10 Best Apollo Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Apollo Tattoos

Do you prefer a mythological tattoo that matches your personality? Here are some amazing Apollo tattoo ideas for all the music lovers with a sunny disposition!

Apollo Tattoo
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In order to truly stand out in a crowd, your tattoos need to be absolutely unique.

If you think you have an artistic bent, you should consider getting an Apollo tattoo! A tattoo based on the Greek God Apollo will make a bold statement on your behalf and express the sensitive and creative side of your personality.

Many people like Greek mythology tattoos. They have a deep heritage attached to it and make you come off as someone who’s wise and knowledgeable but not boring. While the Greek Gods and Goddesses did not have any tattoo themselves, the mythological stories about them, along with the information people have about these Gods and Goddesses, could provide one with great Greek tattoo ideas. 

One of the most popular Greek gods is Apollo – the Greek and Roman deity of the sun and light, music and dance, poetry, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, as well as archery. If you feel a deep connection to music, poetry, or light and want your first tattoo experience to be memorable – an Apollo Greek god tattoo may be a perfect idea. Once you get your Apollo tattoo, you can also get Greek tattoos based on the God Zeus, Hades tattoo, or Athena tattoo if you are looking for a goddess tattoo!

Bold Apollo Tattoo For Your Sleeve

Apollo God Tattoo
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The best way to show the intricate art your tattoo artist has done on you, would be to get an Apollo tattoo on the sleeve of your arm. Of all the Apollo tattoo designs, a tattoo of his face will be wonderful if you like him the most out of all Greek and Roman deities. With the help of an expert tattoo artist, one can make incredible Apollo tattoo art on their arm sleeve. The detailed look of Apollo with the calm face can show be really artistic and lively. 

Beautiful Lyre Tattoos For Music Lovers

Beautiful Lyre Tattoos For Music Lovers
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If you are getting an Apollo tattoo for the first time, you can ask for help from your tattoo artist. Many people who get Apollo tattoos use the information they find on Apollo and choose some of his symbols to represent him in their tattoos. Since Apollo was the God of music and was known to play the lyre, one can see how a lyre tattoo can be really great. The snake around lyre can connect Biblical stories with the Greek myth – an amazing inter-cultural fusion. However, the python is also part of the Apollo myth. Apollo, it is said, defeated a giant python. Colors can even be used to make this tattoo much more bright.

For a unique but eye-catching tattoo, one can look at Apollo and his lyre for inspiration. It can be a simple lyre tattoo, or it can be enhanced with flowers to make it even more gorgeous. 

Unique Archery Tattoos That Represent Apollo

Unique Archery Tattoos That Represent Apollo
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Apollo was the God of archery, and many Greek inscriptions and paintings show him with a bow and arrow. Apollo had his own special bow, which was known as the Golden bow. 

If you are looking for a simple but elegant Apollo tattoo, then you have to use the information you have about Apollo wisely. An archery or arrow tattoo will be a much better option to use if you do not prefer more elaborate designs. Adding the bow and coloring it golden would make it even closer to the original myth. 

Exquisite Sunshine Tattoos

Exquisite Sunshine Tattoos
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Apollo was the Sun God. If you think your tattoo should pay him homage, you can find some beautiful designs that bring out the aura of the sunlight. You can even find some designs with colors on account of Apollo and his true representation. 

A gorgeous design that portrays the sunbeams or sun rays on your calf or below your palm will be a beautiful piece of art to carry on your body.

Joyous Dance Tattoos To Celebrate Apollo

Apollo Dance Tattoo
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Artists who love music and poetry try to find a tattoo design that expresses their love for the finer arts. However, a lot of music-based designs lack the oomph factor. 

You can use the information about Apollo and find a cheerful dance tattoo design as Apollo was also the God of dance! You can make the dancing figures wear robes to give the tattoo an authentic, Grecian style. An abstract style can really nail it for you and your artist friends.

Gorgeous Laurel Wreath Tattoos

Wreath Tattoo
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One of the symbols of Apollo is the laurel wreath that we often see associated with him in many legends. Many paintings of Apollo show him wearing the wreath as well. 

If you want to place your tattoo somewhere different, you will find that your collarbone will be a great area to place the wreath tattoo. You can even place a geometric-shaped laurel wreath flanking your head to make it seem like a cyberpunk-ish resemblance of the Greek fashion.

Sensitive Tattoos To Heal Your Soul

Sensitive Tattoos To Heal Your Soul
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Apollo was the God of healing and diseases. If you do not prefer sunlight or lyre tattoos, you can choose a different design that has a healing, calming effect on you. If you are a beginner or it is your first time getting a tattoo, you may find a simple, delicate flower design to be perfect for you.

You will find that many people use tattoos to disguise their scars. In such a situation, they may find an Apollo healing design to be the best idea! You can also add a snake entangled around the vines. While the python is related to Apollo, a snake also represents the symbol of health and healing (Rod of Asclepius).  

Graceful Swan Tattoos To Symbolize Apollo

Graceful Swan Tattoos To Symbolize Apollo
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Another symbol of Apollo is the gracious swan. You may find many amazing swan tattoos as a graceful piece of art on your skin. It is said that the soul of Apollo passed on to a swan after his death. A plain silhouette design or an ornate swan design can be a great tattoo for you.

Amazing Raven Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Raven Tattoo Ideas
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The raven bird is also a symbol of Apollo, the God of prophecy. Add a gothic element to your tattoo with a raven tattoo silhouette. 

Colored Raven Tattoo
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A colored raven tattoo with a detailed background can also look menacing.

Beautiful Apollo Tattoos Related To Space

Lanter Tattoo
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Apollo is one of the cheerful Gods who danced and shed light to get rid of darkness. Apollo 11 mission was named after this cheerful God and so, you can go for a geometric, clean-lined Apollo 11 tattoo.

You may even add your own interpretation and get a lantern tattoo that will symbolize Apollo as a God of light in space. 

Your Apollo tattoo will at once signify your passion for the finer arts and your sensitive soul. Whether you choose a swan, a laurel wreath, or a space-based tattoo, your individuality will definitely shine through with the help of mythological stories. Therefore, if you decide to get one, your Apollo tattoo will be flexible enough to be used in any way to reflect your own choices and artistic expression.

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