101 awesome Molon labe tattoo designs you need to see!

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Molon labe tattoo designs

Looking for some amazing and unique Molon Labe Spartan tattoo ideas? We have a lot of beautiful and unique options for you to consider. If you wish to know about the Molon Labe tattoo meaning and you are on a lookout for some manly designs, find your ideal tattoo down below.

Is Molon Labe A Military Tattoo?

This can be your military-inspired tattoo. It is actually a common tattoo that is used to mark any type of battle and it is usually a go-to tattoo by people who have served in the army.

What Does Molon Labe Mean In Latin?

Molon Labe is an ancient Greek saying that translates to ”come and take (them)” since it expresses defiance. It also relates to Spartans surrendering their weapons.

Molon Labe Tattoo Over Neck


Since now you know the Molon Labe meaning, would you be brave enough to place it all over your neck? This tattoo and its placement will suit people who like to stand out, and especially if you want to get a catchy phrase.

Colorful Molon Labe Tattoos Over Arm


Hand placement is a good idea for this Greek phrase. You can also decorate your tattoo with some weapons, and go for colorful ink to make it more cohesive and vibrant.

Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas Over Chest


This Spartan tattoo Molon Labe will look lovely over your collar bone. If you are into smaller tattoos and you prefer black ink, go for this combo and its placement!

Molon Labe Forearm Tattoo


Another great inspiration for your ‘’come and take’’ tattoo design may be this Spartan helmet tattoo. Pair along the phrase with a shield, and you will love the manly vibe that it gives!

Black Molon Labe Tattoo Designs


Molon Labe tattoo pictures and sleeve tattoos go hand in hand. This ‘’come and take them tattoo’’ can look great over broad shoulders, and it will suit people who work out. You can also place it over your forearm if you are out of options or space.

Spartan Molon Labe Tattoo


Meaning Molon Labe is the same as the meaning Moaon Aabe, it’s just written differently. You will enjoy placing this tattoo over your forearm and you should get it in a bold font, as well as some unique ink.

Spartan Helmet Molon Labe Tattoo


You will find this tattoo beautiful as well as attention-seeking once you place it over your calf. Make sure that you go for a Spartan design that stands out, and that will make the whole look even more cohesive.

Molon Labe Tattoos Black Ink


If you prefer smaller tattoos that can make an impact – this is perfect for you! Time-wise, you should only invest around 2 hours to achieve this design.

Molon Labe Tattoos Over Chest


You will find this tattoo unique, as well as quite manly. It will look the best on guys who work out, as well as on men who have gone through a tough battle sometimes in their lifetime.

Bright Best Molon Labe Tattoo Design


Last, but not least, if you are a fan of ink and you find colorful tattoos beautiful & you think of them as a masterpiece, go for this design. Place it over your shoulder and make sure that you can spare around 4 hours for this design.

Having Said All Of That

So, which of these top 10 tattoos was your favorite? Molon Labe designs will look lovely over your entire body, you can’t go wrong with any placement! Let us know your top pick!

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