10 Best 1996 Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

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1996 Tattoo

Are you a 1996 child? This year, try something different and celebrate your birthday by gifting yourself one 1996 tattoo design to flaunt.

1996 Tattoo
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The 1996 tattoos look great on both men and women.

What does a 1996 tattoo mean? It helps commemorate the birth year of a person born in 1996, to thank the almighty for bringing them into this beautiful world and for letting them exist.

It is also a great way of avoiding the reevaluation of past birthdays or past life hardships and will help you make the most of the moment you’re presently living and honor the day of your birth. Additionally, 1996 is also an angel number that symbolizes love and positivity and will help you develop a better mindset in life.

This number has various other symbolic connotations as well. In terms of love and relationships, this number inspires one to get out of an empty relationship with nothing to offer. These birth year tattoo ideas also motivate you to give your best in order to achieve what you aspire to and never give up on your dreams.

Stay tuned to get an insight into some amazing 1996 tattoo fonts and create your own unique 1996 tattoo with your artists!

1996 Tattoo In Roman Numerals

1996 Tattoo In Roman Numerals
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This tattoo reads 2-4-96 inked in Roman numbers, which are symbolic of its virtue and honor. People also opt for Roman numerals to make their tattoos look more mysterious and less obvious for other people to interpret the symbolism. When people use a Roman numerical tattoo to associate it with a special date, it enhances the significance of that day and as a means of reminding oneself of a good or a bad day that they never want to erase from their memories.

One such example is the 1996 Roman numerical tattoo of Anastasia Karanikolaou, one of the most popular celebrities and best friends of Kylie Jenner. Her tattoo reads “2-4-96,” which is said to be inked to celebrate her sister’s anniversary.

So if you have any special events to celebrate this year of 1996, go for the Roman numerals as it will make your tattoo even more spectacular! This tattoo looks amazing, even coupled with words linked in a special way to 1996 in your life!

Est. 1996 Tattoo

Est. 1996 Tattoo
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Est. basically means “Established”. This acronym has various interpretations. One of the reasons is that just like a company uses “est” to put emphasis on the date in which the company was founded, a person who wears a tattoo saying “est” puts emphasis on the date they were born. The “est” badge for a company makes it a trusted and respected organization as it shows that the company has a lot of experience. Similarly, a person uses this acronym to present his wisdom and experience, which he gained in his lifetime since 1996.

It could also mean that the wearer believes his birth is not ordinary; he was born for a reason and had a lot to offer to this world. They take pride in their birth and want to work as much as possible to fulfill their life purpose.

This tattoo will constantly motivate you to do better in life and will remind you of your worth in this world.

Black 1996 Elbow Tattoo

Black 1996 Elbow Tattoo
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The simple number tattoo with black ink looks great on your skin and gives it a basic but classy appearance. The black color has a very dense and contrasting hue which will go really well with a darker complexion.

This black-colored tattoo will compliment any color outfit you choose since it is a very neutral color. Also, the versatility of this color enables the artists to experiment with different designs. Because of its rich color, this tattoo will also last for a longer time, unlike other colored tattoos.

Jack Gilinsky, who is a singer, actor, producer, and one of the most famous celebrities with 7.2 million followers on Instagram, has a similar kind of a basic black 1996 tattoo on his elbow, which is the year of his birth.

The elbow is one of those spots in the body where the needle hurts the most, but the pain is definitely worth it!

Knuckle 1996 Tattoo

Knuckle 1996 Tattoo
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Knuckle tattoos don’t necessarily relate to prison. People usually get tattooed on their knuckles to enhance the significance they want to showcase, as it is the most visible part of the body.

Since there is not much place on the knuckles, a simple 8 characters or 4 characters tattoo will be a perfect choice. This tattoo is for someone who deeply wants to honor birth and mark 1996 for the rest of their life.

