101 Best 999 Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
999 Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 29, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Numbers are more than just some figures. They are heavily loaded with significance. Embrace the hidden message of the universe with these unique 999 tattoos.

999 Tattoo Ideas
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You’ve probably seen the numbers 3, 6, and 9 – each of them in repetition and wondered if it has some deeper meaning, or if it is trying to tell you something!

Well, some people would just ignore the coincidence of seeing the same number repeatedly, while it might strike others. And if you’re among the curious ones, then you’re in the right place.

The number 999 indicates that it is time to change certain things. ​It is about letting go of certain old relationships, habits, beliefs, and careers so that you can move forward, using all that you have learned in the past.

999 – a three-digit series that represents the infinite universe, infinite possibilities, and your infinite potential. It tells you that it’s time to leave the past behind, be freed of your guilt, and see your problems as lessons to progress towards life’s next cycle. Open yourself up to infinite possibilities. It is said that our soul goes through nine cycles of creation within this lifetime on earth, with nine different aspects of ourselves to be discovered.

There is another prominent use of the 999 symbol. Jarad Anthony Higgins, known professionally as Juice WRLD, was a Chicago-based rapper, singer, and songwriter. He came to prominence with the hit single “Lucid Dreams” in 2018. He was really young and could have been one of the most brilliant artists in the music industry, had it not been for his untimely death. Many people would associate the number 999 with the late American rapper Juice WRLD. He had 999 tattoos both on his right and left hand. The number 999 has acted as the catalyst for Juice WRLD’s career. In an MTV News interview back in 2018, Juice WRLD revealed his interpretation of 999. He said that in the Bible, 666 is considered the mark of the Beast. And by reversing 666, we get 999. So, for him, 999 was the opposite of all the negativity. For Juice WRLD, 999 represented turning all the bad situations and struggles into something positive – a fuel that pushes your forward. With the help of this 999 meaning, Juice WRLD explained his thoughts on life. His intention was not to convey a message that there was no evil in the world. In fact, he said that he did not believe that there was no evil living inside us all. The general sense from this was that we all have the ability to be good and to choose to do good despite any bad situation we had been through.

Juice WRLD Tattoo 999 With A Rose

Juice WRLD Tattoo 999 With A Rose
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Juice WRLD didn’t get to have a long period of fame, but he sure won many hearts in his short-lived music career. Many Juice WRLD fans have got tattoos dedicated to him, and a variety of 999 tattoos top the list. This 999 Juice WRLD tattoo features a rose, inked in the linework method of tattooing looks neat and classy. The rose here is representing the song named ‘Roses’ in which Juice WRLD collaborated with Benny Blanco.

Traditional 999 Under The Chin Tattoo

Traditional 999 Under The Chin Tattoo
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Tattoos under the chin are quite unique and it represents the wearer as a distinguished individual, who is bold and brave. A traditional 999 blackwork tattoo under the chin would be a great choice for tattoo enthusiasts who want to let go of their former life and embark on a new journey without any fear.

999 With Wing Tattoo

999 With Wing Tattoo
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This beautiful tattoo has used thin lines for a finer finish. The angel wings are gracefully inked. The entire tattoo has a very eye-catching note to it that appeals to one’s aesthetic senses. The angel wings are well coordinated with the number 999, giving out a clear statement of what it stands for. It is symbolic of the wearer’s fresh start full of clarity.

999 Leg Tattoo In Gothic Lettering

999 Leg Tattoo In Gothic Lettering
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Gothic fonts are meant to radiate a bold and courageous vibe. The number 999 inked in a Gothic font may represent the wearer’s stout-hearted nature and a new journey free of any negative emotions. It’s perfect for those who are unapologetically transitioning into their new ‘self’.

Vertical 999 Wrist Tattoo In Red Ink

Vertical 999 Wrist Tattoo In Red Ink
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Red inks go really well with numbers or symbols that want to send a loud and brazen message. This 999 tattoo has been inked vertically to look a little different than the generic 999 horizontal tattoos. Its bright red colour bears the signs of a new life full of vigour, spontaneity, passion, and fulfilment.

