100+ awesome embroidery tattoo ideas you need to see – ( May, 2022 )

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Have you ever seen someone with an embroidery tattoo? It is a unique masterpiece, ain’t it? These tattoos look like they’ve been stitched over your body and placed deep under your skin. If this way of tattooing looks interesting to you, why not go for this technique? We have some amazing tattoos listed down below. Keep on reading and find your perfect piece down below.

Are Embroidery Tattoos Real?

They do look realistic, but they are not done with an actual piece of cloth. There is no actual embroidery involved, but your tattoo artist will draw and tattoo your skin doing cross-stitch moments and giving you texture over your body. 

What Is A Cross Stitch Tattoo?

This tattooing process reminds a lot of sewing due to its criss-cross pattern. Ink is placed permanently and in a decorative way to mimic the criss-cross realistic patterns.

———— Top 11 Embroidery Tattoo Designs ————

Small Bird Embroidery Tattoo


This is a smaller embroidery tattoo that looks like a true piece of art. If you like small and noticeable designs that are also colorful, go for this tattoo. It will take some time to get, but it will suit people who love noticeable pieces. If you are on a search for a meaningful tattoo, just know that this bird represents growth and spirituality.

Matching Stitching Tattoo Designs


You can get an embroidery patch tattoo and match it with someone you love! If you are a fan of matching couple tattoos, go for this design! You can customize it per your preference, and you can go for your favorite cartoon! Make sure that both of you are on the same page before you book your tattoo artist.

Embroidery Tattoo Skull Design


Getting a skull tattoo is perfect for men who prefer manly tattoos. This one will also suit guys who like skulls, pirates, as well as noticeable prints. Time-wise, stitching tattoos like this one will take 2-3 hours to get.

Cartoon Inspired Embroidery Tattoo


If you are not afraid of a needle and you have some time to spare, why not embrace this fun & colorful tattoo? Not many people can invest a lot of thought, care, as well as money into the tattooing process. If you are different and you would like to have your favorite cartoon design on your body, follow this pattern and get something similar!

Cartoon Pokemon Inspired Embroidery Tattoos


This is a stunning embroidery tattoo that will suit guys who love Pokemon! The cross stitch design looks like a piece of art, so make sure you find a tattoo artist that knows how to do colorful and precise designs. This one will look amazing on your arm or your leg, the choice is up to you!

Joker Inspired Stitched Tattoo


Are you a fan of the entire Marvel series? Was Joker your favorite character? If so, you will appreciate similar cross stitch tattoo designs. This tattoo will take you 3 hours to get and you will enjoy placing it over your forearm with the infamous ‘’hahaha’’ text next to it!

Pirate Ship Inspired Stitches Tattoo


If you think that pirate tattoos are cool, go for this popular design! You will like the realistic skull design, along with bright and noticeable colors over your arm. This effect won’t take too much of your time to get, but you should actually invest your time in finding the right tattoo artist.

Bright Green Avocado Stitch Tattoo


Some people love to go through life and their entire year without worrying or stressing about other problems. If you love to joke around and you usually gravitate toward funny designs, you will need this avocado tattoo. It will take 3-4 hours for your tattoo artist to create this design, so be still and patient! The outcome? A realistic avocado across your arm!

Pizza Tattoo Embroidered Design


Are you a food lover? Do you really want to stand out with your new tattoo? Some artists are capable of giving you defined designs, as well as fun prints. This tattoo of a pizza will suit fitness or food junkies + it is an amazing conversation ‘’starter’’!

Blue Smurf Cool Patch Tattoo


The embroidery tattoo technique can take you way back and will allow you to embrace an old-school tattoo design – of a Smurf! If you were a fan of this cartoon you will like this design. Embroidery tattoos such as this one look very realistic + they will awake your inner child in seconds!

Jigsaw Inspired Embroidery Tattoo


Lastly, what do you think of this Jigsaw tattoo? True movie fanatics may like this character, especially over their arm, chest or neck – some more visible body part is perfect for tattoos such as this one. This isn’t a time-consuming tattoo, but it definitely is a statement piece!

Having Said All Of That

Did you find an amazing embroidery tattoo artist? If so, our list will definitely help you determine some of the prettiest embroidery tattoos. You can go for a sleeve or even some dramatic chest pieces. Embroidery tattoo artists may charge a bit more money for these tattoos, but in the end – they are truly worth it!

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