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101 Best Agape Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Agape Tattoos

Are you hunting for innovative tattoo ideas to express unconditional love? We have a treasure trove of the best agape tattoo ideas for you!

Agape Tattoo
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Agape literally means wide open in surprise or wonder.

According to scripture, agape stands for transcendental love that is beyond the range of normal experience. The highest form of selfless love is agape, one that every subject of creation wishes to experience in life.

Are you in love or is it nostalgia giving you goosebumps? Agape tattoo designs will make you inquisitive and provide you with a taste of altruistic love. The tattoo symbolizes great experience, no matter how short-lived it might be. The course of the day might change, the experience of every passing moment might be different, but still, an agape tattoo can represent each day, each moment, in its own uniqueness. This great tattoo idea is an art collection of numerous perspectives and emotions. Read on to choose your favourite agape design today! Have a great experience.

The Dotted Love Agape Rose Tattoo

The Dotted Love Agape Rose Tattoo
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Historically, the rose symbolizes passion and doting emotions. Till today, nothing could replicate the beauty and elegance of a rose tattoo. Being on a tender part such as the foot, this tattoo by incorporating a warm red rose in its design, links the highest level of passion with the highest form of love in an energizing delicate bond. The wrist can be considered as one of the other body sites to ink this tattoo.

If you are looking for collective tattoo ideas for the foot, give it a try. Maybe inking this great tattoo is just the right change you have been seeking! Visit your tattoo shop in Orange County and add this to your body art collective today.

The Redeeming Love Free Hand Agape Tattoo

The Redeeming Love Free Hand Agape Tattoo
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This simple yet elegant tattoo is inked on the arm in neat freehand strokes. This tattoo showcases a simple yet comfortable way of livelihood.

The artist has given this agape tattoo an easy vibe without any error and the expertise with which this is done is what makes this particular tattoo a great one. This tattoo is best suited for a minimalist motivated to get a simple tattoo on the wrist or inner forearm. So make haste and ink this authentic tattoo design on your skin today!

Mini Agape Side Body Tattoo

Mini Agape Side Body Tattoo
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The Greco-Christian term ‘agape’ is inked on the upper right part of the abdomen, illustrating the highest and purest form of eternal love, this tattoo reverberates an essence of authenticity.

Today, this great tattoo extends the unspoken warmth of love between two hearts manifested in one’s selfless love for others. If you want to bring a touch of divine spiritual love in your journey, this is the perfect ‘God is love’ tattoo you might have been looking for. Commemorate your spiritual journey or a great experience with this tattoo.

The Casual Inner Arm Agape Tattoo

The Casual Inner Arm Agape Tattoo
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This black ink agape tattoo on the forearm has a combination of free-flow writing mixed with clear-cut lettering. This great tattoo resonates with the essence of serendipity depicting a free-spirited nature of living embracing spontaneity.

For a person who lives uninhibited by stale stereotypical societal structures and is on a journey of smashing the glass ceiling, there is no error that it is just the perfect great tattoo for you. If it is your first time in the tattoo world, this five lettered tattoo will be a great experience for you! You need an error-free hand to ink this tattoo.

The Bold Feminine Agape Tattoo

The Bold Feminine Agape Tattoo
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This agape Greek great tattoo in bold black ink on the forearm is a sophisticated fine line tattoo. Such tattoo designs are classic pieces of art. Agape should not be confused with the famous philia or erotic love of this generation.

Agape is discrete, timeless love that embraces universal goodness and well being and this great tattoo is a quintessential example of that. If elegance is your style and you have a taste for vintage classic tattoos, this minimalistic agape tattoo is the standard fit for you.

The Religious Cross Agape Tattoo

The Religious Cross Agape Tattoo
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In the Christian context agape is the love that Jesus has for humans and the reciprocal love humans have for Him. Agape links love, hope and faith for others so that you put them before yourself.

Agape is the highest form of non-sentimental love that Jesus talks about in the scriptures. Ink this tattoo, with the word agape amidst a cross that depicts the love of preachers for humankind instead of the basic cross and level up your spiritual tattoo today.

