10 Best Asian Dragon Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Asian Dragon Tattoos With Tribal Designs You Need To See

Looking for ideas for your new tattoo? Well, we have compiled here some of the best Asian dragon tattoo ideas that will help you stand out amidst the crowd!

Dragon Tattoo
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Dragons have always played a big part in not just Chinese and Japanese mythology, but all around Asia.

As dangerous as these creatures look, the dragon represents prosperity, growth, and good luck in Asia. So, it is no wonder that tattooing these creatures on your body has become such an overwhelming trend.

Although the West has always associated dragons with evil and the embodiment of chaos, it has never really impacted the craze of dragon tattoos negatively. Since this trend of tattoos began increasing, this is one of those tattoo designs that has never seen the fall of its kind much like the Phoenix tattoos. It is actually one of the most popular tattoos depicting Asian culture along with the famous yin yang tattoo designs. In fact, over time it has become symbolic to represent your inner fierce power, untamed style, and the will of fire to determine which way to turn in your life.

Typically pictured as a creature with four legs and claws, a body full of scales shaped like a snake, the Chinese dragons are known to turn into dragon kings and live in the four oceans, creating rain and protecting sea dwellers, and providing wisdom. However, even in the cultures of the East, there is a difference between the Chinese and Japanese symbols and meanings of the dragon. The most noticeable difference between them is the number of toes on their claws. Apart from that, this ancient mythical creature represents a fiercer monstrous image in Japan than in China although it is known to provide good luck and wisdom similarly. The Japanese dragon seems to be a mixture of both western and eastern cultures. Being rich in culture and mythology the dragon has been depicted in the tribal art styles of both China and Japan and is one of the most infamous tattoo designs all over the world.

So, if you are thinking about what to get for your first tattoo or whether you want to add a new one to your growing collection, well, look no further, this just might be the one you have been looking for. The best thing about these tattoo designs is that you can add your own details into them, from general intricacies to things that hold a significant value, you can combine it all. You can get it in a simple black or red ink or put in a vibrant range of colours from blue to green to gold to yellow and none of it will ever look out of place. So, please take a look at this list of these amazing dragon tattoo ideas to learn more, and who knows, you might just find the inspiration for your next tattoo in the process!

Amazing Traditional Chinese Dragon Tattoos

Amazing Traditional Chinese Dragon Tattoos
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Dragons are one of the designs that tattoo artists love to experiment with. This is one of those tattoos that can set you apart from the rest with its fine lines and little details of the scales. Not too extravagant and not too delicate, this one represents a layered personality and innate wisdom perfectly. It shows you can balance your life with a style that many people are unable to do. This can be a perfect match for both men and women who can take risks while being prepared for the outcome at all times.

Yin yang Dragon Tattoo
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Although, not exactly a classic dragon tattoo, this is one of the instances where we can see the artist experimenting with different styles and art designs. This tattoo is a perfect blend of mythology and traditional cultures of China that is associated with both the symbols of the dragon and the yin yang energy. From the obscure fine lines used to draw the dragon to the prominent yin yang, it looks ancient and represents a sense of style with mythology and culture behind its inspiration. It becomes a symbol of your inner beliefs of the natural world and both the light and dark aspects that are associated with it. Delicate yet prominent this design is among the best of the best when it comes to looking for inspiration for your first ink.

The Breath Taking Japanese Dragon Tattoo

The Breath Taking Japanese Dragon Tattoo
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When it comes to the traditions of Japan, these dragons are usually more monstrous-looking than their counterparts in Chinese culture. Although still bearing the same meanings in terms of providing good fortune and wisdom and protecting everyone like a benevolent god, they can sometimes become the theme of our nightmares. This is why it is no wonder that the Japanese dragon tattoo is always a lot more vibrant, colourful, and look powerful. This Japanese dragon tattoo is no different when it comes to depicting the Japanese culture with fierce features, intricate details, and its snake-like body entwined around a katana. It represents your fierce nature and your will of fire to wield your own life like you would wield a katana while keeping careful watch over it like a fierce dragon. It shows your take no prisoners attitude and unwillingness to do anything by half measures. If you want your tattoo to represent your inner self then this could be the one you are looking for. Instead of a katana, you can even add other details that hold significant value to you!

