10 of the Best Affordable Coats for Men – March, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Best Affordable Coats for Men

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Tired of looking for the perfect winter warmer? Finding the right winter coat can be a struggle when there’re so many out there all being priced differently and in so many different colors and styles. Which ones are good value for money, what ones aren’t? But don’t panic, we’ve got the complete guide to some of the best affordable men’s winter coats.

Best Coats for Men

Best Men’s Parkas

Best Men's Parkas
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Parkas are a necessity to a men’s classic wardrobe. Padded, lined, and typically finished with a fur hem hood, it’s the coat that’s guaranteed to get you through the winter. Whether you’re ready to spend or are trying to avoid breaking the bank, we’ve put together the best parkas for your wardrobe needs.

Navy Parka

Navy Parka
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If you are looking for a day-to-day winter warmer, then this is the one for you.  Navy Parka is perfect for those colder days when you drag yourself out of bed and begin your commute to work. With internal pockets, borg hood, faux fur hood hem, and quilted lining to keep you warm, there is no knocking-it when we say it’s an ultimate winter coat.

Although the parka jacket is a simple piece, this doesn’t mean you have to pair it with your basics. Introduce a smart-casual look by opting for a pair of smart boots and black slim jeans. Keeping with similar tones, this is the perfect look for taking you through from autumn to the end of winter.

Only & Sons Parka

If the classic fur hood doesn’t take your fancy, don’t feel you have to rule out the black parka completely. For a more minimalist look, the Only & Sons parka does the job. Designed to mirror the comfort of a hoodie, the Only & Sons parka is the best coat to get around in. Featuring Zip Pockets and draw-cord hem and hood, this is sure to keep you secure in the winter climate.

Integrating the furless men’s parka coat into your existing wardrobe isn’t a struggle, and pretty much follows the same rules as the other parka styles. Avoid the basics and add staple items to keep you looking sharp yet comfortable. As an alternative to the fur and fleece hood, choose a jumper, either plain or printed. To complement the look, pair your woolen knit with a pair of selvage denim jeans and a staple trainer.

Rains Parka

Rains Parka
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If you are needing something a little more waterproof, then you can’t do any better than Rains. A signature jacket to the brand, the Rains Parka jacket is sure to get you through the gloomier days (especially with the unpredictable British weather). Waterproof and with column pressure, this is one of our favorites for every winter season and is one of the top cheap coats for men who are on a budget.

Waterproof parka jackets are a good staple piece for this season, especially when you are going for the complete Scandi look. Minimal and clean-cut, when building a look always try to opt for contemporary pieces. A black roll neck, slim jean, and garment project trainers are the ultimate outfit build. Great for keeping warm, this is a simple look that is guaranteed to leave you looking stylish.

Men’s Wool Coat & Overcoats for Men

Men's Wool Coat & Overcoats for Men
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Warm, yet utterly stylish – long coats for men are guaranteed to take you from day to night and are very much suitable for the office and a trip to the pub. From the classic black to a chic tan color, here’s we must-have men’s cheap coats that’ll prove that quality doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Farah Overcoat

If you don’t mind splurging a little when it comes to sprucing up your winter wardrobe, then you can’t go wrong with the Farah Camel Overcoat. With its slim fit design, an array of pockets and durable wool and polyester blend, this is perfect if you want to dress up your casual pub look.

When opting for the camel, it’s always best to work your look around the color palette of earth tones or the standard all-black look. If you want to go for the colored option, navy, green, and dark greys are a good starting point. If you want the coat to majorly stand out then all black will do the trick.

Camel Overcoat

Camel Overcoat

If Farah’s a bit far out of your budget, do not worry. Our very own camel overcoat is a spot-on choice for the wardrobe. Slim-fit, notch lapel, and at a quality that’ll get you through the season, Camel coat is essential for any male who needs one ASAP. Available in both black and camel, this can easily become the essential stylish piece you’ve been looking for this season.

Like all overcoats and men’s coats, there are no boundaries to what you can wear when building the perfect winter look. As we’ve covered the classic all-black look, we always like to casual the coat further. A hoodie is definitely a big winter essential, and if you want to stick to the casual look, a Borg Hoodie is a good choice. Wear with some slim fit joggers and white trainers for a super casual go-to look.

Black Checked Overcoat

If you want to go for something that’ll hit all the right trends this season,  Checked overcoat will help. With a toweling wool texture, this is the perfect men’s winter coat for when you are wanting to upgrade your wardrobe for the season.

