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101 Best 3 Butterfly Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
3 Butterfly Tattoo

Why have one butterfly inked when you can get three? Check out the suggestions and get a 3 butterfly tattoo for your next inking appointment.

Butterfly Tattoo
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Even though we see colours, butterfly wings are transparent.

The wings are covered with minuscule scales. These reflect the various colours we see on their wings.

Butterflies are delicate insects. A butterfly tattoo design is not only beautiful but also very symbolic. The delicate designs often indicate new beginnings, whether it is one, two, or more butterflies, since they metamorphose from caterpillars. It hints at how a person is having a fresh start in their life or a change in their personality. Moreover, butterfly tattoos are often associated with mental health as well.

Since butterflies are a motif for change, this change is positive for mental health. They are also often used in multiple sclerosis tattoos with the well-known orange ribbon. This is because the brain MRI scan is somewhat in the shape of a butterfly of an individual with multiple sclerosis. The meaning of a butterfly tattoo is only restricted by your imagination.

Gothic Butterfly Tattoo

Gothic Butterfly Tattoo
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Who said butterfly tattoos always need to be cute? Here is a bold piece meant for a badass person. The tattoo is done on the calf region of the leg. The impression of half a skull is visible. Around that, three butterflies are seen fluttering about. The type of butterfly painted is commonly known as Scarlet Peacock, found in South America. The rich red hue of the insects against the grey skull gives way to a stunning contrast, calling attention to itself.

A butterfly, as mentioned before, stands for new life. A skull, on the other hand, suggests death and decay. Taken together, this tattoo design symbolizes the transience and the cycle of life and death. It is a reminder for the wearer to do what they want now since life is not guaranteed to anybody.

Chinese Knot Ornamental Butterfly Tattoo

Chinese Knot Ornamental Butterfly Tattoo
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If you are looking for some full-sleeve butterfly tattoos, you can give this tattoo a chance. The piece has traditional Chinese knots running across the arm. One of the knots is in the shape of a butterfly. Around the knots, red Spider Lily flowers can be spotted. Other than the knotted one, two butterflies can be seen, one on each end of the tattoo.

Depending on different cultures, the meaning of a butterfly changes. For that reason, a butterfly in Chinese culture stands for good fortune. This message is further amplified by the knots. On the other hand, the red Spider Lily is a farewell motif. Hence, through the tattoo, the wearer is wishing themselves well as they are about to embark on a new journey in their life.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
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For those who like delicate, beautiful butterfly tattoos, this one is for you. On the skin, there are monarch butterflies found in multiple colours. The colours on each seem to form a gradient, beginning with a green butterfly at the bottom, then a blue in the middle, and finally, a purple one at the top. This tattoo is a clever addition to an existing design. A rose tattoo is visible on one side, with sunflowers on the other. The beautiful tattoo design reminds one of a garden during springtime. Touches of sparkle are present in the design of stars.

Rose with a butterfly tattoo represents freedom, while sunflowers with a butterfly tattoo symbolize a commitment to happiness. Hence, this person is breaking free from all the shackles to spread their wings to seek joy and happiness in their life.

Butterfly Quirky Hand Tattoo

Butterfly Quirky Hand Tattoo
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If traditional tattoos are not your cup of tea, this design is sure to win your heart as it did ours. A broken light bulb is at the centre of the body art. Out of the bulb, butterflies are escaping one by one. Even though the tattoo is done with only black ink, the insects can be distinguished as Swallowtail butterflies. For this tattoo, the expertise of an experienced tattoo artist is crucial. With brilliant skill, the tattooist adds depth to the small butterfly tattoo with the help of shading. The shading makes the bulb look life-like. The beauty of this tattoo is in its simplicity.

Light bulbs often represent knowledge and insight. Likewise, a Swallowtail butterfly is a symbol of hope. Together, the tattoo is trying to show how the person looks forward to whatever may come their way after finding a fresh perspective on life.

Fabric 3 Small Butterfly Tattoo

Fabric 3 Small Butterfly Tattoo
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This butterfly design is unique. Fabric clothing is an inspiration for this tattoo art. It looks as though the fabric has been cut in the design of butterflies. The tattoo is filled with bright colours, including shades of orange, blue, and brown. The pattern on the body has big flowers spread around the body of the insects. The design may look simple, but the intricate details require time. Hence, make sure to clear your schedule for the day and get the best artist for the art.

Here, the meaning comes across through visual design and symbolism. Three butterflies are indicative of a transformation. The insects themselves go through a change in their body as the person wearing them does mentally.

3-D Butterfly Tattoo

3-D Butterfly Tattoo
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All the butterflies seen in this tattoo are of the Monarch butterfly kind. With their complicated wing style, they exude sheer beauty. There is a pink, a yellow, and a blue butterfly tattoo. Under each butterfly, a shadow has been created with dark ink. This, in turn, helps all of them to create an illusion as though they are three-dimensional.

