, refrain the misuse of the senses, wrong speech and intoxicants that cloud the mind. all these 5 mindsets are written as a message and as a back tattoo with a symbolic representation with a drawing.

The first drawing is a prism-like structure that signifies the concept of taking life. This is followed by a shady drawing where the meaning that comes out of it explains the concept of taking what is not given as a shaded and in a haphazardly drawn manner. After that, A block structure is drawn to represent the message of refrain the misuse of the senses and a blank space is left for displaying the element of wrong speech and it surely sends out the message that wrong speech should utterly be avoided. Last but not least is the blade Line which represents the statement of intoxicants that cloud the mind and it is held in a way that shows the avoidance of intoxication.

If you are religious and a fan of religious back tattoos then this one is got to be your pick and even if you are not religious and you are just flattered by these amazing Buddhist fundamentals then also you can go for this elegant and meaningful back tattoo.

Full Back Phoenix Tattoo

Full Back Phoenix Tattoo
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It is to be said that the tattoo artist drew this phoenix tattoo with great precision. It is a full back tattoo where the major concept is the phoenix and this is also considered to be one of the best back tattoos for men. A Phoenix is considered to be one of those bird tattoos that is associated with the matter of life and death, birth and rebirth, eternity strength and renewal of life. As the legendary stories as that the phoenix burst into flames after its death and take rebirth from the ashes of its predecessors.

This phoenix tattoo is a meaningful one that signifies that a person who is strong enough to be in flames and rise from the dead is also strong enough to overcome any situations in their life. No matter what and no matter how difficult the situation is, the person who keeps rising like a phoenix will always overcome the hardest circumstances in life.

Also, another attractive part about this Particular back tattoo is the amazing blend of pink, red, white, green, black and orange colours. It is a large tattoo that covers your entire back and is also one of the most popular tattoos in the industry.

Wings Back Tattoo

Wings Back Tattoo
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Wings tattoos are more often spiritual representation that upholds the concept of breaking free. It means snatching your freedom from problematic circumstances and setbacks in life. It is symbolic of freedom as well as brings out the angelic side of a person too. If you are someone who likes angels then these kinds of tattoo ideas are your go-to pick.

The back is a popular placement for a wing back tattoo as there is plenty of space for a large and detailed tattoo design. Another reason for getting a wing back tattoo is that men choose it as a tribute to Viking culture, who are the warriors in the Norse society. They are also conceptualized to have had wings tattooed on their backs so they would be taken to Valhalla, the legendary afterlife.

Another important thing about this back tattoo is the Trishul design on the neck that gives it an Indian touch. so it holds both the Viking concept as well as the Indian culture of gods.

Roaring Tiger Back Tattoo

Roaring Tiger Back Tattoo
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A Tiger symbolises strength and power. It is a wild animal that is immensely powerful and is also fearsome. As there can be so many designs for a tiger tattoo but this back tattoo having two tigers roaring at each other in it is a very beautiful one as it has a different view of a tattoo artist that is exactly symmetrical and is an art style that compliments the flat surface of your back.

If you are someone who wants to uphold the concept of power and strength upon yourself then you can very well get this tattoo on your back that will give you the perfect type of fulfilment that will be with you forever. The roar of the tiger signifies the deadly nature of this wild animal and makes others fearful of it. This tattoo design is best drawn with jet black ink and as it is a large tattoo design it will cover almost the whole of your back.

Also, not to forget the one-eyed lotus design at the top of the back tattoo that again has a symmetrical design. This particular back tattoo is all about symmetry.

Skull Back Tattoo

Skull Back Tattoo
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Skull tattoo ideas have been a favourite choice of tattoo for men throughout all this time. Skull tattoos always send out a strong statement and men love that. They are always associated with life and death and the skull tattoo can be one of the best Gothic-style tattoo ideas for men. The tattoo artists are extremely skilled when they draw the skull back tattoo has to be very careful with the expression of the skull.

This is one of the most powerful tattoo ideas that have the full skeleton body and the skull Wings to it that cover the entire back with this body art.

Geometric Back Tattoo

Geometric Back Tattoo
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The geometric back tattoos are a modern-day sensation and are also convenient when you are trying to hide old or unwanted tattoos that were previously drawn as a back tattoo. The different lines shapes and patterns really give your back tattoo a very artistic touch with all the geometric lines and shapes.

This particular back tattoo includes hexagonal shapes as a geometric measure and is also a company with pine trees that are in a shape of a triangle. These trees also represent nature and the owl eye completes the tattoo with the animal and the representation of life in nature. Of all the elements in existence, a face of a girl is also drone to add the human element to complete the back tattoo and just can also be considered one of the iconic back tattoo Ideas.

Environmental Back Tattoo

Environmental Back Tattoo
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This is a great back tattoo design for men where nature is represented so beautifully. This is a full back tattoo and is far from a Small back tattoo. the major portion that these Back tattoo covers are the spine area which makes it a part of the spine tattoos.

If we analyse the tattoo design then it is very clear from the drawing itself that this back tattoo shows the idea of industrialisation and its effect on the environment. On the left side, there is a tree in its bloom with all the greenery with a pond where animals and birds exist and they come to drink water in the pond making it an all balanced environment. On the other hand, the right side portion of the tattoo shows the effect of industries with the tall buildings and the pollution it creates. It Shows that the water body has dried up and the land developed cracks with no animals whatsoever and the leaves in the tree are also gone making it a worse environmental condition. Hence, this back tattoo simply shows the adverse effects of industrialisation and the attitude of not caring about the environment.

Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon Back Tattoo
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A dragon back tattoo for men is often a bearer of strength and power, the qualities and characteristics which men crave for. This is a badass tattoo that stands for strength and authority. The dragon tattoo is one such back tattoo idea that brings out the powerful message of authority.

This is an upper back tattoo idea that is very gracefully drawn and the most attractive part of this tattoo design is the long dragon tail. This upper back tattoo is a great choice for men who like to incorporate the values of power and strength within themselves. Though the upper back is a covered area it gives you the advantage of covering your back tattoo in your workplace, making it totally formal.

Lion Back Tattoo

Lion Back Tattoo
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The lion signifies power, strength and authority. as a lion is the king of the Jungle the person who likes to be in control of the situation and also tries to be authoritative, this back tattoo idea is the perfect choice for such a person. This piece of tattoo is a powerful statement in itself.

It is a large enough tattoo which covers the whole back portion of your body. As the back provides more space to draw the desired tattoo design, it makes an ideal Canvas for the artist making the body art.

Indian Back Tattoo

Indian Back Tattoo
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This back tattoo is entirely based on Indian gods and mythology. The ‘Om’ is a sign of spirituality in Hindu mythology and is followed by the famous Shiva Trishul this Indian tattoo focuses on the belief in gods and their power to protect us. It sends a message to have faith in the almighty. This is a back shoulder tattoo for men that looks great on your shoulder blades and is holding a deep meaning in Hindu mythology.

We all know that tattoos hurt and are time-consuming but you being a tattoo enthusiast, can also go through these tattoo suggestions that most guys prefer:

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What are some popular back tattoo designs for men?

Some popular back tattoo designs for men include tribal designs, animals, and religious symbols. Other popular designs include skulls, flames, and barbed wire.

What are some of the most popular back tattoo placement ideas for men?

Some of the most popular tattoo placement ideas for men include the upper back, lower back, and shoulder blades. Other popular placement ideas include the chest and sides.

How much does a back tattoo for men cost?

The cost of a back tattoo for men varies depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the tattoo. Generally, back tattoos can range in price from $200 to $2000.

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