The Best Backpacks for Your Lifestyle

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

With backpacks no longer restricted to the likes of school kids and budget travellers, the time to pick yourself up a practical and stylish bit of luggage has never been better. With this in mind, let’s take a look at our top 10.

Having a decent backpack for the every day is an absolute necessity. Although you might think “but why do I need to have a good bag?”. We can assure you that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Your backpack will become your best friend. You’ll be able to put your laptop, football boots and lunch all within one handy bag. Check out some of our good backpack brands like Sandqvist as they offer some of the best minimalist, urban backpacks.

Men’s bags are designed to be a practical item that suits your daily activities. Whether it’s a simple commute companion to the office followed by a session at the gym, or you’re hauling your whole life on a six-month month adventure across the globe – the rucksack of choice needs to match up to its needs.

sandqvist lookbook mens style

Best Backpacks for Everyday

When you’re looking for a quality everyday backpack there are two main characteristics you should be prioritising – practicality and versatility. Obviously, practicality is imperative, you’ll need to be able to pack a plethora of personal belongings depending on the day – from your laptop to lunchbox. With that being said, the best backpacks for men will make it so you can almost fit your whole life within the space. You’ll want something that will allow you to carry the essentials, but also the extras if you need it.

Versatility is also an important characteristic, as an everyday bag you’ll probably want to be wearing it with a number of different ensembles – so consider a colour that’ll transcend the majority of your casual wardrobe. The three options below span a range of price points and will suitably work as an everyday bag for most men while being an alternative to the classic black colour.


Best Backpacks for Work

Similarly to an everyday backpack, a work backpack should be both practical and versatile; however, it should also meet a certain level of formality. As they’ve only recently been adapted to the workplace, let’s take baby steps here. Thankfully for you, we stock some really good backpacks for the every day.

Advisably, you should stick to a relatively subdued colour palette of black, greys and navy’s to give you maximum wearability with your smart suits. The three options below will all fit the bill – just be sure to keep em clean – there’s no place for a scruffy backpack in the workplace.

masterpiece japan bag


Best Backpacks for Travel

When you’re travelling, chances are you’re going to have your life stuffed into a backpack. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that you are going to need a lot of space.

Brands like Eastpak, Poler and Herschel all have great options for the travelling man at a variety of different price points and all suited to different travelling needs. Ranging from £30 – £130, we’ve got the perfect selection of bags suitable for every man. At £30, it’s got all the space you’ll need for your time away and more storage than you’ll know what to do with. It also comes in three colours and has some great features.

travelling backpack

Best Cheap Backpacks

If you’ve not got the spare cash to throw a couple of hundred quid on a new backpack, then don’t worry as we’ve got some great alternatives for you. Starting at £20 and going up to £30, we can pretty much guarantee you that you won’t find a better quality bag at that great price.

Coming in a variety of styles, we have the simple canvas backpack for the every day, the Globetrotter if you’re looking to see some more of the world on a budget and then the classic Heritage style backpack. Coming in a variety of colours, styles but all at affordable prices means that whatever you plan on doing with your backpack, we can help you with it.


The Best Backpacks for Your Lifestyle

  • Pick a style that suits your life – if you need something for the office then make sure you can fit all of your essentials in it, if you’re at uni then you’ll need an all round bag that can carry all that hard work you’ll be doing.
  • Think about the space – don’t buy a bag that you can’t fit your stuff in, it’ll be a waste of money. It may look good but it’ll be completely useless.
  • Wear it with confidence- you’ve just got a new bag, show it off!

mens leather jacket style yellow bag

On That Note

There you have it! With such a wide selection of the best fashion backpacks, minimalist backpacks and a plethora of practical options – there’s something for everyone’s style and needs. It’s important to consider all aspects before choosing the rucksack companion to suit your specific lifestyle and needs. Always think about practicality and versatility and you’ll be good to go.

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