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101 Best Aircraft Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Aircraft Tattoos

If you are an aviation or adventure lover, getting an aircraft tattoo can be the best way to show off your passion to the world.

Aircraft Tattoo
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Airplanes have emerged as a widely chosen tattoo design by most people.

There are too many directions that you can choose to go with a plane tattoo. You can get numerous options in terms of the design too.

People who work in the military, specifically Air Force, are more driven towards getting a tattoo of military aircraft or a vintage aircraft. The aircraft itself can give a lot of meaning to your tattoo without having to include any other symbol. For those who want to look forward to the future by keeping the past aside, airplane tattoos can be a great idea.

To choose the best airplane tattoo for yourself, you can browse through different kinds of plane tattoos and decide the one which appeals to you the most. Most commonly, airplane tattoos are known to represent adventure. These tattoos can be mostly found on the body of people who are adventurous since this is the most well-known meaning of airplane design. One doesn’t need to add any other symbol to their airplane tattoo to make it understandable. However, you can always have the choice of making your airplane tattoo more adventurous in different ways. It is quite obvious for the airplane tattoo to be a good choice for anyone who loves flying. If you’re a pilot, this is the best tattoo design you can choose to flaunt what you love to do in life. Those who are crazy about airplanes also take an interest in aircraft mechanic tattoo ideas like aircraft aluminum tattoos.

Regardless of which kind of airplane tattoo you choose, it is important to look for good tattoo artists to get the tattoo art done as precisely as you want. You can get an airplane tattoo on the back, arms, collarbone, neck, behind the ears, wrist, forearm, finger and ankle.

Let’s take a look here at some of the most sought after airplane tattoo designs that you can consider.

Classic Aircraft Tattoo

Classic Aircraft Tattoo
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The tattoo depicts the initial aircraft designed by the Wright brothers, best for people who are more into vintage stuff. It is a linework tattoo that looks like a black and white sketch. It is going to be a good tattoo choice for people who are aviation fans. The size of this tattoo can be changed according to the place where it is supposed to be done.

This airplane tattoo idea is best suited to be inked on the lower arm. What makes this tattoo look so exquisite is the fact that it comprises a few consistent lines and a bit of sketching. This tattoo indeed looks very classic and it is equally suitable for men and women.

Tiny Aircraft Tattoo

Tiny Aircraft Tattoo
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There are many tattoo enthusiasts who like small and simple tattoos or maybe they are afraid of getting a tattoo due to the pain caused. This tiny airplane design can be a good choice for those looking for a simple airplane tattoo. It is a small yet cute looking tattoo that can be drawn anywhere on your body like the wrist, ankle, forearm, collarbone and neck. In the given picture we can see a plane tattoo comprising of a small airplane in flight and dotted lines creating a heart.

This tiny, cute airplane tattoo is one of the best tattoo designs for women and girls who love travelling around the world without any limitations. The heart in this plane tattoo is meant to express your love for flying. So, don’t forget to keep this plane tattoo in your mind on your next visit to the tattoo artist.

Realistic Aircraft Tattoo

Realistic Aircraft Tattoo
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This post features a black and grey tattoo which can be a military plane tattoo inspiration for people who are in aviation as well as for pilots to represent their love for planes. This tattoo work incorporates the use of stencil with a good amount of shading which gives it the perfect realistic look. The best place to get this tattooed is on the arms because this plane tattoo needs a larger space to be inked neatly.

Although it is a colourless airplane tattoo one can clearly notice the remarkable combination of black and grey to give it a shadow effect. Black along with grey ink has been used to draw one of the two wings of the plane which is visible in this airplane tattoo. Men who enjoy spending their life flying high in the air should ideally opt for this cool tattoo to depict their passion for life in the air.

Aircraft Quote Tattoo

Aircraft Quote Tattoo
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Tattoos with quotes or lettering have been trending ever since tattoos became popular. Adding a small quote to your favourite plane tattoo design can make it look more attractive and meaningful at the same time. The small tattoo which is featured in this image shows a small airplane drawn in full black ink without any shading or outlining.

The quote added in this plane tattoo ‘I’ve got the world to go’ is appropriate for those who love being their freedom and want to travel across the world. Any other quote which suits your personality can also be included in this airplane tattoo. In this image, it has been drawn on the upper arm but you can also get it inked at the back of your neck or even your forearm. Both men, as well as women, can get this plane tattoo done if they have dreams of aviation, sky and airplanes.

Minimalist Aircraft Tattoo

Minimalist Aircraft Tattoo
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Minimalist tattoos are now stealing the show like never before. The best part about getting petite tattoos is that they don’t hurt your body much. This minimalist tattoo is perfect for first-timers apprehensive about getting their first ink. Here, it has been drawn on the upper arm but a person can also get it drawn on other body parts like the ankle, behind the ears, neck and collarbone.