Koi Dragon Tattoo
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This is a wonderful design of a koi-dragon, that is created by merging the bodies of a snake-shaped fire-breathing dragon and a koi fish together to form a fictional mythical monster. Separately, the dragon represents power, fierceness, and strength, while the koi represents spiritual balance, perseverance, and strength of will. Together they symbolize all the goodness of both of these creatures. This is why the koi-dragon is one of the most popular tattoo styles depicting Japanese mythology, culture, and art styles. This tattoo can symbolize your inner strength of will, endurance, and fierceness with a design that is both fierce and fun to look at with its red, black, blue, and green body. The best part is you can even add on other details or colours to customize it to your taste. How cool is that!

Asian Dragon Tattoos You Have To See To Believe

Asian Dragon Tattoos You Have To See To Believe
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This beautiful depiction of a Chinese dragon tattoo is ferocious yet packed with finer details. This sleeve tattoo with its blue eyes and fine lines shows your ability to see the bigger picture while keeping an eye out for the little details. It shows that you can balance both of them out without losing yourself in one thing and ignoring the other. It shows that you have a plan before taking every step but are also unafraid of taking it as it comes. If you want a tattoo that will show represent your inner self, then this just could be the one you are looking for. It also has a touch of the dragon from the Dragon Ball series, Shenron.

Intricate Asian Dragon Tattoos With Details You Can Not Miss

Intricate Asian Dragon Tattoos With Details You Can Not Miss
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This Japanese dragon tattoo with its intricate details of the dragon’s body twisted around the blooming flowers and vines will satisfy your soul if you are one of those people who can find meaning in the little things in life. It says a lot about your patience. The wisdom behind finding happiness in the simple things in life is unparalleled, as the traditional Asian cultures often teach us. This tattoo at once represents your fierce power while at the same time with its scales entwined with the blooming flowers, it also portrays your serene personality. So if you are looking for inspirations for your next tattoo, this flank dragon tattoo might just be the one you have been searching for. Along with a nod to the Japanese culture, it gives a nod to your personality and sense of art as well.

Cute Asian Dragon Tattoos That Will Melt Your Heart

Cute Asian Dragon Tattoos That Will Melt Your Heart
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If you want a dragon tattoo but are unwilling to unleash a monstrous creature on your body, then this just might be the one you are looking for. Yes, it is true that dragons are usually monstrous creatures, but no one said that they can not be cute, right? This tattoo actually shows that you are an easygoing, fun-loving, friendly person unless of course, someone dares to take advantage of your kindness. You are not at all afraid to let the dragon out then. This tattoo dragon is a kind and gentle reminder of a cute personality with a flower heart. So, if you are someone who loves cute painting rather than a more rough outlook on art, then this dragon tattoo is the one for you. You can even add some other symbols or colours to suit your personality and customize it to your taste.

Asian Dragon Tattoos To Up Your Sleeve Style Game

Asian Dragon Tattoos To Up Your Sleeve Style Game
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This tattoo is a perfect example of mixing and matching different styles and interpretations. The fire-breathing dragons are one of the most ferocious creatures, and to pair them up with a dainty daisy is really unique. This shows that you can put your personal touches to provide a unique point of view to any piece of art, and tattoos, obviously, are one of the best ways to do it. It shows your unique flair of style and point of view while respecting the meanings associated with the traditional values of China and Japan. As tattoos are one of the best fields to experiment on, do not shy away from experimenting to your heart’s desire and put yourself out there by mix and matching with these Asian dragon tattoos.

