101 Marco Reus Haircut Ideas That You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Marco Reus Hairstyle

Reviewed & fact checked: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you a sports person? Do you love football and you are into interesting football player haircuts? If so, know that most of them are very low-maintenance as well as easy to do on your own. If you are a minimalistic person you will enjoy Marco Reus hairstyle options!

How To Get The Marco Reus Haircut?

Marco Reus is an amazing soccer player, and he is one of the best football players worldwide. He is a pretty famous German player and is also an often hair inspiration for men and guys worldwide. Here is how to achieve the Marco Reus haircut:

  • The Marco Reus haircut is low-maintenance. However, make sure you get regular cuts and trims to maintain this hairdo. Every three weeks should be okay.
  • Ask your hairdresser to give you a fade on the sides. Take a look at Reus haircuts, they are pretty high faded and they look the best on men with oval-shaped heads.
  • Comb the hairdo and keep the cut textured. By using the right set of products you can get either a spiky, quiff or cool taper hairstyle.
  • Part the hair immediately after you wash it and style short sides on the side swept part! Set the hairs in place with a hair gel while it is still semi damp and blow dry it to your preferred sides.

Top 4 Marco Reus Haircut Design

1. Marco Reus Hairstyle Side Swept

Marco Reus Hairstyle Side Swept
File:FIFA WC-qualification 2014 – Austria vs. Germany 2012-09-11 – Marco Reus 01.JPG” by Michael Kranewitter via Wordpress

This Marco Reus hairstyle is pretty typical and common for him. It looks the best and is a popular choice by football players. You can go for an undercut detail and fully embrace this style. Lift the hair at the top with your favorite gel and set the back in place.

2. Marco Reus Hairstyle Long Hair

Marco Reus Hairstyle Long Hair
Marco Reus” by Tim Reckmann | a59.de via Wordpress

This long hairstyle Marco Reus is very noticeable and attention-seeking. Styles such as this one may take years to grow out (or one, depending on how fast your hair grows), so be patient. This high fade will take some time to style in the morning, so make sure you are okay with this before committing to it.

3. Slick Marco Reus Haircut 

Slick Marco Reus Haircut 
Marco Reus” by Tim Reckmann | a59.de via Wordpress

If you are on a search for short hair this is the best hair for you. Marco Reus is a soccer player who rocks his blonde with ease and naturally. If your hairstyle is naturally darker you can still get it bleached. If you do that, you will achieve the exact same Marco Reus haircut.

4. Marco Reus Short Sides Hairstyle

Marco Reus Short Sides Hairstyle
File:2019-06-11 Marco Reus (cropped).jpg” by Steffen Prößdorf  via Wordpress

Lastly, this short faux hawk is for men who are trying to achieve their haircut quickly and easily in the morning. Simply brush the hair upwards and set it with your favorite hairspray. This short hair will suit men who have thin hair, just be a regular at your barber and you will like the outcome!

On That Note

Are you a fan of Marco Reus hairstyles? Marco Reus haircuts are very short and easy to style. This is the best option for football players, as well as men who like quick & out the door looks!

Need More Inspiration

Marco Reus Hairstyle
Tim Reckmann | a59.de via Wordpress
Marco Reus Hairstyle
Marco Reus” by Tim Reckmann | a59.de via Wordpress
Marco Reus Hairstyle
File:090712-P-TS BergischGladbach-Marco Reus-0431.jpg” by O!af (Olaf Kozany) via Wordpress

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