10 Best Aztec Calendar Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Aztec Calendar Tattoos

Are you looking for tattoos that represent the eternal movement of time? Here are some amazing Aztec calendar tattoo ideas to inspire hope.

Aztec Calendar Tattoo
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The Aztecs were known for their brave and courageous warriors but they also had a unique way of life governed by their special calendar.

The Aztec empire was found in the 15th century in the Central American region. Three of the bigger states of that time (Mexico-Tenochtitlan, Tetzcoco, and Tlacopan) came together to form an alliance and created the Aztec empire.

The Aztec civilization was quite advanced in terms of their scientific knowledge and progress. While their warriors were known in the world for their indomitable fighting spirit, their men also had a scientific bent of mind. One of the best examples of their scientific knowledge is the traditional Aztec calendar.

The Aztec calendar tattoo meaning is quite simple once one understands the meaning of the two parallel counts. The sacred day-count calendar with 260 days is known as Tonalpohualli. This calendar informed the people about the holy dates when a particular ritual for a god could be held. The tribal people followed this calendar religiously because of their fear and reverence towards the Aztec Sun God, Wind God and more.

The Xiuhpohualli is the civil or solar calendar that consisted of 365 days with twenty days in each of the eighteen months. At the end of the year, they would add five empty days to complete the count. The Aztec calendar represents movement of time, perseverance and hope for the future. Therefore, many people from Mexico or the Central American region of the world choose to get the Aztec calendar tattoo to signify the importance of time in their life.

Simple Aztec Tattoo To Display The Sacred Calendar

Simple Aztec Tattoo To Display The Sacred Calendar
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If you are looking to get a tattoo for the first time in your life, then you can get a simple and minimal Aztec calendar tattoo design.

While most of the Aztec calendar tattoos are incredibly intricate and have complex designs, your minimal tattoo will stand out in a crowd because of how unusual it is. The bold and dark contours of your minimal tattoo will look amazing in contrast to your skin complexion. It will also highlight the features of the calendar tattoo with the Aztec god of Sun in the middle.

For more ideas about simple but beautiful tattoos, check out these outline tattoos designs which you can get.

Ideas For An Intricate Aztec Tattoo Showing Their Calendar

Ideas For An Intricate Aztec Tattoo Showing Their Calendar
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The symbol of the Aztec calendar represents the Sun God, Tonatiuh. The god is seen to be holding a human heart and his tongue is out representing the sacrificial knife. The face of the god is surrounded by a circle which indicates the eternal movement of time.

Such an intricate symbol for their calendar will take a lot of time to be tattooed perfectly. You may want to approach an expert tattoo artist to ensure that each of the Aztec symbols, the stones, the face of the Sun God are captured accurately in your tattoo. Even while designing the tattoo, you have to delve into your knowledge of Aztec history and be mindful to make it as historically accurate and realistic as possible.

Gorgeous Aztec Tattoo Ideas For Our Hands

Gorgeous Aztec Tattoo Ideas For Our Hands
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One of the most popular Aztec tattoo patterns when it comes to the Aztec calendar is the one that can be placed on the upper part of the palms of our hands. In this design, the Aztec tattoo is carefully placed on the upper portion of the hand to make it look like an ornament.

The Aztecs wore a lot of jewellery such as necklaces, amulets, bracelets and more made out of precious stones like jade. Therefore, you can also get a hand tattoo that will look just like an elaborate piece of jewellery on your hand. As seen in the picture, you can also add white ink to your tattoo to make the design even more prominent.

Aztec Tattoo
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The tribal people of the ancient Aztec civilization were also known to have Aztec tattoos on different parts of their body. They would get Aztec tattoos of their different gods such as their Aztec Sun God as well as the famous Aztec serpent tattoo. The people would also get tattoos of the Aztec eagle in order to pay their respect to the Aztec sun deity known as Huitzilopochtli. The Aztec warrior would also get fierce Aztec warrior tattoos representing different animals such as the Aztec eagle tattoo or jaguar before going to a battle.

Stunning Aztec Tattoo Ideas Which Portray The Aztec Culture

Stunning Aztec Tattoo Ideas Which Portray The Aztec Culture
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The tribal Aztec culture and way of life was full of rich symbols and god and goddesses who the people of the tribe worshipped. The Aztec warriors also worshipped the eagle bird which represents strength and courage in the Aztec culture.

