10 Best Baby’s Breath Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Baby Breath Tattoo

In search of some of the best baby’s breath tattoos of 2021? Check out this article to find the perfect baby’s breath tattoo to get inked with!

Baby Breath Tattoo
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Baby’s breath or Gypsophila is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive kinds of flower, used very commonly in bouquets or other floral arrangements, even though they are slightly poisonous.

Baby’s breath tattoos are not that uncommon to find in 2021. However, these tattoos can be designed in different ways and are open to various kinds of interpretations.

What Does A Baby’s Breath Flower Tattoo Mean?

Various flower tattoo meanings are associated with various aspects of life. Similarly, Gypsophila or baby’s breath tattoo meaning surrounds the ideas of innocence and everlasting love. Baby’s breath is the perfect tattoo to get, as a reminder of those in your life you truly love and cherish.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will find the ideal tattoo, for yourself!

Simple Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Simple Baby's Breath Tattoo
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A simple tattoo of baby’s breath flowers like this one is best for those who find beauty in plain and elegant designs. A tattoo like this can convey the baby’s breath meaning in an effortless way, as the design is portraying only the flower. You can get this inked along the side of your ribs, or even on your arm or back.

Bouquet Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Bouquet Baby's Breath Tattoo
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If you are into floral tattoos, how about incorporating other flowers in your baby’s breath tattoo? Gypsophila is very commonly used with various kinds of flowers to create bouquets. Hence, a tattoo like the one above will certainly look like art on your skin. Each of the flowers in this design has been intricately outlined and shaded. It will be hard to find a design as beautiful as this one!

Geometric Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Geometric Baby's Breath Tattoo
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Even now in 2021, geometric patterns are all the rage. Check out this tattoo above, with a diamond-shaped frame around the flowers. Even though the design is quite simple and no fancy colours have been used, the addition of the geometric shape makes this tattoo stand out. You can get this inked on your forearm, as pictured.

Vibrant Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Vibrant Baby's Breath Tattoo
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If you want a vibrant and colourful baby’s breath tattoo that looks like a drawing, this idea is perfect for you. The red flower is called poppy, but you can replace that with any other flower, like a rose, since the rose is very meaningful. The way the petals of the flower has been inked, makes it look like a painting. On both sides of the flower, the baby’s breath flowers which are white in colour, are providing the best colour contrast.

Elaborate Forearm Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Elaborate Forearm Baby's Breath Tattoo
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For those who find elaborate tattoo ideas interesting, this tattoo could be a fine choice. A baby’s breath tattoo of this size will catch everyone’s attention, as it will be hard to miss. Tattoos this size will easily cover your forearm and look aesthetic at the same time. You can ask your tattoo artist to add some colour to this design, as well.

Aesthetic Moon And Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Aesthetic Moon And Baby's Breath Tattoo
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There are many ways to make your baby’s breath tattoo more meaningful and this design is one of them. Crescent moon tattoos are often associated with motherhood. Hence, if you combine that with the baby’s breath flowers, it will symbolise your everlasting love for your child. In this tattoo, the moon is made quite dark, while the flowers look like white dots. Hence, apart from the meaning, the colour combination stands out too.

Minimalist Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Minimalist Baby's Breath Tattoo
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If you have never gotten inked before and want to start off small, you might find this tattoo to be the right one for you. Small flower tattoos are always aesthetic and this design is the definition of the perfect minimalist tattoo, as there is no elaborate detailing or patterns. A tattoo like this will simply uphold the beauty of the flower and its symbolism of love and innocence.

Unique Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Unique Baby's Breath Tattoo
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You may find a design like this one to be quite eye-catching and unique. The baby’s breath flowers here are growing out of a broken lightbulb. Broken lightbulbs are symbolic of letting go. Hence, this tattoo could stand for letting go and growing through your loss. The word, ‘life’ inked in the middle of this design sums up the tattoo, perfectly.

Heart And Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Heart And Baby's Breath Tattoo
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In this tattoo, the actual human heart has been inked, with the flowers growing out of it. This design is perfect for those who are very much in love with someone in their life. Even though the tattoo has been done using black ink, the subtle use of white ink for the flowers has added depth to the motif. You may find this design to look ideal on your shoulder or arm.

Matching Baby’s Breath Tattoo

Matching Baby's Breath Tattoo
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As you already know, baby’s breath flowers stand for everlasting love. Hence, you can choose to get a matching tattoo of these flowers with your loved one, to permanently set your love and affection for each other on your bodies. As you can see in the picture, you can opt for matching tattoos of different colours, or even settle for the same colour.

Now that you know about the different baby’s breath tattoos, you will surely find it easier to pick a design for yourself. These designs are popular now, in 2021, and will continue to be popular and relevant forever, as they are symbolic of something beautiful. You can combine your baby’s breath tattoo with any other flower like a rose or lavender. You can even choose a matching tattoo to get with your loved one.

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