101 Awesome Flat Top Haircut Styles You Need To See!

by Jamie Wilson
Awesome Flat Top Haircut Styles You Need To See

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

A flat top haircut is one of the best and most popular go-to hairstyles for men who are in the military. It is also one of those designs that guys who have short hair love to rock, especially if they are all about low-maintenance haircuts. The truth is that you can experiment with different variations till you find a look that suits your hairline. Wondering how to achieve a cool flat, and if it is the right design for you? Keep on reading, and choose one out of 11 faded flat top haircuts.

How Do You Maintain A Flat Top Haircut?

This hairstyle has a unique shape and is perfect for men who like defined haircuts that are low-maintenance. It is also often worn by black men and those who like a stylish curly flat top. To achieve this hair design, try to: 

  • Get regular haircuts: probably every 3-4 weeks is optimal. This is perfect if you only want to maintain flat tops.
  • Apply your favorite hair wax or hair gel on top of your hair, but mostly over your flat top.
  • Guys who have long hair should comb out their strands and place them flat with pomade.
  • If you are going for a high top, invest in your clippers to maintain it regularly.
  • Brush out your hair with a comb or with a brush when it is damp. This will make the process of styling a lot easier.

How Short Is Crew Cut?

A crew cut is super short and looks a lot like a military haircut. A crew cut is usually one or two inches long. It is not hard to style and looks good on both boys and men. This hairdo was also known as a military style back in the 1950s, and is also a stylish flat top cut that looks good with faded sides even to this day.

How To Cut A Flat Top?

Make sure you fade your sides and below your ear to your preferred length. Make sure to taper the outline of your hair. Use a pair of scissors to achieve proper blend and to gradually achieve a flat top. Always make sure you place your comb parallel to ensure even shapes and precise cuts around your head. You can ask your stylist for the right transition to get a hairdo that suits you and compliments your look.

Top 8 Flat Top Haircut Ideas

1. Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top Haircut
@Shamsul Alam Topu via Unsplash

This flat top haircut will need a lot of hair gel. Box haircut designs usually look the best on younger men, as well as guys with rounded head shapes. Usually, a flattop haircut such as this one is good-looking and popular for both formal and informal events, while mostly being worn by guys in their 20s. If you can grow your hair to this length and you also fancy somewhat longer ideas, this will suit you. Pair the look with the right beard to fully enjoy your stylish outcome.

2. Flat Hair Men Black Hair

Flat Hair Men Black Hair
@Ryutaro Tsukata via pexels

This Afro haircut is done in a precise square shape. Men who like to follow trends and who love to create interesting hairstyles will enjoy this style. This is both a classy and classic flat top haircut that every guy can pull off, especially the guy who is looking for a high fade detail. If your hair texture is on the curly side, this will suit you. Add your favorite cream and mild gel to achieve this beauty. Men who have 5 minutes to spare will easily achieve this hairdo in the morning.

3. Crew Cut Flat Top

 Crew Cut Flat Top
@OSPAN ALI via Unsplash

Men who don’t mind showing a bit of their skin and who like to touch up their hairstyle will love this fade. This military flat fade looks great with facial hair and will suit different age groups as well. Who says that men’s haircut looks have to be too bold or fancy?! If you want a flat top style that can look elegant and complimentary at all times, consider this look. No reason to go out too bold and boujee, the trick is in styling your hair with your favorite hairspray to give it shine. In the end, you can look business-ready with something like this.

4. Men’s Flat Top Haircut Styles

Men's Flat Top Haircut Styles
@Nathan Costa via Unsplash

A flat top haircut can be colored. Are you a fan of blue dye? You can follow the trend and go for some unusual designs, flat top, or even a buzz cut. Either way, guys who like interesting and bold features will love this flat top hairdo. What is the best part about this flat top hairdo? You can easily achieve it in most salons. Your barber or hairstylist will know how to do this design. Just ask for a flat top haircut and ask for adjusting it to your facial features & age group.

5. Flat Top Fade Haircut

Flat Top Fade Haircut
@Isaac Ramirez via Unsplash

Men who have square or rounded face shapes can get flat top haircuts. Usually, this hairstyle is perfect for adding dimension, as well as depth to your face shape. A flat top needs to be cut precisely and evenly at all times for you to enjoy the right type of haircut. Guys who are in their 20s will like this look the most. Usually, younger guys tend to go for cool and long looks, ideal for chic party moments. If you wish to stand out and you’re looking for something new, why not experiment a bit?

6. Short Flat Top Haircuts

Short Flat Top Haircuts
@Monstera via pexels

Cutting your hair at the right angle will give you volume as well as the right flat top hairdo. Although it may not be the most modern cut, it is still super practical and low-maintenance perfect for guys who like short flat taper fade designs. You can wear this hairdo without facial hairs, or with it. Do you want a clean shave and a neat formal look? If you want something that looks elegant and trendy, this overall duo will suit you. Look sharp for your next big meeting this way.

7. Sharp And Defined Flat Top Hair

Sharp And Defined Flat Top Hair
@Budgeron Bach via pexels

Afro hair is a bit harder to cut and maintain. It also grows like crazy, and it needs to be styled the right way. Your barber should know how to cut afro hair before they give you a rounded skin fade hairdo. Similiar haircuts will need a lot of jojoba oils, as well as moisturizing and nourishing products. High up and messy, this cut is for guys who like longer and high-maintenance ideas. If your natural hair is thick, healthy and long enough you will easily achieve this design. Set the locks in place and secure them for hours to come with your favorite styling products.

8. Curly Hair Fade Flat Haircut

Curly Hair Fade Flat Haircut
@Wesley Carvalho via pexels

Naturally curly, but not afro hair, can also be hard to style. However, add a bit of a nourishing gel, and your curly flat will be easier to style. Don’t go for a tall top, and rather let your tapered curls stand out. High-up and super messy, this curly flat cut is for those who want something fashion-forward. Round up the whole look with your favorite products and focus on getting a stylish beard. Men who are in their 20s will fancy this look the most.

On That Note

Popularity-wise, it may not be the best or most popular hairstyle, but a flat top hair cut is for men who like simple cuts. It is defined on the sides, has a sharp flat top, and is appropriate for any age group. You should get it if you like clean lines, but a bit more volume at the top! This hairstyle is for anyone, and we hope that you can embrace it once you browse through all of these 11 different designs.

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