101 awesome yggdrasil tattoo designs you need to see!

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yggdrasil tattoo

In the mood for some manly tattoo designs? You will like Yggdrasil tattoos, as well as Viking symbols! If you are into mythology and you would also fancy a tree tattoo, keep on reading! Here are some interesting tattoos!

What Does Yggdrasil Mean?

Yggdrasil is actually a mythical tree that was very important and talked-about in the Norse cosmology. It is believed that it connects 9 worlds.

Where Is The Yggdrasil Tree?

Norse mythology believes that this tree is located at the center of the universe, and its main purpose is to give us life while extending and constantly showing all of its beauties.

Black & White Yggdrasil Tattoo


If you like Norse mythology and you prefer tattoo ideas Viking inspired symbols, go for this tree! It is also decorated with some numbers & bird designs – perfect if you want the best of both worlds (realistic & spiritual).

Forearm Yggdrasil Tattoo


Viking tattoos symbols can look great over your forearm. If you work out and you find Celtic tattoos unique – this is the best tattoo for you. The Yggdrasil tree will represent growth, as well as your will to continue further!

Yggdrasil Tattoo Viking Symbols Tattoo


Not a lot of tattoo artists are good at details Nordic work, so make sure you find someone who knows a thing or two about the Norse tree, as well as mythology. This tattoo looks amazing over your calves + you will appreciate it even more if you wear shorts quite often.

Defined Celtic Tattoo Yggdrasil Design


If you are a fan of Yggdrasil tattoo designs and you also like noticeable placements, go for your entire arm! You don’t have to go for a sleeve, but you will appreciate this black ink over your entire arm.

Yggdrasil Tattoo Over Forearm


If you are someone who needs a bit more than just the Norse tree, why not add some bird prints over your body? This tattoo is filled with different elements that represent life & death, as well as its never-ending process. If you want something deep and meaningful, give this tattoo a chance.

Yggdrasil Tattoo Black Design


Tattoos such as this one will take a bit more of your time to get. Yggdrasil tattoos are not as time-consuming, but roots & branches, as well as some Celtic or Nordic symbols, may be time-consuming. So, make sure you have 2-3 hours to spare (at least) before you book your tattoo artist.

Yggdrasil Tattoo Tree Of Life Over Palm 

This tree tattoo really stands out, don’t you think? If you really love Norse mythology and you want a tattoo that everybody will spot with ease, go for this placement! Heads up however, since this tattoo and its placement will hurt.

Tree Of Life Viking Warrior Tattoo Over Shoulder


Guys who work out and who are proud of their achievements can go for a larger tree of life. This tattoo and its symbol will look great on men with bigger arms. Make sure you pay close attention to details and find an amazing tattoo artist that will give you precise Yggdrasil tattoos!

Yggdrasil Tattoo Design


Not a lot of people like the calf placement. However, do you wish to stand out? If so, you will enjoy this tattoo Yggdrasil design and the Norse tree over your legs, for sure! The best part? This placement of your tattoo won’t hurt, at all!

Yggdrasil Tattoo Design Over Back

Last, but not least, there is this Norse mythology-inspired tattoo. It is placed over the entire back portion, and it is an amazing tattoo that represents life, as well as the changes in the world! If you like big & meaningful tattoos, this is your ideal tree of life!

Having Said All Of That

So, did you check out each of our recommended tattoos? Which image was your favorite? Norse mythology is complicated, but it can look so unique & beautiful once placed on top of your body! Find your perfect tattoo with one of our recommended Tree of life tattoos!

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