10 Best Ampersand Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Ampersand Tattoos

Do you want your tattoo to be simple but also deeply expressive? Here are some amazing Ampersand Tattoo ideas for those who prefer a minimalistic tattoo!

Ampersand Tattoo
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A tattoo on your body represents a vital piece of information about yourself and your personality – which is why it must be well thought out and creatively designed.

If you are wondering what does an ampersand tattoo mean, then look no further. The meaning of ampersand tattoo is the symbol ‘&’ which signifies the word ‘and’.

There is an interesting history behind why does tattoo of ampersand mean ‘&’. The ampersand symbol comes from the Latin word ‘et’ which means ‘and’. After using the technique of ligature which includes tying or binding together of two letters, the ampersand sign was created.

Ampersand tattoos are increasingly becoming more popular as they are a simple tattoo which can also signify a lot of important values. Many people get this tattoo to symbolize friendship, union, attachment, journey taken together with a special one or simply to denote that there is more to come in the future.

Simple Tattoos With Ampersand Design

Simple Tattoos With Ampersand Design
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For some people, getting an Ampersand symbol tattooed on their body can be a tangible way of remembering and reminiscing certain events or people in their life. Thus, if they are looking for small tattoos or meaningful tattoos to immortalize the event or the person in their life and to forever keep them close – the Ampersand tattoo is one of the best options.

Ampersand tattoo on hand
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These tattoos might be little in size but they will create a deep impression in anyone’s mind. Even if they do not have much information or know anything about you, they will still get an idea of how different you are and how you approach the little things in life.

Bold Ampersand Tattoo With Snake Design

Bold Ampersand Tattoo With Snake Design
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The convoluted design of the Ampersand symbol makes it really easy to add more motifs to the tattoo. Therefore, you can add a snake symbol to the tattoo and make it even more nuanced and complex. The snake motif is really popular and will make your tattoo even more gorgeous.

Bold Ampersand Tattoo With Snake Designs
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If you do not want a simple Ampersand tattoo, then consult your tattoo artist and enhance your tattoo with a bold, snake design! The fierce and ferocious picture of the snake will speak volumes about your ‘striking’ personality.

Attractive Multicoloured Ampersand Tattoos

Attractive Multicoloured Ampersand Tattoos
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Some people are not satisfied with a black-coloured or monochromatic tattoo. Consequently, they try to enhance their tattoos with various colours and hues. The ampersand symbol is flexible enough for an expert tattoo artist to play around with and create beautiful art. You can keep the Ampersand symbol as it is but add more layers of colourful flowers and leaves to create a multi-chromatic tattoo without hiding the Ampersand symbol or its significance.

Lily of the Valley Tattoo
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You can also add the line of the Ampersand symbol but modify it by drawing vines and leaves as seen in the picture. The colourful vines, leaves, and flower design represent the same Ampersand tattoo meaning but with a gorgeous twist.

If you want to add more multichromatic tattoos, these Lily of the Valley Tattoo ideas may be just what you need!

Artistic And Creative Tattoos

Artistic And Creative Tattoos
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The Ampersand sign initially came from the Latin word for ‘et’ but its design can be modified in various, creative ways to make it more attractive from a visual perspective. Although the meaning of the symbol does not change across the world in different cultures and language, there are different modes of writing which that varies from person to person.

Many people may want to get tattooed with symbols that are not the same as others or very common. Thus, they can easily cross the symbols with another design that may result in a beautiful piece of tattoo art.

Ampersand unique tattoo
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If you want a unique tattoo but want to go for a more complex design, then you can start to layer your symbol with graceful strokes.

Layered And Graphic Tattoos

Layered And Graphic Tattoos
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The Ampersand symbol meaning is quite philosophical and esoteric. If you want a tattoo that represents those values and meanings, you may want to get a layered, graphic tattoo. The Latin language with its beautiful way of writing can be customized in a way you would like.

Ampersand lines tattoo
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Adding silhouettes or shadows to the lines of the symbol is always a good idea if you want your tattoo to look extraordinary and attractive.

Striking Ampersand Symbol For A Bold Tattoo

Striking Ampersand Symbol For A Bold Tattoo
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If you do not like very flashy designs and find them too complex, you can modify your Ampersand symbol in a unique way. Rather than using two or three colours, you can just get the symbol in a bright, black, and bold stroke. The strong and vivid pattern on your body will be quite eye-catching.

Colourful And Vibrant Ampersand Designs

Colourful And Vibrant Ampersand Designs
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Many people like to get their tattoos done a certain way based on their cultures and the meanings of each symbol in their society. However, colourful tattoos are always gorgeous no matter where you are in the world and look great in any era of time. Subsequently, if you want a timeless tattoo done on your body – you might want to choose one with vibrant and vivid hues!

colourful Ambigram tattoo
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A colourful tattoo will look effervescent yet modest on your body. Lively colours like purple, aqua blue, and pink will provide a soothing contrast to the Ampersand symbol. You can also add writing in miniature fonts to complement the tattoo.

If you are looking for more colourful tattoos, check out these beautiful and striking Yellow Rose tattoo designs!

Ampersand Tattoos To Get With Other People

Ampersand Tattoos To Get With Other People
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The Ampersand symbol which comes from the Latin language’s word for ‘and’ represents a special meaning. If you have chosen a life partner or love someone truly with all your heart, the two of you might want to get a tattoo together to celebrate your life full of love. Many couples often get tattoos done together on the day of their wedding so they can commemorate a special day full of love.

For such a day, Ampersand designs would be perfect to show how two people can find love and will always stay together. The tattoo will signify the wonderful time they will spend together while creating many lovely memories. You can also add a heart symbol in the future to further enhance the tattoo.

Ampersand Tattoos As An Elaborate Addition

Ampersand Tattoos As An Elaborate Addition
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Many people who already have two or three tattoos often shy away from more tattoos as they do not like it or find it to be too much. However, you will not have to worry about that with this symbol. The Ampersand symbol will look perfect beside any other tattoo, whether it is a heart or a clock and not make it more cluttered. You can choose a spartan or a complex design and it will blend in very well with the other tattoos. After all, if you want a tattoo to celebrate friendship, love and journey through life – you should be able to get one!

The Perfect Tattoo To Place Anywhere

The Perfect Tattoo To Place Anywhere
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If you are thinking “Where should I put an Ampersand tattoo?” – the answer is very easy! With this simple, triangle tattoo – you will not have to worry about the placement at all. This tattoo can blend very easily and would look amazing on your neck or even below your palm. You can also get an Ampersand and Semicolon tattoo on your arm sleeve. These symbols make a profound impression upon anyone who sees them and knows the history behind the symbols. The semicolon symbol shows that the person had almost given up but still held on to life without losing hope. Adding the Ampersand symbol to that would add more meaning and value as it shows that the person is now ready for anything that comes in their way. You can also add ‘3 dots tattoo’ or an ellipsis with an ampersand. Elipsis show the continuation and would look great if it comes as ‘&…’ When only three dots are placed on fingers, it can mean ‘living life as per your own terms. It comes from gang members, though it can also mean the Holy Trinity.

The Ampersand tattoo meaning for some people can be intense because of the unique connotation they add to the word. If your tattoo is attractive, it will gain many curious looks from interested people who will ask what does Ampersand tattoo means. So if you want your tattoo to be appreciated anywhere in the world in the present or in the future, you should go for an Ampersand tattoo. After all, these designs and tattoos can be small in size but are always rich in symbolism.

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