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101 Best Back Flower Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Back Flower Tattoo Ideas

Floral tattoos are one of the most popular designs and if you are fond of flower tattoos too then we offer you some amazing designs for your back.

Back Flower Tattoo
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A flower tattoo on back looks chic and therefore this tattoo idea has numerous followers.

The style of back tattoos is growing more than ever in the current fashion arena. People are fond of getting back tattoos that range widely in size, ideas, and design.

According to popular belief, girls are associated with flower tattoos more than boys but what about a man getting a flower tattoo on his back? The present society is much more accepting, they respects another person’s choice. Anyone can get a flower tattoo on back without having a second thought because of the beauty of its designs. Apart from that, there are many flower spine tattoos or back tattoos that have a masculine appeal. To help you choose a perfect piece that meets your personality traits, we have listed some best back flower tattoo designs. Find a fitting piece for yourself.

Line Back Flower Tattoo

Line Back Flower Tattoo
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One of the most popular forms of tattoo art is line tattoo ideas. Line tattoos can vary in its size, generally, they are small and simple but this is not the case in the tattoo given above. The tattoo in the above image is a line tattoo by nature yet the size and the design catch the attention of every tattoo lover. Despite its size, the overall tattoo is designed extremely minimally.

A huge lotus flower tattoo spans across most of the canvas on the back. Two more lotus flowers are surrounding the back spine lotus flower tattoo. The entire tattoo looks like it is drawn by pencil, thin lines are used to draw the tattoo with relatively thick black lines along the creases. This big tattoo will be an expensive one if you are wondering how much does a back tattoo lotus flower cost.

Minimalist Back Flower Tattoo

Minimalist Back Flower Tattoo
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A pop of vibrant colours makes a small tattoo stand out on the large canvas like the back. The market for small tattoos is rising day by day. For instance, the cute tattoo on the back in the above image is a beautiful example of a small flower tattoo that everyone will enjoy.

In this tattoo, two tulips are tattooed on the back at one corner of the shoulder. The tulips are drawn simply using pink and purple ink. The flowers are attached to two green stems consisting of a single leaf respectively and they are tied together by a light pink ribbon at the bottom. The tattoo is a primarily small line tattoo design however since it is made using several colours, it looks very lively. The colours used in this awesome back tattoo are extremely feminine and therefore qualify as one of the best tattoo ideas for women.

Upper Back Flower Tattoo

Upper Back Flower Tattoo
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The portion below the neck and above the hips in the back is a popular choice to get dark mysterious tattoos. The placement of back tattoos communicates a lot about the nature of a person. Elaborate tattoos on the upper back like the one in the image represent courage and strength. The flower tattoo on the back is intricately designed with small detailings throughout the artwork. This large tattoo can be considered to be an inspiration for upper back tattoos for both men and women.

A medium-sized is placed at the centre of the tattoo design on the back, the whole art is created based on this flower. The number of petals surrounding the flower keeps on increasing which increases the volume of the flower tattoo. On the top, the tattoo is designed with a series of leaves and a design on top. The gorgeous tattoo design is created using only black ink which is enough to enhance its beauty.

Watercolour Back Flower Tattoo

Watercolour Back Flower Tattoo
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The back of the shoulders is a great space for women to get tattooed. A tattoo on such a place can be visible easily in sleeveless or backless dresses. Therefore, the trend of getting flower tattoos on the back is becoming a popular choice among women. Flower tattoos have always been more popular with women tattoo lovers. This gorgeous coloured flower tattoo on the back is an awesome design you can look out for.

A large red hibiscus is drawn behind the shoulders in the above image. The flower is created with a watercolour texture which makes it much more subtle. The strokes of the red ink are used in such a way which makes the back tattoo look real. Surrounding the tattoo design, some additional red and black lines are used for designing the piece.

Geometrical Back Flower Tattoo

Geometrical Back Flower Tattoo
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Geometrical tattoo ideas are one of the most trending designs in the current fashion world. The different varieties of the design make it a popular body art idea. The piece illustrated in the above image is an offbeat one because of the additional motifs and unique design. It works as an awesome back tattoo for both men and women.

A baby’ elephant’s head is drawn using black ink. Its head is partially covered with floral elements and cherry blossoms. Often floral elements are combined with an elephant’s head to increase the aesthetic appeal of a tattoo, like the one in the image. The entire tattoo is neatly framed using three diamond shapes and we can see five letters of the alphabet hanging from each vertice of the shape. Perhaps, this holds some personal meaning to the tattoo owner.

Flower Tattoo Across The Back

Flower Tattoo Across The Back
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The back provides the largest canvas on the body, by utilising the entire back an experienced tattoo artist can create some of the most stunning tattoo ideas. The design in the image is a simple one, however, the coloured flower tattoo covers the entire back and extends up to the side hip. Only a professional tattoo artist can succeed in drawing a tattoo of this scale on the body.