One needs to be extra careful with tattoos on the knuckles since it is one of the most active parts of the body and is exposed to various chemicals that could ruin the color of the tattoo. For example, while washing hands, the detergent agents can fade or blur the tattoo. Also, rubbing metals like rings can harm the tattoo and won’t last for too long.

1996 Tattoo Design On Shin

1996 Tattoo Design On Shin
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This tattoo is inked in the old English font, which is one of the most difficult fonts to draw in freehand because of its intricate detailing designs. There are various websites where you can search and generate these old fonts.

The shading of the tattoo done with black ink creates a transition that makes it even more eye-catching. Shading in a tattoo is something that adds more elegance to the tattoo but also requires great skills, technique, and patience at the same time. The tattoo design is full of strength and is perfect for someone who is very serious about their commitments and mission in life.

One more significant factor to keep in mind while thinking of getting this tattoo is that the tattoo is on the inner elbow, and that is a very sensitive spot to get inked. Below the tattoo is the name “Alba”. This is one of the instances when the special year tattoo has been inked with a name.

The Real Prevail 1996 Tattoo With Black Roses

The Real Prevail 1996 Tattoo With Black Roses
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“Prevail” itself means acquiring power through potency and superiority. This tattoo defines someone who was born to conquer and rule this world.

The tattoo also comprises two black roses, which are a symbol of death and grief. This tattoo represents the year 1996 as a year that is significant for a death of a loved one. People also wear this tattoo to represent pain from heartbreak or unrequited love. It all depends on who wants to remember certain things from 1996 and hold on to them in their own way. For some, memories were created this year; birth, happiness, and new ideas were created. For some others, like the wearer of this tattoo, 1996 is a year of grief, incapable of being described in words, and thus a tattoo.

The dark shading on this tattoo is what’s making it stand out. The numbers are, however, free from shading and represent a strong force. This tattoo will click a 7/10 on the pain scale.

1996 Flame Tattoo

1996 Flame Tattoo
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The flame represents deep desires and burning passion.

Flames and fire tattoos are often chosen by the bikers, and the symbol can be connected to the love of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. The illustration of flames evokes excitement in people and defines the bold personality of the wearer. This tattoo specifically alludes to people who are passionate about life and want to make the most of it. The bright red flames make the tattoo even more thought-provoking. This tattoo can be hyped up by writing 1996 in Roman numerals or adding a small heart below it, signifying love and passion.

Fire can be helpful and destructive at the same time. Therefore, this tattoo represents those people who are kind and helpful but are also someone who is not to be messed with. On the pain scale, this tattoo is a 4/10 owing to its size.

1996 Thigh Tattoo

1996 Thigh Tattoo
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Thighs have become a prevalent placement for body art, especially for women. The thigh tattoos look extremely alluring and seductive and accentuate the lower bodies of females.

The interesting part of thigh tattoos is that you can hide them anytime you want to since it is not the most visible part of the human body. The font in this tattoo is very simple and has a unique Gothic style.

If you are foraging for a tattoo that will bring the most attention and is around a 5/10 on the pain scale, then the search ends here!

1996 Chest Tattoo

1996 Chest Tattoo
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People ink this tattoo so that they can mark a birth year and honor 1996.

This tattoo represents the spirit of living life in one’s own ways and never yielding to the fear of losing. The font used in this tattoo is an old English font inspired by the Gothic style. The tattoo is inked on the breastbone, which gives it a distinctive touch.

This tattoo will definitely inspire you to get a significant 1996 birth year tattoo for yourself and honor this year or your loved one associated with this year.

Stomach 1996 Tattoo

Stomach 1996 Tattoo
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This design will give your stomach and lower torso a killer look and is a great way of decorating your body. The minimalism in this tattoo represents someone who is not to be messed with.

This kind of simple tattoo looks great on any complexion as the bold lettering makes the tattoo stand out. If you opt for shading, then you can customize the tattoo to your choice, but at this minimalism, it is a 6/10 on the pain scale.

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