10 Best Akira Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
kaneda akira tattoo

If you are an otaku looking for tattoo ideas, we have got you covered. Here’s a list of Akira tattoos that you’re going to love.

Kaneda Tattoo
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If you grew up watching anime, you are obviously familiar with the story of biker Kaneda.

This old anime is a fan favorite all over the world with a bunch of badass characters. One cool thing about such characters is they also make amazing designs for tattoos.

Below you will find a list of some super cool tattoo ideas from Akira. Keep on reading.

Tetsuo Vs Kaneda Manga Art Tattoo

Tetsuo Vs Kaneda Manga Art Tattoo
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We are starting the list strong with a classic antagonist Vs protagonist tattoo. The two who started off as best friends and ended up being nemeses screaming at each other can make a kickass tattoo. Add borders like the ones in the manga and it will look super look.

Kaneda Tetsuo Tattoo
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To make things more exciting, get the two characters inked in different forearms. You can add their names but everyone can pretty much hear them even without it.

Akira Pill Tattoo

Akira Pill Tattoo

If you want an Akira tattoo and have a tight budget, go for this pill tattoo. Even though the anime does not show the constant popping of pills, everyone who has read the manga is familiar with this capsule. The pill or as popularly known as the capsule represents the name of Kaneda’s group. This minimalist tattoo is perfect as arm tattoos.

Akira pill Tattoos
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You can get it colorized and add the famous ‘Good for health bad for education’ line. Getting this tattoo won’ take a lot of time so you’ll be done in one session.

Akira Logo Tattoo

Akira Logo Tattoo
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How about getting an Akira logo tattooed on your ankle? Use red ink to make it look like the real logo. But a black Akira logo tattoo will look just as badass. You can get it in whatever size you prefer. Just don’t forget the Japanese overwriting. It brings the entire tattoo together and makes it look more like the actual logo. You can also have the English word tattooed in black and Japanese in red or white.

You can also get an Akira poster tattooed. Imagine how cool this is going to look peeping through your socks!

Akira Mouth Tattoo

Akira Mouth Tattoo

What do you think about this tattoo of a mouth popping the capsule or the pill? Pretty cool, right? Inked with absolute detailing, this tattoo will make you look super bold. Ask your artist to get the shadow of the pill and the shading right, and you are good to go. This might take a couple of hours, but it will be worth it.

Kaneda pill colored
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If you want to add a splash of color to your tattoo, get the pill colorized. To make your tattoo more flashy, have the word Akira inked in English or Japanese along with the mouth. But you can easily leave it out.

Badass Kaneda Tattoo

Badass Kaneda Tattoo

Imagine having this inked on your skin! A tattoo with amazing detailing like this one will look super cool on your leg or forearm. Make sure your artist uses a proper tattoo gun kit for a safer experience. To make it look more like the anime, ask your artist to use red and black ink.

If you want to tone it down a little bit, get only the famous Kaneda jacket inked. We are sure you are going to rock it.

The Death Of Yamagata Tattoo

The Death Of Yamagata Tattoo
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We all were heartbroken when Yamagata died in the biker battle. If you are planning on getting an anime tattoo to honor a character, this can be the one. This is a perfect start-of-the-sleeve tattoo. You can also get this inked on the side of your chest or on your back.

Do not miss out on the gun that Yamagta is holding. The gun brings life to the tattoo and makes it even more striking.

Akira Bomb Tattoo

Akira Bomb Tattoo
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If you are not afraid to turn your body into a canvas, this is exactly what you are looking for. The explosion scene that gave everyone the chills can make a perfect chest or back tattoo. It is going to take more than one session to complete this tattoo, so make sure you have the time.

Filling the tattoo is going to hurt so if you’re someone who cannot handle much pain, go for a smaller version of this tattoo. You are going to leave everyone awestruck either way.

Kaneda Bike Tattoo

Kaneda Bike Tattoo
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You cannot go wrong with Kaneda bike tattoos. Get this tattoo with the protagonist on his famous bike inked on your forearm. You can add the word Akira in English or Japanese and have Kaneda’s attire and bike inked in red to give the extra splash.

Kaneda bike tattoos
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If you don’t want to fill that tattoo, get the outline inked. Add the pill to Kaneda’s jacket and you are going to love it.

Tetsuo Art Tattoo

Tetsuo Art Tattoo
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Bring your vision to life and create a badass Tetsuo art to get inked like this one. The all-black ink and the proper detailing are going to leave everyone astonished. Give your creative touch to it and have it colorized if you want.

For a safer experience, ask your artist to take his time and don’t rush him. You can also have Akira inked in English and Japanese with this tattoo.

Kaneda Eating Ramen Tattoo

Kaneda Eating Ramen Tattoo
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We are ending the list with a light-hearted tattoo of Kaneda eating ramen. You can create your own designs of Kaneda and the ramen bowl. Even though this is ideal for the forearm, you can get this on your thigh or ankle.

Akira manga
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You can add a border to your tattoo to look it more like manga. We are confident that you are going to love this on your skin.

The best Akira tattoos are the combination of cool designs and your personal touch to them. You will find many options to choose from. The perfect tattoo for you might be one from this very list.

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