Classic 999 Hand Tattoo

Classic 999 Hand Tattoo
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The 999 meaning is simply the number that stands for all the fruits of wisdom – love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control, mentioned in the 5th Chapter in the Epistles to the Galatians. 999 symbolises people’s faith in God and spirituality. Your 999 hand tattoo with a classic look can also signify your hope for the future.

Juice WRLD Themed 999 Tattoo Featuring The Song ‘Life’s A Mess’

Juice WRLD Themed 999 Tattoo Featuring The Song 'Life's A Mess'
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‘Life’s a mess’ is another of Juice WRLD’s songs in which he collaborated with Halsey. Your tattoo tribute to Juice WRLD couldn’t be any better. If you are trying to conquer a bad situation or overcome whatever struggle you’re going through, getting a new tattoo featuring Juice WRLD’s 999 symbols can give you the required courage and strength.

Dark And Bold 999 With Butterfly Blackwork Tattoo

Dark And Bold 999 With Butterfly Blackwork Tattoo
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The wings of the butterfly in this tattoo is designed as a spider web, and there are flames visible on the wings as well. Now it can mean a lot of things. The presence of the flames may indicate towards a new life, just like the bird phoenix is reborn from ashes. The butterfly represents transformation and ephemeral beauty. On the other hand the spider web is symbolic of creativity. So, all in all, this 999 tattoo can indicate that the wearer has gone through a transformation and is progressing towards a positive life full of creativity and beauty.

Minimalistic 999 Behind The Ear Tattoo

Minimalistic 999 Behind The Ear Tattoo
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An important aspect of tattooing is choosing the right body part for your new tattoo. While arm, forearm, shoulder, and back tattoos are the most common, some uniquely positioned tattoos are getting trendy as well. One such category is behind the ear tattoos. They are extremely funky to flaunt, especially when done following a minimalistic design or pattern.

Juice WRLD 999 Tattoo Featuring The Album ‘Legends Never Die’

Juice WRLD 999 Tattoo Featuring The Album 'Legends Never Die'
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Fans were left heartbroken and shook when Juice WRLD passed away. He was too young to die. Juice WRLD fans are hyped about the symbol 999. His album ‘Legends Never Die’ was released after his death in 2020. This Juice WRLD 999 tattoo actually does honour this young legend, who had immense talent and potential but passed away too soon.

The 999 meaning brings to mind the realization that everything you’ve ever imagined was always possible and more than you could have ever dreamed. And while it may seem like you had to break through your own limitations, you need to remember that irrespective of your age, there are no limitations. Right now, you are in perfect harmony with the Universe. This representation of the number is an infinite symbol that expands infinitely through every direction.

You can also get a 999 tattoo that has its individual meaning, free of Juice WRLD’s reference. Apart from these ten, there are plenty of 999 tattoo designs for you to explore:

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What does the 999 tattoo mean?

The number 999 is often associated with emergency services, such as police and ambulance crews. It can also be seen as a symbol of support for these essential workers. In some cases, the tattoo may represent the wearer’s own occupation in an emergency service. Additionally, the number 999 may be used to show solidarity with those who have lost their lives while working in these fields.

What is the best way to cover up my 999 tattoo?

There are a few different ways that you can cover up your 999 tattoo. One option is to use makeup to conceal the tattoo. Another option is to wear clothing that covers the tattooed area. You can also try using a bandage or adhesive tape to cover the tattoo. If you want to permanently cover up the tattoo, you can consider getting a new tattoo over the top of it.

What are the different designs of a 999 tattoo?

There are a variety of different designs that can be used for a 999 tattoo. Some people choose to have the number 999 inked on their skin in a simple font. Others may opt for a more elaborate design that includes emergency symbols or images. Additionally, the tattoo can be customized to include the name of an emergency service worker who has been lost.

How much does a 999 tattoo cost?

The cost of a 999 tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity of the design, and location of the tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Simple designs will also be less expensive than more elaborate ones. The price will also depend on the artist who is creating the tattoo.

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