10 Best 98 Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Mark
98 Tattoos

Before you settle for any 98 tattoo design. First check out our well-curated list of some of the best 98 tattoo ideas that we collected on the internet.

98 Tattoo
@alya_tattoo via Instagram

If you’re looking for a spiritual tattoo, then the 98 tattoo is the perfect fit for you.

The meaning behind the no. 98 is quite interesting. 98 is an angel number that’s a sign of self-love.

So, whenever you see the no. 98 take that as a sign that the world is telling you to appreciate yourself more. People who have more self-love have a lot of confidence and get to enjoy these tattoos. No. 98 also symbolizes the fact that people should believe in themselves more.

When used as a tattoo, it’s mainly used to commemorate when a person was born. That’s why you’ll see a lot of people wearing the 98 tattoos as a celebration of their birthday. This is the most common reason why a lot of people have the no. 98 tattoos on their body. However, we also believe that you can apply special meaning to your tattoos based on your life experiences.

So, if you’re in the market for 98 tattoo ideas, here are some popular tattoos you can choose from.

Neo Symbolism Hand Poke 98 Tattoo

Neo Symbolism Hand Poke 98 Tattoo
@neiz.vesten via Instagram

There are different kinds of 98 tattoos that you can draw on your skin. However, the most unique of these designs is the neo symbolism tattoos. For this 98 tattoo, he created it using a series of dots, a triangle, and a cross.

The design of the tattoo gives it the appearance of a tribal tattoo. However, Vesten says that the meaning behind each tattoo he draws is unique to the wearer. The tattoos tell a tale of their own since he uses your birthday and thesis to create them.

Roman Numeral 98 Tattoo

Roman Numeral 98 Tattoo
@louisa via Instagram

This tattoo design has become quite popular in society recently. When dealing with number tattoo designs you should pay attention to the uniqueness of the design. In this case, roman numeral tattoos are beautiful and exotic.

Using roman numeral tattoos has become popular even among celebrities. For example, British singer Louisa Johnson added a roman numeral tattoo on her left shoulder to represent the year she was born.

Calf 98 Tattoo

Calf 98 Tattoo
@_teser_ via Instagram

For some people the idea of having a tattoo cover their calf is unusual. However, due to the muscles in your calf, tattoos drawn on this body part have a remarkable look.

And since your calf provides tattoo artists with a large canvas, they can use different-sized 98 tattoo fonts to create their art. Calf tattoos also offer the wearer the freedom to show off the tattoo whenever they feel like it.

Laurel Wreath 98 Tattoo

Laurel Wreath 98 Tattoo
@mainaomitattooer via Instagram

To create a one-of-a-kind no. 98 tattoo you need to start thinking outside the box. If you’re a man we highly recommend this tattoo since you can have it drawn as big as you’d like. And if you wanted it could cover your entire chest.

We loved this design because of the use of bold black ink which gives the tattoo a dominant look across the entire chest.

Neck 98 Tattoo

Neck 98 Tattoo
@tanyadamn via Instagram

The neck is one of the most visible parts of our body but it’s also rarely noticed by people. So, if you intend to ink your neck, you need to go with bold ink colors that will catch the eye of others.

That’s why we loved the red color used in this design. On top of that, the gothic font helps these tattoos stand out even more.

Forearm 98 Tattoo

Forearm 98 Tattoo
@tattoopiercingisa via Instagram

The forearm is one of the most popular skin canvases for drawing tattoos. If you get the font and the ink right your 98 tattoos will catch the eye of your acquaintances.

On top of that, depending on the size of the 98 tattoo design you choose you could decide to have it inked on your wrist. Nevertheless, no matter the size, this design will always remain appealing whenever it’s drawn on your arm.

Thigh 98 Tattoo

Thigh 98 Tattoo
@chipp.iv via Instagram

The thigh is generally one of the body parts where you can ink intimate tattoos. Due to the amount of skin space available we recommend going with large-sized tattoos.

We loved this tattoo because it efficiently uses skin space. The gothic font was drawn perfectly. And the artist did a great job when shading the inside of the tattoo’s outline by giving the tattoo a gradient effect.

Upper Stomach 98 Tattoo

Upper Stomach 98 Tattoo
@prostekerky via Instagram

If you’re a man with perfectly stacked abs then this design is perfect for you. Tattoos like this 98 tattoo design have to be large. That’s because the upper stomach gives artists a wide range when creating tattoo designs.

This 98 tattoo is eye-catching because it used bold ink to enhance the look of the tattoo. And if you have a flat stomach the overall appearance of these tattoos will only become more impressive. You can also add different words to this design such as your favorite phrase or nickname to make use of the large chest area.

98 Arrow Tattoo Designs

98 Arrow Tattoo Designs
@eternitytattooberlin via Instagram

We love this design because it highlights the artist’s creativity, ability, and technique. The design is a combination of the year 1998, an arrow, and angel wings. This design was used to represent a new beginning for the wearer.

Great tattooing technique is required especially when working on the angel wings. The shading of this design gives the wings a 3D effect making them appear real.

Ankle 98 Tattoo

Ankle 98 Tattoo
@romahtattoos via Instagram

If you’re looking for a small design, this is one of the smallest tattoos on our list. Small tattoos like the ankle 98 tattoo design are popular because they’re minimalist. They also use bold fonts and ink colors to make sure they’re visible and beautiful.

This tattoo design can also be used on other parts of your body including the neck, wrist, upper shoulder, and fingers.

The no. 98 tattoo design can be inked on any part of your body. You can use these tattoos to celebrate your continued existence on earth if you were born in 1998. The tattoos can also represent your resolve to follow your dreams and to continue appreciating yourself.

Our list of 98 tattoo ideas was not exhaustive. If you check out Instagram you’ll find lots of videos and photos showcasing the different no. 98 tattoos people have inked. Some of the designs we found but didn’t include in our list include

• 98 degrees tattoo

• 98 percent body tattoo

Deadpool 98 tattoos

• 98 cross tattoo

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