10 Best Antifa Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Antifa flag is an antifa tattoo that can set you apart

With the world so divided, one should never tolerate fascism and any symbol or mark related to fascism.

As you take a stand against this regressive ideology, what better way to do it than getting a tattoo associated with Antifa. This should easily be great evidence of your allegiance against fascism.

Before we start exploring the nitty-gritty of the tattoos that Antifa supporters sport, let us get a quick revision on Antifa. A movement with localised focus, you can translate the ‘Antifa’ meaning into ‘Anti-fascists/fascism’. Believing in the doctrines of anti-racism and anti-fascism, Antifa has let its presence be felt in America over the last decade. Regular clashes on Twitter and mob violence have been reported in the news between Antifa and pro-trump supporters, QAnon believers and right-wing organisations.

As former U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to ban the movement for alleged terrorist activities, many supporters and active members protested by getting Antifa tats. Read on to find how you can make a mark on your friends and family with tattoo designs inspired by Antifa!

The Good, Old Antifa Logo Tattoo

Antifa tattoos can be small
@casual_ink_tattoo via Instagram

If you are looking online for photos of classic and simple Antifa designs, then close the sidebar and the browser tab and put your faith in the logo of Antifa. The red socialist flag overlaid by the black anarchist flag is one of the more well-known tat ideas for the Antifa supporter. You’ll find that many tweet photos with this mark on Twitter.

Antifa and music can be a great match
@tim_barneveld via Instagram

Apart from using this minimalistic design, you can use the logo as a stamp on right-wing and QAnon flags to create some cool tattoos. Some also use different words to encircle the flag logo.

A Symbol For Resistance

Antifa tattoos can bring out the hidden resistance in you
@skatattoos via Instagram

The Antifa is no stranger to retaliating to mob violence with force, and this design is evidence of that mentality. So get ahead of the game with this interesting design and show the fascist supporter that you aren’t afraid of them!

The Outsider’s Mark From ‘Dishonored’

Antifa and games can be a cool tattoo collab
@internebula_2.0 via Instagram

Often confused as a modernised hammer and sickle, ‘The Outsider’s Mark’ from the ‘Dishonored’ video game franchise can be a surprise choice here, despite being a gaming tattoo. News outlets picked up this video game symbol when it was found on a pro-Trump supporter inside the Capitol when it was stormed, and many had access to the Capitol Building on Wednesday of Jan 6, 2021.

Many tried blaming the Antifa for the Wednesday, Jan 6 Capitol attack based on that evidence, but the game’s creator took to Twitter to tweet that the game had nothing to do with it. In fact, on January 7, 2021, the person in question himself confirmed that he was a for-Trump guy and that Antifa wasn’t behind the Wednesday, Jan 6 Capitol attack.

While not associated with the movement and from the ‘Dishonored’ game, why don’t you use the press about this design and make it into your own Antifa-styled tat!

The Socialist Connect

Antifa tattoos has a close connection with the hammer and sickle symbol
@jonnydextertattoos via Instagram

Antifa’s socialist principles have been under fire from many capitalists. Despite this, being the hammer and sickle Antifa tattoo guy is still pretty alluring. Plenty of people have shown off these simple yet stylised sickle and hammer tattoos on Twitter and other platforms.

Getting Full Marx

You can't think of Antifa tattoos without Marx
@govinda.tattoo via Instagram

When the Capitol was stormed, the picture of the bearded man became a symbol on Twitter for the right-wingers. Many got tattoos of the image of this man inside the Capitol who was identified to be a frequent fixture at Arizona right-wing political gatherings. However, another image comes to mind when we talk about countering fascists: Karl Marx.

Getting a Karl Marx tattoo combined with the logo of the Antifa could be a great combination too.

Tune Into Bella Ciao

Bella cia song can be a great Antifa tattoo
@casual_ink_tattoo via Instagram

‘Bella Ciao’ has been the song for the oppressed for decades. Shatter the chains that fascist governments put around you with this simple and clear message inked on your body!

bella ciao with a face can be a great antifa tattoo idea
@jeronimo_tattoo via Instagram

You can also pair ‘Bella Ciao’ tattoos with the Salvadore Dali mask inspired by the popular Netflix show ‘Money Heist’/’La Casa De Papel’.

Don’t Run From The Cops

Police brutality can be a great antifa tattoo idea
@acabtattoos via Instagram

Police brutality has the part of Antifa’s propaganda for a long time. This design of the burning police car is a rousing answer to the violence practised by the coppers in the name of policing!

antifa tattoo idea can be based on movies too
@acabtattoos via Instagram

In addition to this, a Robocop design with a pig and the caption A.C.A.B. (All Cops/Coppers Are Bastards– common Antifa saying) or simple A.C.A.B designs are great ideas for Antifa tattoos!

The Cantona Kick

Smashing fascism is a great antifa tattoo
@cesar.fk.tattoo via Instagram

The stunning images of Manchester United and France football legend Eric Cantona kicking a racist fan is iconic. Turn this into a tattoo that will tell others what to do when you encounter fascism: you smash it!

No To Nazis

Antifa tattoos are completely against Nazism and fascism
@tintaacrata via Instagram

Well, this one’s quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? So stop scrolling, close the sidebar and get this tattoo done if you want to send out the message loud and clear with this tattoo design: there is no room for Nazis!

The Grit That Matters

Antifa tattoos are a voice against the system
@zacktraum via Instagram

Despite debuting as the mascot for National Hockey League side Philadelphia Flyers, the orange-coloured Gritty has become a modern icon for Antifa supporters. Put your own spin on this mascot with lines such as ‘Smash The System That Smashes You‘ and make it one of the more unique Antifa tattoos.

While these tattoo ideas are more popular with people, there are other Antifa ideas for tattoos you can take a look at:

  • Antifa Rick And Morty tattoo
  • Che Guevara designs
  • The Anarchy motif
  • The Guy Fawkes mask
  • “Sometimes Antisocial But Always Anti-Fascist” tattoos

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