So, if you are not satisfied with the calendar tattoo alone, you can also add other Aztec elements like the Aztec sun tattoo, Aztec warrior tattoo, Aztec skull tattoo and Aztec eagle tattoo. To make the perfect combination of designs, you need to do your research on the ancient Aztec culture and tribal history.

Great Aztec Tattoos Which Can Be Placed On The Leg

Great Aztec Tattoos Which Can Be Placed On The Leg
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If you are searching for Aztec tattoo ideas for your leg, then you can also look at the calendar for inspiration! As seen in the picture, you can add more symbols from the Aztec culture and art to further enhance your tattoo. Apart from the calendar, you can add the pictures of gods and goddesses like the Quetzalcoatl along with the notable Aztec skull. This way, you can create an elaborate piece of art that will cover the entire expanse of your leg.

Unique And Magnificent Aztec Calendar Tattoo Designs

Unique And Magnificent Aztec Calendar Tattoo Designs
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If you are looking for unusual Aztec tattoo designs, then you can combine two or more elements of the ancient Aztec art and present it in a new form for your tattoo. As seen in the picture, the tattoo artist has used the skull and calendar motifs but displayed it in a completely unique and realistic way.

The Aztec culture valued human skulls a lot as they represented victims of human sacrifice as well as the people they defeated in war. The Aztecs would proudly display human skulls to boast of the strength of their warriors, warn intruders and invaders. These skulls would also represent the people who gave their life to appease the ancient gods such as the Aztec feathered serpent or Sun god.

Fantastic Aztec Tattoos Which Can Be Drawn On The Bicep

Fantastic Aztec Tattoos Which Can Be Drawn On The Bicep
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Many people choose to get Aztec tattoos like the warrior tattoo or calendar tattoo on their arm. The traditional and tribal Aztec tattoo designs worn by men consists of the popular motifs like the Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent or other animals like the Jaguar.

However, there are several modern designs emerging recently which also modify the calendar tattoo to fit perfectly on the bicep of your arm. If you are looking for a complex tattoo pattern which can cover the expanse of your arm or bicep, then you should look at the calendar designs.

Complex Aztec Tattoo Ideas For The Back

Complex Aztec Tattoo Ideas For The Back
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It is a huge commitment to get a tattoo which covers your entire back. Not only do you have to spend a lot of money and time to get the tattoo, you also have to be sure that you have the perfect design which would look stunning.

If you are looking for an elaborate but complex Aztec tattoo pattern for your back, then you should definitely get the Aztec calendar tattoo! The intricacies of the calendar tattoo will look amazing against your back. To fill up the rest of the space, you can also add tattoos of an Aztec god or the Aztec feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl or tattoos of rare animals like jaguars. This would ensure that your tattoo looks realistic and also portrays the accurate history of the Aztec civilization.

For more ideas about an Aztec warrior tattoo with Aztec gods, check out these amazing Quetzalcoatl tattoo ideas.

Massive Aztec Sun Tattoo To Cover The Chest

Massive Aztec Sun Tattoo To Cover The Chest
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One of the most popular Aztec tribal tattoos is the Aztec calendar chest tattoo. Since the calendar tattoos require a lot of space to properly show the intricate details, many choose to get it on their chest. Some choose to get the tattoo in the middle of while some get it on one side.

Black Grey Aztec Calendar Tattoo
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As seen in the picture, you can even add inspirational words or phrases to your Aztec calendar tattoo chest design. Since the Aztec calendar tattoo represents the eternal movement of time and provides hope for the future, you can add some phrases to your tattoo in order to carry positive affirmations with you.

Aztec Tattoo With A Stunning Shaded Effect

Aztec Tattoo With A Stunning Shaded Effect
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One of the easiest ways to make your monochromatic tattoo look amazing is to add a shaded effect. The contrast between the shaded area and the rest of the blank space will make any simple tattoo look absolutely gorgeous and captivating. The shaded effect will also make it feel like the tattoo has been painted and sketched on the skin of your body.

The Aztecs and their civilization and culture are a shining moment in world history because of their fierce spirit and scientific advancements. There are a number of Aztec designs for tattoo drawing but the most realistic tribal tattoo to portray their culture would be the calendar tattoo. The Aztec warrior and the common people deeply respected the calendar which provided them with hope and direction for the future. Consequently, if you want to celebrate your roots that can be traced back to the ancient Aztecs, you should get the Aztec calendar tattoo.

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