The insects with varied bold colours have different meanings. The pink one is a symbol of compassion and love. The yellow usually designates happiness, while the blue butterfly tattoo represents good luck. The tattoo idea represents the wishes that the wearer has for their future, which they encapsulate within the witty butterfly tattoo.

Self-Love Butterfly Tattoo

Self-Love Butterfly Tattoo
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Among the tiny butterfly tattoos, this design is a tough contender. The outline of a person can be seen cross-armed, holding each shoulder. A Monstera leaf is at the front in turquoise ink. Around the individual, little winged friends are flying. At the bottom, the quote ‘self-love’ is written in cursive. This butterfly tattoo is so simple yet so powerful. Besides being compact, you will be able to play with the placement on the body with more freedom.

If we go by the Chinese symbolism, Monstera plants are used to honour loved ones. Here, however, the agenda appears to be honouring the self as the person begins this journey of transformation, where they learn to be more accepting and appreciative of themselves.

Zodiac White Butterfly Tattoo

Zodiac White Butterfly Tattoo
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For women looking for some dainty and tiny tattoos, you have stumbled across the right place. Each butterfly is placed with an intention on the tattoo. Even if they are tiny, the insects can be identified as Swallowtail butterflies. Around them, the image of a night sky has been created with the help of black and white ink, giving the much-needed highlighting effect on the stars. This tattoo is a great choice for someone who is getting tattooed for the first time or is afraid of needles.

If you love to watch night skies, this tattoo has something hidden for you. The zodiac sign Aquarius is shown through the butterflies. They are placed in a pattern so that they represent the constellation. So, it shows your love for outer space and your birth month at the same time.

Minimalistic Ankle Butterfly Tattoo

Minimalistic Ankle Butterfly Tattoo
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The beauty of this tattoo makes it look like a piece of art. Three purple butterflies are floating about. Even though they are minute in size, the details on their body are very clear. The insects are dancing around Lewis Flax flowers, giving an impression that they are enjoying nectar from these flowers. Some fallen leaves and petals can be seen suspended, as though someone has captured a moment in a frame.

Since purple was once a colour of the Royals, a purple butterfly is associated with grace and beauty. The Lewis Flax flower, on the other end, is a symbol of purity and wisdom. These are all the values the person wishes to cultivate in their life, the tattoo being the first step towards that goal.

Family Butterfly Tattoos

Family Butterfly Tattoos
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These butterfly tattoos are a matching pair between two sisters. Shades of violet, blue and pink colour the insects. Each has a different length, style, and wing details. Some look painted with watercolour, while others are so realistic that they look as if they will start flapping their wings. To add to the charm of the tattoo, sparkly stars and colourful bubbles have been added to the design.

This pair of tattoos, first and foremost, denote the deep bond between the two sisters. The tattoo reminds each that no matter where they are, they will always have each other in their hearts. Further, it represents the hope each one has for the other, to grow and transform into a more beautiful person.

A butterfly tattoo design is a popular choice among young people. Do not confuse a butterfly with a moth, both of whom belong to the order Lepidoptera. An easy way to tell them apart is that moths flatten their wings, while a butterfly folds its wings when they perch somewhere.

There are almost twenty thousand different butterfly species. Surely you found one that speaks to your soul? Here are some more ideas on how to reimagine them as a tattoo.

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What does a 3 butterfly tattoo mean?

A 3 butterfly tattoo is often seen as a symbol of transformation, change and spiritual growth. It can also be interpreted to mean freedom, femininity, creativity and joy. The three butterflies together can also represent the past, present and future or family members that have passed away. For some people, it may simply be a beautiful design they appreciate aesthetically. No matter the interpretation, it is ultimately a personal choice that reflects an individual’s unique story or meaning.

How much does a 3 butterfly tattoo cost?

The cost of a 3 butterfly tattoo varies greatly depending on the size, complexity and location. Generally speaking, tattoos usually range from $50 to $200 per hour of work. Therefore, a small 3 butterfly design may take 1-2 hours to complete and could cost anywhere from $100-$400. Larger designs that require more detail may take longer, thus costing more. Ultimately, the cost of a 3 butterfly tattoo will depend on the artist and their skill level as well as how long it takes them to complete the design.

What are the different types of 3 butterfly tattoos?

There are many different types of 3 butterfly tattoos, ranging from traditional to modern designs. Some popular styles include tribal, watercolor, black and grey and neo-traditional. Additionally, some people choose to incorporate additional elements into their design such as flowers or stars which can create a unique look. The possibilities for creativity are endless and can be tailored to an individual’s taste and preference.

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