This tattoo is completely handmade with absolutely no use of machines as it is hand-poked. Such tattoos are usually black in colour as they don’t look so appealing with a lot of colours. You can increase or decrease the size of the airplane according to your preference but ideally, it should be kept small because it is a minimalist plane tattoo consisting of only a single airplane.

Simple Aircraft Tattoo

Simple Aircraft Tattoo
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Those who want a small and simple paper plane tattoo design combined with airplane tattoo can go for this tattoo. It is a small-sized tattoo drawn in black and is best to be inked on your forearm, leg, neck, finger and neck. The best part about these airplane tattoos is that even though they are small in size, they are quite impactful.

To make the tattoo look more attractive, you can add in a bit of detail like the heart in this image. The airplane in this tattoo is connected to a paper plane by dotted lines to make a heart that makes the plane tattoo more expressive.

Aircraft Silhouette Tattoo

Aircraft Silhouette Tattoo
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Those who love smaller tattoos can also opt for an aircraft silhouette or outline like the one which is drawn in this one. This tattoo shows the model of two interconnected planes. It is a linework tattoo in which both the aircrafts have been drawn just by a single continuous line.

It is a very simple outlined plane tattoo that can also be chosen as a good minimalist tattoo. The best areas to get this plane tattoo done is on the wrist, ankle and neck. The outline is very neatly drawn which makes the tattoo look fresh, unadorned yet classy. The artist drawing this artwork must be immensely skilled so make sure you go for a good one.

Aircraft Map Tattoo

Aircraft Map Tattoo
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This image features an extraordinary airplane tattoo styled with a world map. The plane tattoo art is done entirely in black ink and a lot of linework can be seen too. The flight of a micro-sized airplane around the map is traced in simple black ink.

It is the perfect tattoo design for people who have wanderlust and are adventurous. Map tattoos are one of a kind and suitable for both men and women.

Aircraft in an Infinity Loop Aircraft

Aircraft in an Infinity Loop Aircraft
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This dainty airplane tattoo will definitely grab all your attention with its unique design. It is a dot work tattoo that comsists of an aircraft flying in the sky drawn within an infinite loop. It is an interesting plane tattoo design and can keep people intrigued about its meaning. If you want a small yet chic tattoo, this one is the best option to go for.

You can get it tattooed behind your ears if you like tattoos that are concealed as it will add a bit of mysterious charm to it.

Fighter Aircraft Tattoo

Fighter Aircraft Tattoo
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Fighter Plane Tattoos are very popular amongst people who work or used to work in the military, specifically Air Force in the past. You can also get it done in honour of any family member who used to work in the military forces.

This tattoo features a bold, tenacious fighter plane drawn in black and grey ink. Most ideally, this plane tattoo should be done either on your chest or back.

We hope that you will find the tattoo design best suited to your liking in this list curated by us. To conclude, some other plane tattoo ideas that you can refer to are added below:

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What is an aircraft tattoo?

An aircraft tattoo is a type of body art that typically features an image of an airplane, helicopter or other aircraft. It can also take the form of silhouettes and cartoon-style depictions. Aircraft tattoos are often popular among aviation enthusiasts and military personnel, as they usually hold symbolic meaning related to their profession or hobby. The design may also represent a person’s favorite type of plane or a tribute to someone who has served in the armed forces. Depending on the subject matter, an aircraft tattoo can be used to show patriotism, bravery, courage and loyalty. Some popular motifs include historical planes from World War I and II, fighter jets and classic propeller-driven aircraft like biplanes. Aircraft tattoos may also feature elements of the natural world, such as clouds, birds or other animals. No matter the design, an aircraft tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

Are aircraft tattoos painful?

Like any other type of tattoo, getting an aircraft tattoo can be uncomfortable and even painful. The amount of pain experienced depends on the size and location of the design, as some areas are more sensitive than others. Generally, tattoos that are applied close to bones or nerves tend to hurt more than those placed in fleshier parts of the body.

How much does an aircraft tattoo cost?

The cost of an aircraft tattoo depends on the size, design and complexity of the artwork. In general, larger designs with more detail will be more expensive than smaller, simpler tattoos. Most professional tattoo artists charge by the hour, so expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 or more for a detailed aircraft tattoo. Some artists may also charge a flat rate or require a deposit to secure the appointment. It’s always best to contact your local tattoo parlor for more information on pricing and services.

What are some popular aircraft tattoo designs?

Popular aircraft tattoo designs range from realistic depictions of planes, helicopters and other aircraft to cartoon-style illustrations. Historical war planes such as the Spitfire, Mustang and Focke-Wulf are popular choices for aviation enthusiasts and military personnel. Other common motifs include fighter jets, biplanes, parachutes and hot air balloons.

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