Asian Dragon Tattoos With Tribal Designs You Need To See

Asian Dragon Tattoos With Tribal Designs You Need To See
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Who does not love a good Dragon tattoo or a good Tribal one! But, both of these together? Well, by the looks of these tattoos, it seems like the best idea ever. This depiction of a Chinese dragon tattoo made with tribal lines is so beautiful it takes your breath away. This Chinese dragon tattoo not only shows your natural talent for a style that is sleek, poised, underrated yet breathtaking at the same time. In Chinese culture and mythology, these fire-breathing creatures represent benevolence, power, and fierceness, and Chinese dragon tattoos are the best way to symbolize all your inner strengths and firmness of personality. So, if you are confused between a tribal design and a dragon tattoo, why not mix them and get both at the same time!

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Another incredible tattoo you can go for if you want a tattoo-dragon on your back without the extravagant flairs added on. This design is sleek yet minimalistic and speaks a ton about a person’s core behaviour and way of looking at things with a slight nod to the symbols of Chinese culture. You could add on some simple minimalistic koi fish which symbolize the strength of personality in Japan to make it even more appealing.

Beautiful Asian Dragon Tattoo Designs For Your First Back Tattoo

Beautiful Asian Dragon Tattoo Designs For Your First Back Tattoo
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If you want a vibrantly colourful eastern dragon tattoo, then this beautiful back piece might just be the one for you. This dragon tattoo is associated with the owner’s bold, power-packed nature, patience, and the ability to see things through to the end. The best thing is you can even change the colour of this tattoo design from green to blue or some other colour to give it your own personal touch.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo
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If you are looking for a little more dainty design of Chinese dragon tattoos, then this red dragon tattoo is definitely the one you should be looking at. With fine lines and an overall delicate appearance, this one should feed your inner need for sophistication like nothing else can.

Tattoo Designs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Lisbeth Salander

Tattoo Designs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Lisbeth Salander
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Depicting an Asian dragon tattoo design is nothing new when it comes to literature and movies. So, while talking about that, we absolutely can not ignore Lisbeth Salander, the infamous ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ from Steig Larsson’s book of the same name. Played by Rooni Maara, this character overwhelmingly portrays the mysterious nooks and crannies of the human mind. It shows how things are not all that they show on the surface. This dragon tattoo perfectly summarizes all that and more. It speaks of the owner’s curious and observant nature with keen attention to detail, which often ends up surprising everyone else around them. So, if you are someone who identifies with these traits then this is the one for you.

Best Dragon Tattoo Designs From Fantasies

Best Dragon Tattoo Designs From Fantasies
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When it comes to talking about the portrayal of dragons in fiction, we can not miss mentioning the dragons of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Those fierce creatures took not just Westeros by storm but its after-effects were felt here in the real world as well. They inspired a myriad of dragon tattoos, one of which we can even see on the wrist of actress Emilia Clarke who gave a face to our queen ‘Mother Of Dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen. Inspired by that, this is a little tattoo of three dragons at flight. This dragon tattoo represents a force of nature, rebirth or new beginnings, and the rise from the roadside to the proverbial throne. If you want to get a dragon tattoo that is a little different from the typical Japanese or Chinese dragon, then this could be the one for you.

Harry Potter Tattoo
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In the end, another depiction of dragons in western literature we absolutely can not forget is that in Harry Potter. From flying away from the dragon to flying on its back away from danger and adversity, this series has shown us everything. If you are a Potterhead like most of us, then this Harry Potter themed sleeve tattoo is definitely going to be your cup of tea.

Asian dragon tattoos have been a signature of both pride and honour for both men and women throughout the years. People love to engrave them as sleeve, back, or leg tattoos. With their snake-shaped body, terrifying claws, and vibrantly coloured scales, these fire-breathing creatures show strength and a sense of style like nothing else can. They may not have existed and be a part of a myth, but they are alive in all our minds. You could choose one of the tattoos listed above for your next big ink, or just customize it your own way with a few mix and matched ideas from here and there. Here are a few more dragon tattoo idea suggestions that you could opt for.

  • Shenron Dragon Ball Z dragon tattoo.
  • Skyrim Alduin dragon tattoo.
  • Lord of the Rings Dragon tattoo.
  • Water dragon tattoo
  • Dragon bursting into flames tattoo

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