Bold And Black Agape In Greek Tattoo

Bold And Black Agape In Greek Tattoo
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In a world of never-ending change, let this timeless ancient greek agape tattoo become your constant. The clean, error-free ancient wording of this agape tattoo in big thick letters with a black border resembles the bold and confident nature of the tattoo bearer.

This tattoo will be your emblem of hope during thick and thin and define your rich taste in ancient scriptures indefinitely. So do not hold back from this great experience awaiting to be relinquished, go ink it!

The Agape Flower Classic Tattoo

The Agape Flower Classic Tattoo
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This is a basic blackwork agape tattoo with an elementary flower in plain ink. Such salient ink work usually stays underrated and that is what makes it so rare and definitive. The ink used is a lighter shade of black, giving it a camouflage effect. This tattoo, if done in micro size, will be noticed only by very observant individuals.

If it is your first time inking you can turn it into a great experience that you will cherish forever with this agape design. So ink your first agape tattoo meaning peace today!

The Dual Arm Agape Couple Tattoo

The Dual Arm Agape Couple Tattoo
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To ink agape tattoo designs adorned by gift knots on both ends on the side wrist of each partner is conveying true couple goals. This agape tattoo depicts every quality that the children of this generation are trying to put into their relationships. Forgiveness in love leads the path to success in any love story.

From first time lovers to newlyweds, or true lovers reuniting after a very long wait, take the initiative to express your feelings through this amazing tattoo design idea.

Finger Agape Great Tattoo

Finger Agape Great Tattoo
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Generally, finger tattoos are choices of incisive people who believe in expressing more with fewer efforts. This is a short and sweet agape finger tattoo inked on the index finger with error-free strokes. Getting a finger tattoo might be a painful experience often with the potential risk of blowouts. So get one only after due consideration.

Getting a tattoo for the first time can be a great experience once you get over the physical pain. Hence the tattoo you want to get inked with should be well thought out. What can be a better first-time tattoo than agape to celebrate your initiation into the tattoo world?

As the epitome of positivity and humanity, agape continues to teach us the divine way of life every individual should be preaching and practising. For this magnanimous purpose, there should definitely be more agape in this world.

If you are looking for more diversity in the world of agape tattoo designs, here are a few tattoo ideas you can look up for a great experience in the agape world today.

Now, with this heartful list available at the touch of your thumb, choose to your heart’s consent and go ink ‘agape’!

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What is agape tattoo?

Agape Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio located in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in creating unique tattoos of all styles and sizes that represent our clients’ personalities and beliefs. Our artists are experienced professionals who strive to create beautiful pieces of art that make a statement about the wearer’s identity and lifestyle. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality inks to ensure our tattoos last for years. Our team is passionate about creating meaningful and carefully crafted works of art. From small designs to large sleeve pieces, Agape Tattoo is dedicated to providing each client with a one-of-a-kind experience that will make them proud to wear their tattoo.

What are some agape tattoo designs?

Agape Tattoo offers a wide variety of custom designs, ranging from traditional Americana to modern abstract pieces. Some popular choices include floral and mandala patterns, Celtic knots, religious symbols, animal motifs, and geometric shapes. No matter what your individual style may be, our team can create a unique design that will speak to you on a personal level. We also create custom portraits and memorial tattoos to celebrate the life of a loved one. Whatever you envision, our team is able to bring it to life with an individualized touch.

How much does agape tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and detail of the design. Our minimum charge starts at $100 for a small design, with additional fees for larger pieces and custom work. We also offer discounts to those who book multiple appointments or choose one of our pre-made designs. Our team is here to help you find the most affordable and meaningful design for your budget.

What can I expect during my appointment?

When you come to Agape Tattoo, you can expect a friendly and professional atmosphere. Our artists will discuss your ideas and provide helpful advice on the best design for you. We work hard to ensure that all of our clients feel comfortable and confident in their decision. We will also provide detailed instructions on aftercare to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and looks its best for years to come.

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