Chucked over a suit makes it ideal for the morning rush to work, the checked pattern is an instant throw-on piece that’ll add interest to any outfit. To get the most out of this staple piece, opt for an outfit that is sharp and clean-cut. Simply go for some light-colored bottoms and a grey colored jumper for a casual look.

Black Checked Overcoat
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Best Men’s Wool Coats

No matter the look you want to go for, opting for a coat which provides warmth (especially in the minus weather we’ll be seeing over Christmas) is a giver. Luckily for us this season, shearling and woolen outerwear have become the ultimate must-have, which coincidentally has made looking for a stylish coat this winter less of a struggle. For that, we’ve devised the best affordable woolen men’s coats you need.

Schott NYC Cyclone Peacoat

The peacoat is a classic jacket for any man who loves a touch of sophistication. Famously worn over a suit, it’s a city boys must-have. For the season, our favorite has to be the Schott NYC Cyclone peacoat. With a lapel collar and two pockets, this is perfect for wrapping up while wearing your best.

Make sure you keep your look tidy when wearing the peacoat. While it’s a timeless staple item for any modern man, you need to make sure your look reflects the classic. For the work rush, pair the peacoat with a stand-up collar shirt and a well-fitting suit. Base your color choice on the colorway of the coat to avoid any clashes. When deciding on the right color shirt for you, make sure to keep the tones neutral or muted, making it the perfect day-to-day outfit for every day of the week.

Long Line Wool Bomber

Season by season we’ve seen the bomber jacket adapt to our seasonal needs, so lucky for us, it’s adamant to stay. The woolen bomber jacket is perfect if you don’t fancy exceeding the budget. Tailored for a more comfortable look, this is ideal for when you are needing a sports-luxe staple. Long Line Wool Bomber Jacket can be bought in both black and a tan/green color so there’s one for everyone’s personal style.

Unlike the Nylon Bomber jackets, you can pair the jacket with your favorite knitwear. Keep your look preppy by layering with an oxford shirt and some light blue wash jeans. To make sure you’re completely ready for the cold, throw on a knitted beanie and add a scarf to finish the look.

Best Men’s Winter Coats

Best Men's Winter Coats
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If our winter coats so far haven’t taken your fancy, don’t hold back from going for the alternatives. Saying that you cannot go wrong with our final must-haves for the colder months.

Black Duffle Coat

A black duffle coat is an all-time classic for when it comes to needing something warm and suitable for all the Christmas drinks and markets. With a detectable fur hood lining, Wool Duffle Coat can be worn to work, to a family gathering, or simply just to run to the shop. It’s easy to wear and easy to style, what could be better?

If you want to look smart, wear a coat over suit trousers and a shirt. For something a little more casual, a chunky jumper and jeans paired with some Chelsea boots will suit the style well. Keep the colors neutral and you’ll have an easy outfit that looks well put together and cozy in the cold weather.

Suede Bomber Jacket Black

As we come to the final jacket, why not add a dose of suede into your life. Suede Bomber jacket provides the benefit of keeping your look updated, yet also warm and ready to tackle the bitter cold. Featuring a zip closure and two pockets, this is our match-made in utility and warmth heaven.

The beauty of the suede bomber jacket is that it’s effortless to transition from day tonight. Whether you go for a sweatshirt and a shirt for the day, it’s equally perfect to even layer with simply a shirt for the evening. Experimenting with textures is always good for the winter months as it can add some interest and detail into your look. Wear your suede jacket with some slim fit jeans and clean trainers and you’ll be off to the pub in no time.

10 Of The Best Affordable Coats For Men

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering, you’ll never go wrong with a grey crew neck jumper and some slim-fit jeans.
  • In need of longevity? Always consider quality before you buy, but remember quality doesn’t always have to mean pricey.
  • Each of these jackets is easy to transition from day tonight. Starting the day with the commute to work to hit the night for some drinks, the right jacket is needed.
  • Opting for the perfect men’s winter coat doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Bomber jackets and parkas are always a staple for the wardrobe, while classic modern looks such as the overcoat and peacoats are ideal to wear over your work attire.

On That Note

Finding the perfect winter coats for men doesn’t have to be a hassle. Following this guide is guaranteed to find you a jacket which will not only last you all winter but the ones after. We can also agree that not breaking the bank is always an added bonus. Whether your look is more fitting to a parka or you want something more sophisticated, you can still dress well and stay warm this winter.

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