The back tattoo depicts a creeper flowering plant. The red flowers along with the green stems and leaves are drawn realistically. The piece brings out the true potential of the tattoo artist. Very few people get a tattoo of such a huge size. Tattooing a piece like the one in the image will definitely introduce your passion for tattoos to the world.

Meaningful Back Flower Tattoo

Meaningful Back Flower Tattoo
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A rose tattoo does not only attract people for its looks but people are also attracted to roses for their meaning. Rose tattoos represent love, it can either be a lost love or a love that is won. The deep meaning of a rose tattoo along with a date tattooed below the rose symbolizes that this tattoo is inked in remembrance of a loved one.

The back tattoo in the above image looks chic and elegant. The entire tattoo looks like a picture in grayscale. The flower tattoos look extremely realistic, each and every detail of the roses are captured wonderfully. The leaves and the stem are shaded using black that looks contrasting to the rest of the flower tattoos. A memorable date is inked at the end of the tattoo and below it, we can see a word in a local language. Such details retain a personal touch in this gorgeous design.

Mandala Pattern Back Flower Tattoo

Mandala Pattern Back Flower Tattoo
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The trend of incorporating the mandala pattern into fashion tattoos has become very popular in the present day. These types of tattoo ideas are popular among both men and women. The mandala pattern itself looks like a flower. When such designs are drawn properly on the bach rather than using them as backdrops of other tattoos, it gives a beautiful flower back tattoo.

A big flower is tattooed on the back. It is preceded by a lotus-like pattern on the top. By looking at the tattoo it can be easily determined that it is a flower back tattoo however, it is different from other flower tattoos. The mandala tattoo idea gives an abstract edge to the ordinary flower tattoo design.

Elaborate Lotus Flower Back Tattoo

Elaborate Lotus Flower Back Tattoo
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There are several ways a flower tattoo on the back can be designed but designing a flower tattoo with motifs is not only unique but also looks gorgeous. Such types of tattoos increase the beauty of every piece. Such types of tattoo ideas are curated mostly for women since flowers look delicate and cute. If you are looking for an awesome back tattoo idea with elements of nature, then this piece is a perfect fit.

A large lotus is drawn in the middle of the upper back using a few lines. The border of the flower is mostly defined by leaves that are seen to surround the tattoo. The leaves are shaded using black leaves while in between the leaves we can see the presence of some small flowers. The fresh and lively piece is definitely a fashion statement in the market.

Enticing Back Flower Tattoo

Enticing Back Flower Tattoo
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The enticing beauty of flower tattoos attracts many people. This has made flower tattoos one of the favourite tattoo ideas of all time.

Black ink is used to draw a stylish-looking flower on the back. It looks both chic and adorable, additionally, the delicate touch to the design makes it a favourite among women tattoo lovers.

Now that you are aware of so many flower tattoo designs that look great on the back, it will be easier for you to choose a piece that goes with your disposition. However, we understand that getting a tattoo is a huge commitment and that each design needs to be perfect. We have curated a list of a few other types of flower tattoos that will look great on the back. Find a suitable piece for yourself from the list.

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What is the meaning of a back flower tattoo?

A back flower tattoo is a tattoo that often symbolizes growth, renewal, and beauty. It can also represent life’s fragility and preciousness, as well as the deep connection between our inner selves and nature. People who get this type of tattoo often want to express their desire for growth, or commemorate a special event in their lives. The design of the tattoo is often personalized, with a variety of sizes, colors and flower styles available. Depending on the person’s preferences, some may choose to have a single large flower, while others opt for an array of small blooms scattered across their back. Whatever your choice is, this type of tattoo is sure to be a unique and beautiful reminder of your inner strength and beauty.

What are some popular designs for back flower tattoos?

Popular designs for back flower tattoos include floral pieces that span the entire upper or lower back, vibrant bouquets of blooms, and larger single flowers placed in strategic locations. Other popular choices include a cascade of roses down the spine, a detailed daisy cluster spread out across one shoulder blade, or a sunflower taking up an entire arm. There are also designs that combine a variety of flowers, such as lilies, roses and daisies, to create a stunning collage effect. Many people opt for solid black outlines for the design to add definition and structure to the piece, while others prefer vibrant watercolor or tribal styles. No matter what type of design you choose, a back flower tattoo is sure to be a stunning reminder of your inner beauty and strength.

How much does a back flower tattoo cost?

The cost of a back flower tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity and detail of the design. Generally speaking, larger tattoos that cover more skin will be more expensive than smaller designs. Additionally, some tattoo artists may charge an hourly rate or require a minimum fee for their services. However, it is important to remember that quality work shouldn’t be sacrificed for price. It is best to research the artist before making a decision, and make sure that you are comfortable with their skill level and portfolio. All in all, it is important to invest in your tattoo so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

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